1st Fleet News, Stardate 21201.16

1st Fleet Updates

With the fall of Bajor, SBC, and Space Station Sierra-18, the home fleet is undergoing an operational restructuring to ensure the protection of citizens within the Federation core. Each of the 1st Fleet’s Battle Groups has been assigned to protect a key founding member system. The group breakdown is as follows:

Assigned System: Sector 001
Group: Battle Group Alpha-1
Flagship: USS Pulsar
Group Commander/1st Fleet Deputy Commander: VAdm Wueste

Assigned System: Alpha Centauri
Group: Battle Group Beta-1
Flagship: USS Exeter
Group Commander: RAdm Christophers

Assigned System: Vulcan
Group: Battle Group Gamma-1
Flagship: USS Reliant
Group Commander: Commodore Spangler

Assigned System: Andor
Group: Battle Group Delta-1
Flagship: USS Excelsior
Group Commander: Commodore Sarda

Assigned System: Tellar
Group: Battle Group Epsilon-1 (Restructured Exploration Group Epsilon-1, combined with 100th Patrol Flotilla and 101st Support Flotilla)
Flagship: USS Trafalgar
Group Commander: Commodore Farnsworth

USS Sheridan has been transferred to the 1st Fleet with immediate effect. With most 1st Fleet vessels assigned to defend a specific star system, this move is designed to increase the number of independent vessels available for investigative, exploration, and combat based activities outside of the 1st Fleet’s normal operating zone. Also to facilitate this effort to shore-up 1st Fleet resources, USS Intrepid, one of the fleet’s most recently upgraded Heavy Cruisers, has been transitioned to Independent Operations within the 1st Fleet. USS Iwo Jima has assumed Intrepid’s former place within Battle Group Alpha-1.

With the loss of Sierra-18, the station’s former crew will shortly be transferred to USS Intrepid. Intrepid’s former crew has been re-assigned to USS Pulsar and Intrepid’s previous CO, Captain Phillips, has been assigned as 1st Fleet Security Advisor and USS Pulsar’s Acting FO.

There has been word that Battle Group Epsilon-1 has been ordered out of the Tellarite System by the planet’s ruling council. These reports also indicate the Federation Ambassador has been expelled and all Starfleet officers ordered out of the system. These reports are in the process of being confirmed.

Ship Updates:

USS Gettysburg is currently assigned to the Bajoran System, where she is investigating the disaster that has occurred there.

USS Copernicus is wrapping up her previous assignment and will shortly be heading back for Starbase Alpha for her next assignment.

USS Sheridan is being assigned to assist Gettysburg’s investigations in the Bajoran System.

USS Intrepid is awaiting the arrival of USS Jefferson (carrying Sierra-18’s former crew) for crew transfer and mission assignment.

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