4th Fleet Happenings for 21212 (Dec 2012)

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Ship Reports

USS AvengerAvenger-logo-2

The USS Avenger has been continuing toward the Wadi world.  LCdr Tucker has been left in command.  Security is investigating malfunctioning showers and replicators, and Engineering has joined in this effort.  On the bridge, there is some tension between the bridge crew and Earun, our on-staff Vorta.

USS James Madison

The James Madison is approaching the facility which they are to possibly infiltrate.  Meanwhile shower malfunctions have killed 2 members of the crew with a strong acid; and a few members appear to be infected with a virus which, at least in the case of one member, turned them into something resembling a popular fiction Zombie.

USS Chin’tokaChin'toka_seal

We have engaged the Borg.

After arriving at the Mericor system, the Chin’toka was contacted by the Borg. A Borg probe appeared and promptly took over the ship’s computer. We were told to move to orbit Mericor V, and after a brief moment of fierce decision-making, Yvette decided to comply because the Borg indicated that they have not only a drone-manned probe but an entire cube. Upon complying, the Chin’toka was informed of the standard assimilation into the collective. However, it was clear that the collective consisted only of the small Borg colony. Yvette attempted to negotiate with the Borg, however the attempt failed and the ship was boarded. Eighteen crew members were transported away and they are currently dealing with Borg drones on Mericor V while the rest of the crew is combating drones on the ship.

This summary does not give the plot justice, however, so I encourage all players to check out the Chin’toka Bridge, Engineering, and Away Team!

USS YeagerYeagerpatch

Ready for her first launch after the refit, the Yeager was assigned the simple task of scouting out a nearby star system. Apparently a Krynar attack took place there some months ago, leaving a considerable debris field in their way. Star Base Delta’s long range sensors have detected several differing warp trails in and out of the sector since – likely those of scavengers looking to pick up some pieces.

Command has decided to send us there to determine who has been picking over this boneyard, to determine if this is something they need to keep an eye on or if it’s a non-issue.

Our secondary assignment is to put the Yeager through her paces. We have a lot of fancy new systems to test out, and with any luck, successful could mean some Fleet-wide sys-upgrades.

Fleet Personnel Report


USS Avenger:  Lieutenant Horza Aldren
USS Chin’toka:  Lieutenant Commander Brodie Codey
USS Yeager:  Split between Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexa Rydell and Lieutenant Mari Takahashi


None awarded.



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