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Posted Star Date 22211.20 @ 21:53 (09:53 PM)

Sometimes, when creativity strikes, writers on this forum have come to the Administration with an idea for a new species or a new class, or request that something is integrated from Beta canon. Some of them have been accepted, some of them have not, and unfortunately historically very little feedback has been given, nor clear instructions on how such proposals should be handled.


So for clarification purposes, here are the rules/procedures for how this will go down in future:


  1. Member(s) develop idea into a proposal. The proposal should state what the idea would bring to FS, and how it will improve the site as a whole*. 
  2. Member sends proposal to all three members of the Administration (CinC, CD, Academy Superintendent).
  3. Administration decides whether proposal requires reworking or can move forward. Feedback provided if required.
  4. Proposal is submitted to the Commanding Officers for discussion (the player's own CO will be asked to recuse themselves out of fairness).
  5. The Commanding Officers will provide feedback to the Administration, who will either approve or reject the idea.
  6. The final decision will be rendered to the member(s). The Admin decision is final.

I believe this is clearly laid out, if there are any questions or you feel something needs clarifying, please let me know!


*Note that this does not include simply wanting to be different. We're not bringing an entire species into FS canon for one player.