2nd Fleet News, Stardate 21201.03

Welcome USS Titan!

With the dissolution of the 3rd Fleet, the USS Titan has joined the Dauntless, Ticonderoga and Columbia in the 2nd Fleet. We welcome Commodore Tregelen and his crew and look forward to following their exploits. They will make an excellent addition to fleet.

With the coming of the Titan, the 2nd Fleet will see the creation of a police flotilla designed to help in counter-terrorist activities as well as in missions against the invaders that have destroyed Bajor, Star Base Charlie and Sierra-18. More details next month.

Mission Updates

The 2nd Fleet wrapped up its mission at Yadalla Prime, and all three vessels there have returned to Star Base Bravo for shore leave. The USS Titan was on scene at the destruction of Sierra 18.

USS Dauntless
Having returned to orbit of Yadalla and struggling to affect temporary repairs, the crew tracked the mysterious transmissions to within the Yadalla Government Complex.
Anxious to apprehend those who may have in some way been involved with the hostile incursions and deaths of Yadallan citizens and Star Fleet personnel, away teams were dispatched to track down the fleeting signal to the ire of the Prime Minister. Tempers were soothed when a suspect was identified and the Dauntless away teams withdrawn. The Yadallans were left to apprehend the suspect and Dauntless left for Bravo as other Federation ships were being routed to the area to provide continued security and support.

USS Ticonderoga
Severely damaged in the fight over Yadalla, the USS Ticonderoga has been towed home to Starbase Bravo. The crew are tired, strained, and after two bloody missions in quick succession, all long overdue a holiday. Commodore Braggins and Commander Tokat have reported to Vice Admiral zh’Matis while the ship is repaired and the Crew disembark for shoreleave. Meanwhile, Piper, the ever-adventurous Border Collie, has escaped the Quarters of Lieutenant Maggie Murphy once again and stowed away aboard a Shuttlecraft. Who knows where she’ll end up, or what havoc she’ll cause when she gets there?

USS Titan
Shortly after the Titan was instructed by SB 2 to assist with the issues involving the Minos Korva incident they received word that Sierra 18 was under attack. Ordered to assist and pushing their engines to the limit all they could do was watch the events that were unfolding at Sierra on the view screen. Eventually the Titan made it to the battle and engaged the shard ships. They managed to take some of them out but Sierra was lost and the shard ships were gone. During the events the crew found out about the body switch between Cmdr Tregelen and LCdr Tam and are still processing that. Currently the command crews of the three surviving vessels (Titan, Thomas Jefferson and Yeager) are in the Titan observation lounge having a commemorative drink as they all served on Sierra at one point.

USS Columbia
After their hostage ordeal on the surface of Yadalla Prime, the Columbia’s away team returned to find all in order on the ship, and after a brief delay they were finally able to complete their original mission to move the intel facility to the Kaleb system, follwing which they returned home to Star Base Bravo for the first time since their initial launch a year ago. The crew was released on shore leave with a rather relaxed promotion and medals party planned in Bravo’s largest holodeck. During leave, the Columbia itself has been whisked away by Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for a classified refit, and the ship’s marine squad is being replaced in favor of Special Assault Squad Bravo-2, a team of highly-trained security personnel.

Personnel Report

New Players
Midshipman Varania Anyu joined the USS Columbia’s tactical department in December. Lt[JG] Kraav has transferred to the Dauntless from the Ticonderoga’s engineering department.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Lt[JG]: Laer, Vexx
Lt: Giraath, West
LCdr (capped @ Lt): Donovan

The Columbia’s Xan Macleod completed his in-game command training certification and received a promotion to LCdr.

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: None Awarded
Ticonderoga: Laer
Titan: None Awarded
Columbia: None Awarded

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