2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21112.03

Mission Updates
The 2nd Fleet is wrapping up its mission at Yadalla Prime. The fighting has ended for the USS Dauntless and USS Ticonderoga. The Ticonderoga is attempting to make the necessary repairs that will get them home to Star Base Bravo. The Dauntless likewise is effecting repairs and putting out internal fires. It has also sent a team to investigate the source of mysterious transmissions on the planet’s surface. The team has just arrived and found themselves in a precarious position.

The USS Columbia has managed to restart power and is working to get systems fully online. Mysterious noises on the outer hull, feared to be a potential boarding party, turned out to be caused by a meteorite shower instead. On the planet, Adaran and the away team, joined by a rescue party, turned tables on their captors and retook the intel station, killing all of the terrorists except for the leader, Lai Arrhal. Arrhal, who has admitted to being a member of the Romulan rebel group, the Uihvueri, which has stirred up the secessionist movement on the planet, will be turned over to the government. Meanwhile, the away teams are preparing to return to the ship.

New Players
The USS Columbia’s roster grew by two players this month. Academy graduate Vale Bailey joined our engineering team, and Jenson Dulan, the ship’s former Chief Engineer, has returned after several month’s absence. The Columbia now has three engineers, which is still probably not enough, considering how the ship’s GMs love to break things. Welcome aboard, guys!

2nd Fleet Promotions
Lt[JG]: McGavin

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: McGavin
Ticonderoga: Non Awarded
Columbia: Giraath

2nd Fleet Job Openings
USS Dauntless
Chief Science Officer

USS Ticonderoga
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer

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