June + July Graduates

Please join me in welcoming all the recent graduates to Federation Space! These midshipmen graduated from Starfleet Academy during our June and July points cycles.

Midshipman SanShi – USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Midshipman Aubrey Brackenwood – USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Midshipman Audra Sky – USS Gettysburg, BC-1863

Midshipman Corin Laer – USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Midshipman Jordan Thrace – Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18

Midshipman Robin Golden – USS Titan, CL-2007
Midshipman Mari Takahashi – USS Yeager, SC-8018

Midshipman Richard Cade – USS Titan, CL-2007
Midshipman Shifty McGavin – USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Midshipman Wasswa Amos – USS Philadelphia, FF-6053

Congratulations on your graduation, and welcome to Federation Space!

12 thoughts on “June + July Graduates

  1. Cdr Azernal
    Stardate: 21108.02 @ 09:30

    Welcome to all!

    Interestingly, SanShi (in Engineering) has already ‘ranked up’ to Ensign! He won RPGer of the month! Strong showing for a new Cadet 🙂

  2. LCdr DeWitt
    Stardate: 21108.02 @ 23:10

    Technically he wasn’t really a “new” Cadet. He already had an advantage as a previous character. Still I have to say he beat me by a month, XD. I need a Tactical plaything that I can bend and manipulate to my own personal needs. Well the nearest one is the ship next to me, and yet so far away, lol.

    • Kevin Avery
      Stardate: 21108.03 @ 08:47

      You’ve got plenty of playthings on the Pegasus Mr. DeWitt!

      • LCdr DeWitt
        Stardate: 21108.03 @ 22:26

        But I need more. How else is my planned mutiny going to work? I mean, to spread my wealth and knowledge. Yeah that will work, lol.

  3. Kevin Avery
    Stardate: 21108.04 @ 07:05

    Mutiny you say? Hmm … I smell a story ….

    • Cdr Azernal
      Stardate: 21108.04 @ 16:11

      No, DeWitt just forgot to put on deodorant again…

      • LCdr DeWitt
        Stardate: 21108.04 @ 21:27

        You two might just be imaging things. lol

        Time to turn the holodecks off.

  4. Capt Fitchel
    Stardate: 21108.04 @ 18:34

    You forgot to include my own superlative new Engineering officer and winner of the RPGer of the Month in his first month on board, Mid Adra Sky.

      • Capt Fitchel
        Stardate: 21108.04 @ 19:46

        Thanks for the add, though Mid Sky is a he not a she. 🙂

  5. Mid Sky
    Stardate: 21108.06 @ 08:08

    Yeah, It’s Adra not Audra. hehe.

    • VAdm Grayson
      Stardate: 21108.13 @ 10:10

      Male… female… really doesn’t matter to the GM’s… blood still flows.

      Sky… you should have considered being Bolian or Andorian… then we could sing about you…

      “Blue Sky… smiling on me…” 😛

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