Investigation Launched into Star Base Bravo Personnel

The Internal Affairs Division, headed by Rear Admiral Melissa Peters, and the Internal Inspection Division, led by Commodore Peter Johnson, have both agreed to launch a full scale investigation into the criminal events that occurred on Star Base Bravo regarding the hijacking of the USS Dauntless.

The USS Dauntless and some members of her crew were taken hostage as the ship was hijacked from space dock at the immense class space station. The hijackers, a terrorist organization also believed to be responsible for a bomb that detonated in the Commanding Officer’s Office of Star Base Bravo several months ago, were able to access Dauntless using high clearance security codes from a member of Bravo’s senior staff.

With the help of the USS Jeb Stewart and USS Bangalore the USS Dauntless, and her kidnapped Commanding Officer, was returned to space dock and several of the hijackers were taken into custody. It is believed that the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) will be handling that aspect of the investigation.

Internal Affairs and Internal Inspection however will be focusing their attention on members of Bravo’s staff including the stations First Officer who is currently relieved of duty and confined to quarters.

1 thought on “Investigation Launched into Star Base Bravo Personnel

  1. Maj Willeford
    Stardate: 21108.08 @ 22:43

    Can we ever truly trust Star Fleet Security to get the job done. Perhaps we should just send my battalion to make sure this never happens again.

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