1st Fleet News, Stardate 21202.17

1st Fleet Updates

1st Fleet deployments remain in place as Star Fleet continues its efforts to secure the Federation Core.  Inter-fleet crew transitions are now complete and the fleet is operating at full strength.

The current status at Tellar remains unclear.  Battle Group Epsilon-1 has been unable to gleam any further data at this time.

Ship Updates:

USS Gettysburg continues her recon operations in the Bajoran System.  She briefly encountered a Dominion vessel, which raised more questions than it answered.  At present she awaits the arrival of USS Sheridan for support.

USS Copernicus is en-route home to Starbase Alpha, where she will receive new orders.

USS Sheridan is underway to the Bajoran System and should rendezvous with USS Gettysburg within the month.

USS Intrepid is now fully staffed and USS Jefferson has been assigned in place of the Captain’s Yacht.  Gabriel Archer has been promoted to Captain and Intrepid is headed back for the region previously occupied by Space Station Sierra-18.  Her assignment is to further investigate the disaster there and compare readings with Gettysburg’s report of the remains of Starbase Charlie and Bajor.  1st Fleet Command hopes this investigation will yield further details regarding the as yet unidentified invasion force.

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