Stuck in a Torrent Blah

Seems I’ve gotten in a trend of books that are only “okay”. I hate it when that happens.

Over a Torrent SeaSo I’m back on my quest to catch up on Star Trek novels. Following the Destiny series and Singular Destiny the next book in the chronology / series / however you wanna call it is Star Trek: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher L Bennett.

I’ve never read a Titan book before, apart from where the crew took part in the Destiny books. So far I had been enjoying reading the TNG-DS9-VOY relaunch, so I admit I had high hopes for this book.

Unfortunately I found that Torrent Sea fell flat. The story had the potential to be good, but I found that there were a lot of elements that took away from it.

The worst was how many characters were introduced. You would meet Ensign Redshirt with his few pages of backstory, and then he wouldn’t come up again. I’m all for character development, but it needs to have a purpose or contribute to the story at large. The way the author inserted these random characters did not endear me to any of them, and I felt like it was a waste of my time to read them. The story would have been just as good without the time spent on these characters. To be honest it felt like the author was just trying to increase the book’s page count with these filler characters.

I also found that the subplot with Doctor Ree felt completely disjointed to the rest of the story. You could take that entire section away from the book and the novel would really not lose anything.

There were also times when I felt the book droned on too long, but that could easily be attributed to the above.

Given that I didn’t really enjoy this book, I’m going to give it One Star.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in a Torrent Blah

  1. Lt. Dega
    Stardate: 21108.22 @ 18:37

    I wasn’t in love with this book either but I think it deserves more than one star.

    I know this will be little self serving but I included the link to the review of this book on my blog. It will give another opinion about the book

  2. LCdr DeWitt
    Stardate: 21108.25 @ 16:45

    Now I haven’t personally read the Titan books, but I have been reading gthe Myraid Universe books. Specifically Echoes and Refractions. I like hopw it takes the Star Trek universe we watched and shows it how it would be different if one event was different.

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