2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21203.03

Mission Updates

USS Dauntless
Dauntless is set to arrive on station at 42 Ursa Majoris the site of a battle between a Federation task force and the largely unknown power responsible for multiple attacks on Federation ships and assets. Tasked with locating any survivors and evidence left behind by the attackers, the ship’s sensors thus far are giving less than reassuring data. An apparent live transmission from one or more survivors however has given the Dauntless crew hope that their mission will not be solely a recovery effort.

USS Ticonderoga
The crew of the Ticonderoga have been pressed into service on a highly dangerous and secret mission. Using a battered old freighter that they had to refit themselves, they are to infiltrate a terrorist meet at Alpha Mensae. Having gathered data on the ships meeting at the abandoned Starbase, the crew are to return back to Starbase Bravo with their findings. With Lieutenant Donovan at the Academy on a Strategic Operations course, he has been replaced by Lieutenant Junior Grade Theo Caldecott from the USS Dauntless. Though young Caldecott has been well-recieved by some members of the crew, he has yet to impress either his CO or FO. Only time will tell if the newest addition to the crew will endear himself to everyone. If anyone survives at all…

USS Titan
After the command crew meeting of all flotilla vessels the group set course for their patrol area along the Romulan border. Upon arrival some of the Titan crew were called to the various flotilla vessels to assist with repairs and training. While this was occurring the USS Gallipoli arrived to deliver the Titan a change of mission parameters, they are to escort a Trill ambassador to the Tholian border where he will engage in talks to bring the Tholians into the war against the Inquisitors. The Titan along with the Eos have set course for Tholian space leaving the rest of the flotilla to continue the patrol.

While this is occurring the newly promoted Chief of Security has been enjoying a romantic dinner with one of her subordinates on the Holodeck while a memorial service for the victims of the Bajoran tragedy is being held in 10 Forward.

USS Columbia
After having successfully tested its new stealth system during the fly-by of a Star Fleet vessel, the USS Columbia headed deep into territory held by the mysterious Inquisitors in search of a missing SOCOM team and the important data that the team had collected about the new enemy. Upon arrival at the planet Caratas IV, where the team had reportedly ditched their runabout, the Columbia crew soon learned that they were not alone in the system. Unidentified communication signals were picked up by passive scans. Active scans cannot be engaged due to the ship operating in stealth mode.

The inability to use active scans, along with the planet’s highly ionized atmosphere, also inhibits the Columbia’s orbital search for the missing team, and Captain Adaran has ordered Lieutenant Commander Macleod to take a search and rescue team down in the Eidolon, the Columbia’s experimental shuttle. The shuttle mission will also mark the first outing of Special Assault Squad Bravo-2, a new Special Ops trained security squad recently assigned to the frigate.

Personnel Report

New Players
During February, the USS Columbia welcomed Midshipman Martok Kemarrin to the crew. The Vulcan/Human hybrid will join the ship’s tactical department.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Ens: Bailey

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: Wright
Ticonderoga: Caldecott and Murphy
Titan: Ley
Columbia: None Awarded

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