Fourth Fleet Command Additions

Commander Ben Vaughn

The Fourth Fleet has added two new Commanding Officer’s to their fold due to promotions of their predecessors.

Commander Benjamin Vaughn was named as the new Commanding Officer of the USS Sheridan, a Sun-Tzu Classed Destroyer. Commander Vaughn‘s career began in the security field where he served as Chief of Security on multiple vessels.  More recently Commander Vaughn served as the First Officer of the USS Columbia a vessel which serves in the Second Fleet.

Commander Vaughn, who is thirty years old, replaces long time CO Captain Quillian Dramar.

Commander Ryan Cooper

Commander Ryan Cooper was recently named the Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus. The Pegasus, which is a Light Cruiser, was returned to commission only a year ago and is scheduled to launch on her third mission shortly.

Like many current Commanding Officers, Commander Cooper’s career began in the security field. Cooper remained in the security field for numerous years before eventually being promoted to the First Officer position on the USS Titan another Light Cruiser. Cooper was forced to take a medical leave after receiving extensive injuries on a mission during the Romulan War. After numerous surgeries and extensive rehab Cooper was able to return to duty and began serving as Chief of Security on Star Base Delta.

Commander Ryan Cooper replaces Commander Nicholas Ristone.

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