Investigation Yields Little Progress

Star Date 21409.13 is a date that is forever etched into the minds of Federation citizens across the quadrant. That day was not unlike countless other days on Earth but one event would forever impact the lives of billions of people.

It was on that day that a 320 kiloton antimatter explosion rocked Paris, France which claimed the lives of over 800 people, seriously wounded thousands more, sent over a million to the hospital with minor injuries, and forever changed the proud fact that no Federation President had ever been assassinated.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to compare this act of terrorism with another from the past. Certainly Earth, and other Federation planets, are not unfamiliar with terrorist type attacks but nothing close to this scale had happened for numerous years especially on Earth where the United Federation of Planets is headquartered.

While certainly all human life is sacred and should be cherished the fact that this attacked was designated to eliminate the President of the Federation makes this incident seemingly worse and all the more alarming that the terrorist would kill so many in the process.  How someone managed to plant such a device in the Presidential Palace has yet to been answered. In fact, the lack of answers is perhaps the most alarming thing to date.

Nearly two months have passed since the tragic events in Paris and while rebuilding is underway, obtaining answers to what happened appears to be at a standstill.

“These types of investigations take time and cannot be rushed,” said one Star Fleet official when probed about the investigation.

I was able to sit down with a Star Fleet forensic investigator who wished to remain anonymous, they had this to say:

“It is true that these type of investigations should not be rushed but the technology we have at our disposal is very sophisticated and I find it hard to believe that so little evidence has turned up thus far.”

So what does that mean? My source did not want to commit to specifics but did mention that if indeed no real evidence has surfaced that it is possible that the terrorist behind the attack had access to high tech equipment that was designed to be untraceable. When questioned about who had that type of technology the source only had a handful of suggestions.

“That type of tech? That is government issued, for sure.”

Was my source now suggesting that the Federation itself was behind Prenn’s death?

“No, not necessarily … The Romulans would possess similiar technology and so would the Cardassians. Of course the Ferengi or Orion Pirates would gladly sell it to the highest bidder if they managed to get their hands on it …

Could that be why Star Fleet has not released any solid information about the terrorist attack? Is there evidence incriminating themselves or another superpower that could lead a depleted Star Fleet to another war so soon after ending the Krynar Conflict? Simply put, we do not know and we might not ever know. Not unless we continue to push Star Fleet and the Federation to release the findings of their investigation.

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I am Kevin Avery.

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