2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21202.03

Mission Updates

USS Dauntless
The USS Dauntless made its return to Star Base Bravo, and the crew enjoyed shore leave throughout most of the past month. Preparations have recently gotten underway for a new mission.

USS Ticonderoga
With the Ticonderoga still in Dock under repair, the crew are taking time off and relaxing with a Christmas party. The affair has been a quiet one, with few promotions and no medals – the recent casualties among the crew leaving no real reason for celebration. However, one member of the crew is enjoying her leave – Piper the Border Collie continues her adventures, having escaped from Starbase Bravo’s Tactical Control Centre, and is currently still loose on the base.

USS Titan
It was an uneventful month for the Titan crew with most of them involved in clean up of Sierra. After the survivors were rounded up and the wounded taken care of the Thomas Jefferson with the remaining crew of Sierra were ordered to set course for Starbase Alpha while the Yeager and Titan set course for Starbase Delta. While on course for Delta the Titan received orders to head for Starbase Bravo instead. When they arrived Commodore Tregelen met with Vice Admiral zh’Matis who informed him of the Titans transfer to the 2nd Fleet where it was to take command of the 202nd Police Flotilla. The command crews of the flotilla were now meeting on the Titan.

USS Columbia
The Columbia crew spent the holiday on shore leave at Star Base Bravo, enjoying a crew party on the holodeck with plenty of sun, sand and surf. The staff are now back to work however, preparing for an incursion into territory deep within the unknown new enemy’s operational area. Their task is to retrieve data collected and lost by a SOCOM strike team when they were forced down on the planet Caratas IV. The data is believed to contain information regarding the true nature of the new enemy and is of vital importance to Star Fleet’s ability to conduct military operations against them. The Columbia will be aided in its mission by an experimental cloaking system which has yet to be tested in the field.

Police Flotilla Formed

This last month saw the formation of the first ever police unit on Federation Space. Led by the USS Titan, the 202nd Police Flotilla also includes the USS Ozaki, a police frigate, and three police escort units. The 202nd will patrol along a section of the Romulan Neutral Zone, helping to keep 2nd Fleet territory safe from domestic and foreign terrorists as well as organized crime operations.

Police vessels differ from their standard Star Fleet counterparts in that they feature a larger security compliment at the expense of science and medical as well as increased brig and armory space.

Personnel Report

New Department Heads
The USS Ticonderoga appointed two new department heads last month. Lt[JG] Corin Laer has taken on the role of Chief Medical Officer, and Lt[JG] Theodore Caldecott has been named the ship’s new Chief of Security, transferring from the USS Dauntless and taking over from Lieutenant Jordan Donovan, who has stepped down from the role due to time constraints.

The USS Titan has also appointed a new Chief of Security. lt[JG] Lymtara Vexx has assumed the role.

Congratulations to all.

New Players
Only one new addition joined the 2nd Fleet this month. Lieutenant Cleo Banks returned to the USS Dauntless after a few months absence from FedSpace, rejoining the science department. Welcome back, Lieutenant.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Lt: Dulan
LCdr (capped @ Lt): Ley
Cdr (capped @ LCdr): Vos
Cdr: Tokat

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: Thompson
Ticonderoga: None Awarded
Titan: Tam
Columbia: Giraath

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