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Monthly Points, February 2023

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#1 FAdm T'Mana

FAdm T'Mana

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Posted Star Date 22303.01 @ 18:54 (06:54 PM)

Medals and Promotions for February 2023

Role Player of the Month

Aquila: None Awarded
Artemis: Coleman
Charon: Anderson and Vega (split points)
Geronimo: Sothrick
Titania: Lim and Samik (split points)



Lt(JG): Vega





Points tables:

23-02 Aquila
23-02 Artemis
23-02 Charon
23-02 Geronimo
23-02 Titania

If there are any mistakes, please let me know (and copy your CO as well).

#2 Ens Victoria Vega

Ens Victoria Vega


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Posted Star Date 22303.01 @ 19:18 (07:18 PM)

Thank for the meeting selected as one of the RPG'ers for the month, and promotion? it doesn't say in the post or the spreadsheet, but the points accused say a different thing.

I'm surprised at co-winning the RPG reward. Even though I believed I did my best this month, I still didn't think it was that good. But I guess if some people think it was, then who am I to argue?

#3 Capt Daniel Brooks

Capt Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 22303.01 @ 23:36 (11:36 PM)

Congratulations to Anderson and Vega on your RPG'er well done :) and well done everyone else along with Vega up and coming promotion 

Edited by Capt Daniel Brooks, Star Date 22303.02 @ 18:02 (06:02 PM).

#4 Lt Robin Mayfair

Lt Robin Mayfair


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Posted Star Date 22303.02 @ 13:45 (01:45 PM)

Grats to Commander Coleman for the RPotM!

#5 Cdr Damian Coleman

Cdr Damian Coleman


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Posted Star Date 22303.07 @ 01:46 (01:46 AM)

Thanks! Congrats to all the RPG'ers and promotees this month!  :D

#6 Cdr Sothrick

Cdr Sothrick


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Posted Star Date 22303.09 @ 00:58 (12:58 AM)

Thank you and to all RPrs this month great job!

And thank you Geronimo crew not just for the RPGer but your great posting as well!

#7 Ambassador Lorrick Sothrick

Ambassador Lorrick Sothrick


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Posted Star Date 22303.09 @ 00:59 (12:59 AM)

Congrats to everyone on another great month!

>>Honestly just wanted to post with this character because, well, just funny.<<