2nd Fleet Update: Stardate 21210.04

Intel Report

Recent intel has confirmed that the Tal’Shiar is now supplying the Uihvueri with weapons and vessels. This corresponds to a drop in pirate activity along the Neutral Zone and explains reports that the Romulan terrorist group has become better organized in recent months. The Tal’Shiar deny any involvement with the rebels and have officially declared them enemies of the state, however both Federation and Romulan government sources have uncovered details of the supply chain between the two groups.

The cooperation between the Tal’Shiar and the Uihvueri increases concerns that a new civil war may break out in the Romulan Star Empire. It is uncertain what such an alliance would ultimately hope to achieve however. While the telepaths who lead the Uivhueri have openly stated their intention to overthrow the current Romulan government and restore the values of the defeated Tei faction, who led the empire during its last war with the Federation, the Tal’Shiar’s goals still largely remain a mystery. The organization is difficult to infiltrate at the top levels. The Tal’Shiar was never officially allied with the Tei regime and took no side during the civil war, however it has not recognized the legitimacy of the current government and has been operating independently from it, cooperating only on larger matters. The connection forged with the Uihvueri, though, points to a definite desire to weaken the government.

In response to recent developments, Star Fleet has begun a series of operations both on the Federation side of the border and within the Neutral Zone itself, in cooperation with the Romulan government. 2nd Fleet alert levels remain high despite the decrease in terrorist and pirate activity.

Ship Activities

The USS Dauntless, the USS Ticonderoga and the USS Titan spent the Stardate 21209 period docked at Star Base Bravo for both repairs and shore leave activity. All three vessels are expected to return to active duty in the next few days.

The USS Columbia continued its mission to destroy the supply depot used as a transfer point between the Tal’Shiar and the Uihvueri. It soon discovered, though, that both groups had learned details of the mission and had arranged an ambush for the Star Fleet frigate once it crossed into Romulan space. Confronted by three Tal’Shiar vessels, the Columbia crew, under temporary command of Captain Imina Sevala, found themselves desperately attempting to defend themselves from weapons fire and boarding parties as they made a run for the border. Their efforts were aided by the return of Captain Adaran 225 and Lieutenant Raass Giraath, who had been sent on a mission to assassinate an important Tal’Shiar officer, and the arrival of a sympathetic Romulan military vessel, evening the odds.

New First Officers

2nd Fleet has seen a shift in command teams over the past few weeks. Commander Korbon Hawkens was recently named the new permanent first officer of the USS Dauntless, while Lieutenant Commander Amalek Barrett has stepped into the number two position on the USS Titan after the sudden departure of long-time first officer Sienna Tam. Congratulations go to both.

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