2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21110.02

Mission Updates
The 2nd Fleet joint mission continues onward. Away Teams have been dispatched to the surface of Yadalla Prime, where a planetary uprising threatens to pull the world out of the Federation and into the Romulan Star Empire. Teams have been sent to the Federation compound to help protect officials and non-resident civilian workers and to the capital city’s main hospital to provide humanitarian assistance to those injured in protests. The Columbia has also sent a small team to help evacuate an intelligence station on the planet. The situation on the ground is tense and threatens to boil over at anytime. Crewmembers on the planet may soon have their hands full if political negotiations fall through.

In orbit, all three vessels are currently trying to identify the source of mysterious signals that have been detected in the system. The Columbia and the Ticonderoga are also experiencing problems holding their orbital positions and are attempting to ascertain the reason why. Something is clearly going on, and it will take the combined efforts of the three crews to find out exactly what.

Columbia names new CMO and CE
The USS Columbia welcomes Liuetenant Commander Kinziri Jal as its new Chief Medical Officer. The joined Trill is a returning player and fills the void left by the recent departure of the ship’s medical staff.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Veilro also takes over as the Columbia’s Chief Engineer, replacing the departing Kraav. The change is a result of a character swap, and it introduces a new species, the Tenctonese, to the FedSpace universe.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Ens: McGavin
Lt: Veilro

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: McGavin
Ticonderoga: Fiore
Columbia: Vos

2nd Fleet Job Openings
USS Dauntless
Chief Science Officer

USS Ticonderoga
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer

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