20 Question – Cdr Griffin Wright

Hello members of Federation Space, Kevin Avery here!

One of the things that makes Federation Space so great is the fact that our community is made up of so many different players from different places and stages of life. From time to time we like to get to know our fellow players a little better.

This 20 Question interview focuses on the player behind the character Commander Griffin Wright. Commander Wright has been a player on Federation Space for years. After graduating from the Academy he was assigned to the USS Drake. A promotion to Chief Tactical Officer brought about a transfer to the USS Dauntless and Commander Wright served on the Dauntless for years. Recently he transferred to the USS Sheridan (again due to a promotion- this time to First Officer).

Commander Wright is an amazing model of how consistency and loyalty lead to promotions and opportunities on Fedspace.

As you read through the interview, remember that this is an OOG (out-of-game) interview and these questions are being answered by the player and not the character.  With that said … enjoy getting to know Cdr Griffin Wright better!

Age, Sex, Location?

I am 26, Male, and live near Detroit, Michigan (USA).

When did you first join FedSpace and what brought you here?

I had to look at my bio for this one – it was a long time ago. I joined back in May of 2008. I got caught up in FedSpace after watching my roommate participate for quite some time. You see, I went to college with none other than the illustrious Amalek Barrett, who was an awesome roommate and got me tangled up in this wonderful mess.  It was definitely a different concept of a ‘game’ for me, but I love Star Trek, and enjoyed the concept as well as how seriously many players took the game.  For me, there was certainly an appeal to having rank and moving up the ladder, as it were.

Tell me a little about the process of developing your character.

My character evolved out of my own self (I’m answering two questions at once here).  In that sense, it was easy to get ‘me’ started, and I was then able to refine some of my character’s qualities, enhancing my virtual self to better reflect how I would have liked to see my real self.  My character has changed as I have changed in real life, with lessons out of game transferring to my character in game, and amusingly, vice-versa.  You learn a certain bit of diplomacy when dealing with so many different players, and for me, that translated well into the real world, especially over the last four or five years.  I feel that it is much simpler, and more natural, to play someone based on my true self.

Do you think it is easier or more difficult to play someone based on yourself?

See my previous response.

So far, what is your favorite part about being a member of FedSpace?

Hah, ‘so far’? It has been almost seven years!  I’ve always enjoyed getting to act out some of what would only be possible in the time/setting of FedSpace, and in past years, I have grown quite fond of playing a more integral role in the command structure of the ship.  It was a ton of fun being CTO (and getting to blow things up occasionally), and having just been promoted to a FO position, I look forward to the new responsibility, and to coaching newer players and getting them just as excited about FedSpace.

If you were president for a day, what would you change?

I hope Perry isn’t reading this!  I assume we’re talking about the FedSpace president here?  Honestly, at present, there isn’t anything I would change.  I would like to see the membership of the site increase so we can have more highly-staffed ships, more fleet-wide plots, and more room for the casual player to advance.  There should always be room for someone to move up.

What makes a good Ship?

The enthusiasm of the players and their mutual respect for one-another.  Holding a grudge, failing to keep things in perspective (this is a game, after all), and failing to work as a team are all poisons.  Leading from behind, having missions that really involve all departments, respecting your fellow players, and keeping an open mind are all parts of what make a good ship, in my opinion.

What do you spend your time outside of FedSpace doing?

Working, mostly!  I am an electrical and computer engineer, and work for one of the Big Three here in Detroit, focusing on vehicle performance.  I get to work with some cool equipment and drive cars stupid fast (140mph).  I recently bought a house and was married last year, so both of those things keep me busy as well.  I have two wonderful black cats, Castor and Pollux, and they are the absolute best kitties in the universe.  I collect Scotch as a hobby, and enjoy building computers, playing banjo (or trying to), and country music, to name just a few oddball things about me. I’m also addicted to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout video game series, though I don’t have much time to play video games anymore, sadly.

What is your favourite Star Trek series?

I love The Next Generation – the dynamic between the senior officers was fantastic and always draws me in – that show will never get old, and Patrick Stewart is amazing.

Do you have a favorite line or phrase from either a show or movie?

Nothing specific, though I’ll always enjoy “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!” and “Live Long and Prosper.”

If you watched the movies, which one was your favorite?

I really enjoyed Star Trek (2009) and all of the TNG movies – it is hard to pick one.  The more recent films are great just because of all the technology that we have available nowadays to make it more realistic, and of course I like the TNG movies because of the casts and wonderful plots.  I love them all though – I can’t pin down just one.

What piece of Star Trek Technology would you most like to see today?

Just picking one is very difficult.  We’ve basically got PADDs already, and we’re slowly developing things like tractor beams, cloaks, and beam weapons.  I suppose I would most like to see transporters become a reality.  That would bring about immense change in our world on every level.

What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show?

I love Sci-Fi, I love thinking about the possibilities and ramifications of advanced technologies, and I enjoy the military nature of it, even though military action is never the main focus.  It’s another reality, a place which is fantasy without being over-the-top, I think.

If you could name your own ship, what would you name it and why?

I’ve never really thought about this before… The name I would choose is not new, and already exists in Starfleet Canon – I would name her the USS Mary Rose.  I have a particular affinity for stories set in the Tudor era during the reign of Henry VIII (Shardlake Series, anyone?).  The Mary Rose was an impressive warship, unique in her time, which fought well and was sunk while leading an attack.  (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Rose)  It is an impressive tale that has always stuck with me.

What FedSpace character would you most like to meet in real life?

I would enjoy meeting the entire crew of the USS Dauntless, with whom I have spent so much time. Specifically, I would enjoy meeting Torgh, especially after his recent injuries (humbling, I hope) while being kidnapped.  It would be a memorable experience, at the very least…

If you could list one pet-peeve about your fellow players, what would it be?

Grammar, syntax, and formatting.  I know it’s just a game, and players have different levels of writing experience, but sometimes I just want to go through and re-write posts.  No offense to anyone, but it does get on my nerves once in a while. 🙂

Do you feel there is any disconnect between you and other players based on geographical location?

Not at all – most folks I post with are from the USA or UK, and we are all culturally similar.  I really would enjoy meeting some folks in real-life, though – I am jealous of the meet-ups that are too far away for me to attend.

What is in your FedSpace future, for yourself and for your character?

Well, Wright has just been promoted to Commander and First Officer of the USS Sheridan, so I imagine that will keep me busy for a while.  I would like to take on more responsibilities within the community, and I would like Wright to take on more responsibilities in Starfleet.  I enjoy just going with the flow, but right now is a great time to get more involved.  The last year or so has renewed my interest in FedSpace, and I really enjoy the people involved and want to see the community grow further.

If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about you, what would that be?

“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” ― John Locke

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