2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21109.01

Mission Updates
2nd Fleet ships have been dispatched to Yadalla Prime, a strategically located planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Allegations of corruption have been leveled at the world’s current government, and increasingly protesters have been calling for its resignation. Among those protesters are groups advocating secession from the Federation and closer ties to the Romulan Star Empire. Many of the planet’s inhabitants can trace their roots to Romulan settlers who discovered the planet over two thousand years ago on their journey from Vulcan to find a new homeworld.

The USS Dauntless and USS Ticonderoga have recently arrived at Yadalla Prime on peacekeeping duties, with a goal of preventing the volatile situation from turning deadly. The USS Columbia has also been sent to the planet on orders from Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and in conjunction with SF:I to evacuate intelligence assets, with secondary orders to provide a covert strike team should SOCOM deem it necessary.

Trac KlapphrothĀ  Lieutenant Junior Grade Trac Klapphroth

Columbia names new CTO
On Stardate 21109.01, the USS Columbia officially named Lt[JG] Trac Klapphroth as its Chief Tactical Officer. The lovable Deltan will begin her duties immediately out of game but will continue to play as a junior ensign in game until such time as the ship’s current mission allows the promotion to take place.

Star Base Bravo Investigations
Fallout from the recent bombing on Star Base Bravo and the even more recent hijacking of the USS Dauntless from base facilities continues to accumulate. Base First Officer Commander Quinn Mynx is currently under arrest after it was discovered his command codes were used by the hijackers, and the Base Commander, Commodore Samantha Trent, has been in discussions with 2nd Fleet Command over the numerous security lapses on the station in the last year. Rumor has it that Fleet Admiral T’Mana has planned to personally visit and involve herself in the discussions as well.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Ens: Brackenwood, Laer
Lt[JG]: Klapphroth
Lt: Thompson

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: Wright
Ticonderoga: Brackenwood
Columbia: Giraath

2nd Fleet Job Openings
USS Dauntless
Medical Officer

USS Ticonderoga
Chief Medical Officer
Engineering Officer
Science Officer
Tactical Officer

USS Columbia
Engineering Officer
Medical Officer
Security Officer

2 thoughts on “2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21109.01

  1. Trac Klapphroth
    Stardate: 21109.01 @ 22:47

    Wow, that’s one cute chief tactical officer the Columbia has picked! šŸ˜›

  2. VAdm Grayson
    Stardate: 21109.02 @ 12:37

    Yes… but she’s a cold fish. Kraav tried his best to put the moves on her and failed.

    Also I’d like to register a complaint!

    Autumn, you set a standard for fleet posts that now *I* have to live up to!

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