20Q: Lt Wren Gaglardi

Wren Gaglardi

Today we will take a closer look at the USS Reciprocity’s Chief of Security, and First Officer: Lieutenant Wren Gaglardi. The dual FO and Chief of Security originally served aboard the USS Pegasus before being laterally transferred to the smaller escort craft in Special Operations. Wren herself is a complicated character not known to be very vocal. A battle hardened officer, Gaglardi offers more than just a trained eye to the fleet but a capable First Officer to her ship.


More commonly known through the fleet as the Coffee-fiend Commodore Abigail Taylor, Wren Gaglardi has served in several capacities across the site. Wren is only the newest addition to her list of characters. She has also played several important Player Characters such as Commodore Julia Nielson, Captain Kailani Leigh, and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Trinalla. She also plays as some important NPCs such as Audrey Thorne and the Academy Dean Abigail Taylor; only to name a few! Wren has also played a “..myriad [of] other NPCs I’ve had over the years that I can’t remember now”. But to keep the list reasonable, we’ve cut it down.


In addition to being one of the site Admins, she has an important role in her capacity as Academy Dean. While she hasn’t always been the Academy Dean, she has been helping with introducing Cadets to the site since at least 2007!

Name, Sex, Age, Location?

Andrea, Female, 31, Vancouver, Canada


When did you join Fed-Space? What exactly drew you to it?

I joined in 2006. I’d been online roleplaying in various capacities since 1998. I’d debated on and off for a few years about joining a Star Trek game. Then a friend of mine from a Sailor Moon RPG mentioned FedSpace to me and encouraged me to join. I lurked about the community, hummed and hawed about joining, and then finally sent in my application a month after she’d first mentioned it.


It seems like you had some doubts about joining the site at first, what changed during your time here?

I think it was a self confidence thing. Everyone’s writing seemed so great and, other than school, I hadn’t really had the chance to write on this scale before. It was intimidating. But I jumped in. Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to connect with awesome people here on FedSpace who have bolstered my confidence and helped me grow my writing skills. In the offline world I write professionally, and I have the site to thank for giving me belief in my self that I’m a good writer.


On that note, what occupies your time outside of Federation Space?

Work. My husband. Our crazy dog and cat. I play lots of tabletop RPGs and DM a couple games. I write, paint, and cartoon sometimes, though not as much as I used to. I’m also active in our local gaming community, and serve on the Board of Directors for a local nonprofit.


You do a lot outside of Fed-Space! How do you take the time to post for the site among everything else?

Fedspace is a creative outlet that I love, so I make time for it


What got you into Star Trek in the first place? Any particular movie, or show?

My Dad and brother. They were always watching TNG or DS9. It wasn’t until Voyager that I really became a fan, and then I fell in love with Enterprise.


If you could place yourself on ANY ship, Fed-Space or TV series. Which would it be, and in what role would you want to serve?

The Enterprise NX-01 as an engineer.


What piece of technology would you want to see in real life from the Star Trek universe?

The warp drive. I wanna see other worlds!


Rolling into my next question! If you could visit any world in the Star Trek Universe which would it be? And why?

Vulcan. Because it’s has such a big impact on all we know about Star Trek.


Now, if you could meet one character/player in real life: who would it be?

I’ve already met him, but I would go visit Perry.


How do you feel about the social connection between players around the site? Is there enough of it?

It’s one of the most important aspects of our site. I’ve met one of my best friends through Fedspace. And as mentioned earlier, the friendships I’ve made here have had a big impact on my life, helping me grow as a writer. The social aspect of the site has definitely changed over the decade that I’ve been around. Some of it’s from changes in technology itself (No more MSN Messenger. No more monopoly online. The Hangouts versus Skype debate. The addition of the Discord server). And things also changed depending on the players/crew makeup at the time. Some ships and players are more open to chatting with others, some folks just prefer to stick within their own ship. Neither is good or bad, as long as folks are having fun.

After looking at all your characters I notice there are no males. Do you feel it is harder to play the opposite gender?

I find it about as hard to play an engineer, or a hacking expert, or someone who’s pansexual, or someone with severe PTSD. That is to say, I don’t have to be what I write. That said, the choice to play female characters is because I like to see women represented in science fiction as much as possible, beyond being the “token female”. (And it pleases me to no end how diverse our site’s characters are ).


Speaking of departments, how do you find playing Wren Gaglardi as the Chief of Security aboard on the Reciprocity?  Is Security hard?

I’m enjoying it immensely. Wren is definitely making me step out of my writing comfort zone regarding some of her faults. Plus the Reciprocity has a great crew to write with. As for playing Security, I don’t find it difficult. Though having a Chief of Security with PTSD who’s afraid of going on away missions has been fun!


Do you every think you could play as a Security Officer on board a starship in real life?

Likely not. I don’t like guns.

Do you ever feel isolated from the other players because of your location?

Not at all. As I mentioned before, I’ve made some great friends on the site.


If you could make any mission happen or sitewide plot take place what would it be?

We’ve had a few alternate universe plots before, but I’d love to see one where the crew either played as their Mirror Universe counterparts or where their primary universe characters went into the Mirror Universe.


Do you think you personally could handle meeting your Mirror Universe self?

I don’t think she and I would get along lol.


Now, even though we all say that Real Life is more important than Fed-Space do you spend more time on Fed-Space then everything else? Do you want to change any of this?

No, I don’t think I do. If I could change things, it would be great if playing Fedspace could be a paying job lol.

(If only it was.)


I have a little different question for you now: do you personally believe that aliens exist within our galaxy?



If these aliens were to visit Earth now-a-day what do you think would happen?

Depends on their intent.

Of all your roles on the site, which do you feel is the most important?

Oh goodness

These are hard!

As an active member.

This is your most important role?


Lastly: If you were President for a day what would you change/improve/introduce to the site?

I wouldn’t mind getting some of the ship patches done up. Each ship has a logo. I’d like to get some embroidered patches done of them. But they’re expensive.



Thank you to Andrea for answering the 20Qs! Are you interested in being our next 20Q feature? Contact Lieutenant Commander Teyioa’Rannoch at boone.nathaniel@gmail.com.

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