4th Fleet Monthly Report 21108

In-Game Report

From the office of Vice Admiral Thomas Grayson, Commander, 4th Rapid Response Fleet.

Star Base Delta Report

At present there are no ships on shore leave at Star Base Delta, so the station is in a rather quiet phase, apart from the attendance of several high-ranking flag officers who were there for both a major promotion ceremony and the trial of Vice Admiral Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant as reported in FNN recently.

Fleet Report

The USS Pegasus is leading a 4th Fleet contingent of ships sent to further explore the Dalmatia system along with the 1st Fleet’s USS Copernicus, a Darwin-classed Galactic Exploration Cruiser which had been to the system several years ago.  The Pegasus is commanded by her new Commanding Officer, Commander Ryan Cooper, former Chief of Security of Star Base Delta.  Also accompanying are the USS Sheridan under the command of her new CO, Commander Benjamin Vaughn; and the USS Philadelphia with veteran Captain Aloysia Yvette in command.

USS James Madison

USS James Madison has been dispatched on a mission from Star Fleet Special Operations to investigate odd artificial signals from a distant system.

Out-of-Game Report

Star Base Delta Report

Between missions the base has little activity.  Right now the base highlight is the trial of Vice Admiral Grant which has been going since April and will end by mid-September.  This plot is a prologue to some plot development which will evolve into a site-wide plot during the next 12-18 months.

Fleet Report

4th Fleet is doing well.  We have had some changes in command, and a few promotions this month.

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  1. VAdm Grayson
    Stardate: 21108.06 @ 06:09

    == Addendum ==

    It should be noted that USS Pegaus is considered the ‘flag’ for this mission in it’s entirety due to the fact that the 4th Fleet Commander of Science, Commodore Quill Dramar is aboard her as a mission specialist.

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