New Staff Named to Security Command

Commander Nick Ristone

Commander Nicholas Ristone, former Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus, was recently assigned as Chief of Staff for Security Command. Ristone, whose pre-command career was in security, will be working under Admiral Emily Scott the SECCOM.

Ristone began his career in the security forces as a civilian working for an Earth police department. Eventually his career led him to Star Fleet where he has served as Chief of Security on numerous vessels including the USS Sheridan, USS Gettysburg, and very briefly on the USS Nova where he was promoted to First Officer.

Ristone is the youngest person, in both age and rank, to hold this position and members of Star Fleet Security Command said that this actually played to his favor. It is believed Ristone will bring a ‘new-age’ of thought to Security Command to help compliment the wonderful procedures and practices already in place.

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