2nd Fleet News: Stardate 21204.03

Mission Updates

USS Dauntless
Having run her warp engines nearly to ruin in a attempt to reach 42-Ursa Majoris, Dauntless was forced to slow dramatically whilst her engineers labor to stabilize the engines. In a stroke of insight, Commodore Wong dispatched the yacht Kowloon, commanded by the ship’s first officer, Arking, with several of his best officers in hopes they might reach the battle scene in time for search and rescue operations.

Kowloon‘s sensors detected unusual signatures near the middle of the debris cluster, an area dominated by the remains of a Star Fleet Battle Cruiser. A probe launched by Kowloon sent back clues, few of which made sense. No alien material was found amongst the debris of the Federation task force. Subspace disturbances were such that only up-close inspection had any hope of determining if the aliens had left behind any tell-tale weapon signatures. Along with Commander Arking, Doctor Hawkens, Lt[JG] McGavin, Lt Banks and Security Mid Althea Markowski hatched a plan to board one of the derelicts to search for data storage devices that might be of help. Dauntless arrived on scene at that point, her struggling warp engines aided by the tinkering of the mysterious engineer, Kraav.

Having decided to reunite his ships and crew, Wong ordered the Kowloon docked and then mulled over how to proceed.

USS Ticonderoga
The crew of the Ticonderoga have been discovered while on their mission to scan and identify the vessels in the Alpha Menae system. With the Warp Core offline and the Shield Generator damaged, the Renegade was made to fly on the edge of its design limit to outrun pursuing ships. The Warp Core was repaired with moments to spare thanks to Commander Tokat’s timely intervention in the Engine Room, and the Renegade safely made it to Warp. The crew are not out of danger though, a fire in the Engine Room threatens to destroy the small vessel, and the ship’s only Medical Officer is suffering from a serious leg injury which, without immediate surgery, will possibly lead a slow and painful death on the Engine Room floor.

Will the Renegade make it back to Starbase Bravo intact? Only time will tell…

USS Titan
A week into the Titan’s uneventful journey to Tholian space it was discovered that the ambassador who had been sent aboard the Titan to conduct talks with the Tholians had been murdered along with one of his security officers. An investigation is underway but as of yet there arent any witnesses or suspects. Does the Titan have a killer on the loose or was it an unfortunate accident?

While the Titan is on course for Tholian space, the rest of the flotilla is still patrolling the Romulan boarder. During their patrol, the Ozaki, Atlas and Oceanus picked up two Romulan vessels heading directly for them. As they cloacked more signals appeared heading on an intercept course. Would the flotilla stand and fight or will they run?

USS Columbia
In search of the missing SOCOM team, the shuttle Eidolon, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Macleod, departed the Columbia and headed for the surface of Caratas IV. Once beneath the planet’s highly ionized upper atmosphere, the shuttle crew were able to further pinpoint the location of the emergency beacon that had been earlier detected from the Columbia. The source of the signal proved to be in a snow-covered valley nestled between two tall mountain ranges, and upon further investigation, an object was spotted jutting above the snow. Special Assault Squad Bravo-2 was sent in to secure the area for the main team’s arrival.

Meanwhile, in orbit, the Columbia found itself joined by another vessel. Though unable to run active scans due to the use of the stealth system, evidence pointed to the second ship being a shard vessel in the Inquisitors’ fleet, and the Columbia crew quickly learned that the enemy vessel was aware of their presence when it began using graviton pulses in a sonar like fashion to detect them. Two more shard vessels soon joined the first, and shortly after over a hundred more were detected heading towards the planet. Captain Adaran and hir crew must now make a decision on whether to leave orbit or land the ship to avoid detection.

Personnel Report

2nd Fleet Promotions
Cdr (capped @ LCdr): Vixx
Cdr: Gregg

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: Banks
Ticonderoga: Laer
Titan: Ley
Columbia: Bailey

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