Coming Full Circle

After the miserableness that was Over a Torrent Sea, I wasn’t certain I could stomach another Trek book for a while. Weary that the next would be just as awful, I decided to suck it up and try again anyway.

Star Trek Voyager Full CircleStar Trek: Voyager: Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer absolutely blew me away! I couldn’t get enough of this book.

At 561 this is one long story, and it probably could have been split into two as there are two parts to this book. I’d been expecting it to follow the chronology of the time period, taking place somewhere around the time of the Borg invasion of just shortly after. With many time jumps, the book begins three years prior to the invasion in 2378.

The first half of the book centers on B’Elanna and Tom Paris. During the TV series their daughter Miral was named as the Kuvah’magh – a mythical figure from Klingon culture. Because of this they are worried about Miral’s safety, and it explains the great lengths they take to keep her safe.

The second half of the book tries to bring the Voyager universe back together. A variety of things have happened since they returned to the Alpha Quadrant on the show. Despite there being Voyager books since then, a lot has still happened to the characters. This story fills in the gaps between those books and brings things up to date following the Borg invasion.

I really enjoyed the author’s use of the characters. She stayed true to them and their personalities. The only issue I had was B’Elanna started to wear on my nerves after a while. She became obsessed with the causes she was fighting for to the detriment to her relationship with Tom and all their friends.

This was also a great catch up for me since I hadn’t read all the earlier Voyager books.

The author is quite skilled at capturing emotions, because you could really get a sense of the pain Chakotay was experiencing. I will admit that the last half of the book had me tearing up at some points because you start to really feel for him.

The ending surprised me a great deal, which is also a bonus!

I am eagerly wanting to get my paws on Beyer’s next Voyager book. That has to wait while I read some other Trek novels, since I’m trying to read them in order of release.

Five stars!

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