Diplomatic Desperation


Terror strikes Ecurai!


Political ties between the Democratic Romulan Republic and the United Federation of Planets are strained after the most recent diplomatic incident.


      Months earlier the DRR and UFP scheduled a meeting to encourage political channels and ties with each other. Due to last years UFP political infighting the location of the event was placed at the Romulan Diplomacy Centre in the DRR capital city Ecurai.  The USS Winston. Was recruited from active duty to transport Ambassadors Whitten, Th’tok, and Suok. However To save on time the Ambassador Whitten was escorted by the USS Sheridan. On the way to Ecurai, the vessel experienced several errors and malfunctions causing the Sheridan to arrive at a later time after the Winston had left.


      Upon arriving at the capital system the Sheridan encountered more malfunctions including sensors and communications. Several decks went through power failures including sickbay. Meanwhile the DRR Valinor was sent to escort the ship within transporter range but was waylaid by an unnatural phenomenon above the planet. Ambassador Whitten and his team was successfully beamed to the surface along with a large team of Security detail and Captain Griffin Wright which was supposed to include the ship’s Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Sothrick. However the Chief of Security’s transport signal was intercepted and he was unwillingly diverted from attending the meeting. While the introductions to the meeting were made the USS Sheridan remained in orbit attempting to make repairs and study the anomaly. During this time the vessel was caught in a cloud of heavy-tachyon particles and left without defences. The DRR Valinor rammed into the Sheridan pushing the vessel out of the particle field leaving themselves inoperable. The USS Sheridan attempted to rescue the Romulan ship, but from unknown forces the Valinor was destroyed.


      Down on the surface of Ecurai, the initial meeting began and close to immediately the Embassy went into lockdown. Preliminary reports indicate that almost the entire Romulan diplomatic party was killed in an attack. In addition there were two UFP casualties and several injuries. Ambassador Whitten was lost in a second attack. 


      A Tal’Shiar agent was found in the Embassy attempting to escape. The agent was detained and brought before both the Romulan Embassy Guard as well as the Star Fleet Security detail. During deciding what to do with the lead Federation Security Officer: Ensign Makenzie Black shot and killed Ambassador Whitten.  Embassy Security Captain Deleriou Ralous witnessing the entire event, allowed Captain Wright and his crew to leave the planet and the Republic to return back to Federation Space where Ensign Black is to be court martialed at the earliest date and a fair trial to proceed.


      JAG is currently holding trial on Starbase Bravo. A cooperative Romulan-Federation investigation is underway to obtain evidence for whether or not Ensign Black is guilty. The question remains to be seen if Ensign Black was behind the Sheridan’s numerous malfunctions, and if she cooperated with the Tal’Shiar.

Stay tuned!


FSSN Reporter,

Ulrich de Vêytaux

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