Academy 201: Roleplaying IT


Hello everyone!

This edition will go over some basic on only a few Roleplaying Tactics.

Of course, finding and describing every single technique and strategy is impossible. Instead, we will just be talking about some general tips. Because most people who are on/join the site know the mechanics already I will keep this short.


Roleplaying Styles

Everyone has their own style. From paragraph formats to verbiage, everyone has some unique qualities in their writing. Some people add more flair to their posts, other people add more technobabble in their posts. This section is to showcase a few different styles of general roleplay on the site as well as to show one or to extremes.


Roleplay Assistance


One of the best things to do when writing a post is to collaborate! After all, we are all in (one of those) boats together! Not only does help influence the mission’s outcome but it will also lead to refined ideas among crews and a higher probability of a Successful mission. Two minds are greater than one.


On every ship here you will find that players require help from other players to succeed in their endeavors. If you are in Tactical, you may want to hand over the sensor-reigns to Science to receive a better outcome then if your Tactical character performed the scan. Here on Federation Space collaboration is not restricted by rank; that being said all of our COs and FOs exhibit collaboration skills to make an efficient and stellar ship!



While absolutely contradictory to the last style, isolation can help a lot with multiple things. First of all, total collaboration means that the entire bridge crew (let us say in this instance) is focused on one subject. Lack of task diversity can easily hinder a mission. If you notice everyone pertaining to figuring out one task, don’t fear to offer up another option! This is also a very good choice to start developing your character’s thought processes!



Tasks progress the story. So what happens when you can’t think of what to do next? This is simpler said than done of course but in any case; the best way to figure out what to do next is read posts! If the science officer suggests flying to a beacon, get confirmation from the CO, and head out! Asking your higher-ups is always a good option as well. And for those higher-ups that don’t know what to do next: even the most rudimentary scan is a start.


Players Roleplaying

“”Well, I guess that’s my job to get to the bottom of then. I’ll speak to the Klingons but in the meantime, if you can forward us any additional information you have about the virus so that I can get them to my medical team, I would greatly appreciate it. We’ll be in touch upon arriving in orbit,” the redhead said, not wanting to sound abrupt but also not wanting to keep the Klingons waiting any further.
After a moment to allow Segmund to answer, she motioned for Briggs to cut the channel and then, began speaking to the bridge crew. “I want all the information you can find on those Klingon ships and someone run a scan on the planet. I want to know what they’re so interested in down there. I can’t imagine an orbital scan is giving them play by plays of the plague without talking to local authorities,” the last part was said with same sarcasm.
And then, she glanced at Crandell. “Unless it’s life or death, I need to speak with our new friends so either hold tight or take up your issue with Commander Braggins,” she said with a nod and a slight smile to soften the abruptness of the words.”

This character has not only worked in collaboration with herself but also issued new tasks for other characters. On top of that, each character she has given a task too has their own job to attend to before returning to relay their information.


““Where do you think we should head for then Admiral?” he asked trying to get used to seeing the Admiral in her new look.

Brooks then gave the rest of the team a look over and said “Do you know what… if the locals are this strange looking we will fit right in.””

A wee bit different in this case. This character offered up two different version of collaboration. The first form being tasked-based, asking his superior for something to do essentially. At least a hint as to what he should do next. The second part is an open discussion for his crew to work together and offer a note of his observations.


“Edwin fumed. The powerfully-built man sat in his office staring at the computer terminal with dark eyes narrowed and his face a mix of shock, horror and rage. He’d gone a funny shade of purple, and briefly his aide wondered whether he should interrupt, lest apoplexy carry the Captain into an early grave – not that the enlisted man would complain too much. How dare Star Fleet talk to him in that way?! Didn’t they know who he was?!…

“Well Walter, I suppose we had better prepare ourselves for the arrival of these…people…””

Ah, here we have an isolation-type post. While I could not post the entire thing into here, I suggest going to read it yourselves. After an emotional self-experience, this character has created a task for himself to do!



Of course, a good place to find inspiration is our Wiki. The departmental specific sections are great to find things to do in your department, and they are being flushed out with more information daily! Memory Alpha is also a good place to start. Other players are where I personally go to find inspiration for my next task That being said, the best way to find a task to do would be the shows!

Thank you for reading,

Lieutenant Junior Grade Yeager Atranth

Academy Instructor



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