20Q: Ens Anthony Moriarty

This month we get a special look at Ensign Anthony Moriarty! Don’t let his rank fool you, Mr. Moriarty has in the past reached the rank of full Lieutenant back in February of last year! After a short break due to the busy-ness we feel in life, Moriarty is back in action.

Moriarty has been played to experience as much character development as possible. Allowing character interaction as well as interesting mission interactions that most characters do not experience within such a short time frame!

Anthony Moriarty has served primarily in the capacity of Science! Mory served on the Ticonderoga for the Finale of the Krynar Inquisition. After that short stay onboard the heavy cruiser he was transferred over to the USS Pegasus where he served as the Chief of Science. Halfway into his stay on the ship, he created Moriarty’s twin brother’s account and served on the USS Gettysburg as a Medical Officer!  Anthony afterwards served on the USS Dauntless for sometime.

After several months, Anthony had his secondary character killed off to allow his primary to take time off of Star Fleet to pursue Real Life. However, once Mr. Fulton came back to Federation Space it made a hell-great character development!

Returning to the USS Pegasus Anthony served aboard until the ship was Decommissioned (Out-of-Game). As of current, Anthony Moriarty serves on the USS Gettysburg as a Junior Science Officer!


Name, Sex, Age and Location?

Anthony Fulton Male, 22, United Kingdom


When did you join Federation Space? What compelled you to join?

I joined in November 2013.  I liked the idea of getting involved with something to do with Star Trek – I’m a bit of a nerd.


What is your history with Star Trek?

Oh dear, that’s a tricky one.  I guess my first experience with Star Trek was my Dad watching the final seasons of Voyager.  At the time they were shown in 2000/2001… I was only 5-6 years old and was more fascinated by the spaceships and explosions.  From there I went on to watch the other Trek stuff but I suppose my love for it exists because of Voyager.  Which explains my loyalty to Voyager and Janeway despite the distaste of many.


Voyager seems to be the ‘black sheep’ of the Star Trek family, do you have any notes or opinions to explain your love of the series?

There’s a lot of reasons why I love the show.  For a start, having a female lead, and such a strong one at that was amazing at that time – even nowadays we’re seeing the struggles that female actresses have in their industry.  But also the whole dynamic of the show.  Star Trek prides itself on being somewhat realistic with their science but some of the earlier seasons, for me personally, focused on the science a bit too much.  Voyager was more about how the crew survived being completely separated from home… it felt more like a family of sorts.  It was simply more interesting to watch and see these different relationships forming.


Now, outside of Federation Space and the Universe of Star Trek what does Anthony Fulton do?

For the past four years, I’ve been working as an actor trying to find my own way in the Screen Acting industry.  At the same time I’ve been studying for a Bachelors Degree, in a way just to reach the full potential of my abilities.  I’ve appeared in a few adverts, some shows and films and I’ve also got my own film production company that hasn’t made anything yet but… that’s about to change.  Hopefully.  So yeah, I keep myself busy.


You are definitely committed to the Acting Industry. As such, how do you view the new Star Treks (counting Discovery, Orville, JJ) compared to the older series in terms of Acting, production, etcetera?

There’s such a high demand on shows these days to be so politically correct, to represent every single minority within the same story. Adding to that, 50 years of fans who know everything about this universe, or at least think they do… it must be near impossible writing something that pleases everyone at the same time.  So while I believe some of the writing could be improved upon, I’m very highly supportive of the mass effort that has been put into these shows.


Do you ever see yourself acting/appearing in a Star Trek episode? Or would you prefer to watch them instead?

Oh I’d be right in there.  There’d be more of a chall


enge to stop me from being involved in an episode than there would to get me there.  I used to think that working on shows I loved would change my perspective of them… but I’ve worked on Doctor Who before and am still very much addicted to that so yeah, bring on some Star Trek.


I’ve always been a strong believer in actors only being involved in something that they actually care about.  So a lot of my aims for the future involve films and TV series that I really enjoy and have an invested interest in.


With all that you do: studying, acting, pursuing production, and of course taking care of yourself; how do you make time for federation space and your own leisure time?

Haha!  In all honesty, I don’t.  No, putting time aside for myself is something I have to prepare days in advance.  I literally have to accept booking from people who want to see me at certain times.  I’m not popular, I’m just that busy.  So I give myself time slots to catch up with Federation Space which, understandably, ends up falling apart because obviously I can’t expect everyone to be on the same sort of schedule.  But I do my best.  And I’ve been lucky sometimes.  Occasionally I get a couple of months where I have all the time in the world but the re


st of the year, like now for example, I maybe have an hour a week to catch up.


It may seem like I’m always online talking to people… but that’s the advantages of having a smartphone these days.


If you could meet one character in real life, Federation Space or series character whom would it be and why?

Oh now… I could be really self-obsessed and say Anthony Moriarty but that would probably end in tears.  Saying Aethelwulf von Brandt as well would probably get very complicated very quickly so steering away from the site, I think it’d be interesting to know Kathryn Janeway.  There’s so much I could learn from her and she’d be such a great laugh as well I imagine.


If you could place yourself on ANY ship, Fed-Space or TV series. Which would it be, and in what role would you want to serve?

Cheating the system slightly, I’m going to have to choose a ship from both the site and the series.  Voyager, for reasons stated above… and the Pegasus.  I grew very attached to posting on that ship before and with Pegasus deriving from Greek Mythology (a topic I absolutely adore), I’d be a fool to deny myself that opportunity.  As for what position I’d want to serve, well naturally I’d want to be Captain.  For starters, the way I feel about those ships, I wouldn’t want someone else making a mess of commanding them.


As an accessory of my last question: what kind of missions would your ship be doing?

Another tough one.  Gosh.  I guess I have an idea of what I’d like… whether it would work is another thing.  So think of Torchwood – a science fiction undercover organisation that operates above and separate from all other governments to protect humanity from extra-terrestrial threats.  Now picture that in the 25th Century, on a starship, doing the same thing across all the quadrants.  A Federation sanctioned vessel designed to act outwith the Federation itself.


Extremely specific! Speaking of specifics, if you would pull ONE piece of technology from Star Trek into real life, what would it be?

Replicators.  No hesitation whatsoever.  As a student, a replicator would be more than helpful… I don’t think I even need to explain why.


Instead of bringing a piece of technology into our world, if you went into the Star Trek universe which planet would you want to visit?

Apart from Earth, simply to see what it’s like in comparison, I have to confess that there isn’t a planet springs to my mind.  I think in all honesty, I’d be one of those people who was constantly on some sort of Starbase or ship at all times.


Besides, with access to holodecks, I’d be able to jump between holographic representations of planets in a matter of seconds.


If you were assigned your own Command, what type of ship would you have? Name? And Who would you want under you command? Which Three?

Going along with my idea from earlier… I think my ideal ship would be a Tactical vessel (with the same aesthetic design as Voyager, naturally).  I’d like for it to be named the Phoenix.  And in terms of crew, I’d be looking to recruit Jason Simmons and Acenvar Crystillin from Federation Space and Seven of Nine from Voyager… just to add a little spice to the mix.


What is your favourite part of Federation Space? People? Places? Tech? Roles? Ships?

Most definitely the people.  The people on this site are what make the site.  I’ve met some truly amazing people since joining and I can only hope that the friendships I’ve formed with, admittedly a select few, will last forever, continuing on if ever there was a reason for myself or others to depart.  One person is all it takes to make this site a priority in your day.


So, if you had the mighty power to create missions for ships or sitewide plots: what mission/sitewide plot would you create?

I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for a long time… again, I’ve never quite determined how exactly it would work but it goes like this: the fall of the Federation.  Basically the UFoP falls apart, succumbs to a new order.  All the ships become rogue agents fighting for their own survival while being hunted down and killed on sight.


How would Anthony Moriarty  react to this mission? And what part would he play in it?

I think I know how people would expect him to react… to breakdown and freak out and inevitably fall victim to the scenario but I think the interesting thing about Moriarty that’s been proven time and time again is that he’s a survivor.  He does what he absolutely needs to do when the situation calls for it, especially when it involves people he cares about.  Only when the path is clear does he fall back into emotional darkness.  So with that in mind, I think we’d see Moriarty desperately trying to survive and do his best for the sake of his crewmates and his friends.  I also think he’d hold on to Federation values for as long as physically possible… to a point where he might even sacrifice his own life rather than give up those values.


To delve deeper into your Primary Character, would you tell us a little about how you developed him?

It goes without saying that Anthony Moriarty has been an interesting character to write for over the past four years.  When I first joined the site, I was in a state of constant awe over the potential that could be achieved in posts so I deliberately created a character whose background and upbringing existed away from the technological advancements of Star Fleet so that my character would be just as amazed by the experience of joining the Academy and being assigned to a vessel as I was as a writer.  As an actor, I’m trained to study the given circumstances of a character and play out the most genuine reaction and response from them as possible within any scenario.  Taking this character who grew up knowing only three other people on a daily basis, it seemed natural to me to make him hypersensitive to emotional traumas such as the loss of loved ones, being in the line of danger, facing life-threatening tasks on a daily basis.  On several occasions where writing a post has seemed challenging, I’ve been asked why I don’t simply write that Moriarty was happy: I’m just too loyal to realism and authenticity.  Nowadays, Anthony Moriarty is a much stronger person for having dealt with those traumas – he may not be as happy and bubbly as the bright young man who entered the Academy, but he is once again comfortable in his surroundings and just as eager to carry on with his life.

I guess, the main idea I’ve always for Moriarty that has kept my development going is that he puts the lives of others before his own in any scenario.  He considers the effects his actions have on other people and does not care for the consequences that he will pay himself.  In the end, as long as those he cares about are safe, he will do whatever is necessary.  It is when those he cares about are hurt or lost that Moriarty breaks.


Moriarty has developed extraordinary during your time on the site. Where do you see Anthony going in his career in the Federation?

I’m glad to say now, fingers crossed, that everything in Moriarty’s life seems to have settled.  I think now is the time for the events of the past to be left in the past forever and to take each new day as it comes.  I’ve only just started writing in this format but I’m positive that from now on, we’ll see Moriarty progress through his career the way that any other Star Fleet officer is meant to progress.  He’s been given a chance to start again almost – he’s been assigned to a new ship which means a brand new job working with new people and making new friends.  He’s even now been romantically linked so there’s the potential to look into the start of a brand new family.  I want to see Moriarty make it to the top now.  I just need the masters above to play nicely with me.


Does the Anthony in game reflect the Anthony out of game at all?

To a certain degree, that’s unavoidable, people often write what they know.  So a lot of the reactions and decisions that Moriarty makes are based on how I would react and choose different things in that situation.  More specifically looking at who he is as a person – his sexuality and the loss of a partner are things that I specifically based on my own life because I think having that him be more relatable to me allows me to play him more realistically.  It does mean that sometimes it’s more difficult to separate from a situation but that is a risk that I have chosen to take.


And lastly, a little les personal question:  if you were President for a Day what would you do to improve the Site?

Actually a more difficult question than you’d think, mainly because the improvement I’d make could not be done in a day. So at the moment, the format of a mission goes like this “Reporting In – Briefing – Action – Action – Action – Shoreleave” and in some cases this means you hardly get to know the people on your ship with you personally. What would be interesting to see though, in terms of developing characters and connections more would be to incorporate downtime into missions, instead of having constant action. For example, having an officer go off-duty and actually experience off-duty activities with other crewmates before the next wave of attacks from the Klingons, ect. Maybe this would mean a single mission would run a bit longer than the standard four-six months but it may prove more beneficial.





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