Star Fleet Admiral on Trial

Vice Admiral Derrick Grant

The Federation News Network has learned that last week Star Fleet Vice Admiral Derrick Grant was arrested and placed in the brig on Star Base Delta where he had been serving prior to his arrest. Since his initial arrest Grant has been released to secure confinement in his own quarters to await the beginning of his trial.

Star Fleet has not yet publicly released on what charges Vice Admiral Grant was arrested and will be tried. A source within the prosecution, who asked to remain anonymous due to not being authorized to comment, said that the charges were ‘extremely serious’ and ‘career ending’.

Another source within Star Fleet indicated that the trial would be overseen by a panel of judges made up from various backgrounds not related to the JAG Department. The names of these judges have not yet been released though if the trial is to be held on Star Base Delta it should be noted that Admiral Emily Scott, Commander of Star Fleet Security, was seen on Star Base Delta within the past week.  Scott, who once was Grant’s direct supervisor might not be on the judge panel at all and could however be serving as a witness for either the prosecution or defense.

Although much uncertainty currently surrounds this case one thing you can guarantee is that the FNN will bring you updates as soon as they are received.

6 thoughts on “Star Fleet Admiral on Trial

  1. Perry
    Stardate: 21108.04 @ 14:44

    == From the 4th Fleet Office of Public Relations ==

    Press release, Stardate 21108.04.

    Some news outlets are reporting that decorated Star Fleet Vice Admiral Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant, former Commander of the 4th Rapid Response Fleet, is on trial for several serious crimes.

    Star Fleet Command would like to officially state that this is a fact, and that the trial is being handled with the utmost caution and attention to legal procedure and law, according to the Star Fleet UCMJ.

    Prosecution is being handled by Commander Westbrook, an experienced prosecutor, and his assistant, a Lieutenant Junior Grade Haywood.

    Vice Admiral Grant is being defended by Lieutenant Lawson, a relative newcomer to the Star Fleet legal scene.

    Sitting judges are Vice Admiral Daniel Wueste, First Fleet Commander; Marine General Hancock, Deputy Commandant of the Star Fleet Marine Corps; and the lead judge is Admiral Varak, Chief of Operations of Star Fleet Intelligence.

    Due to the nature of the charges and some of the likely testimony, we are not at liberty to, at this time, disclose the detailed list of charges, nor are we in a position to reveal any of the testimony.

    Any questions about the trial or any other Fourth Fleet matter should be directed to the Office of Vice Admiral Thomas Grayson, 4th Fleet Commander, via the Public Relations office on Star Base Delta.

  2. Cdr Azernal
    Stardate: 21108.04 @ 16:09

    I think hes guilty…of what I don’t know, but he looks very guilty in that photo up there ^

  3. Kevin Avery
    Stardate: 21108.04 @ 18:48

    I do not think Star Fleet would have risked the embarrassment of arresting and trying such a high ranking officer unless they were convinced that they had a strong enough case for a conviction.

    The truth is Star Fleet cannot really afford more bad press at the moment and the only thing worse than a headline reading ‘Star Fleet Admiral Found Guilty’ is a headline reading ‘Star Fleet Wrongfully Accuses War Hero”

  4. Commodore Dramar
    Stardate: 21108.05 @ 06:08

    Either way this turns out, Star Fleet has some major egg on its face. If he is found guilty, then the question will likely be raised about his rapid rise though the ranks, who was involved, were they pushing him, if so then why, and what other less than legal dealings he may have been involved in.

    If he found not guilty then not only does JAG have some explaining to do since they either blew a case that was supposed to be a slam dunk or they were grossly misled. If the later is the case then an investigate is should be calld for to investigate.

    At the end of the day, we’re still talking about one of Star Fleets own, a man who received the medal of honor. I don’t know which way this end up, but I hope that all the facts are brought forth for Lady Justice to weigh on her scale.

    • Kevin Avery
      Stardate: 21108.05 @ 13:34

      Commodore Dramar … Can I quote you in an upcoming story?

      • VAdm Grayson
        Stardate: 21108.06 @ 06:07

        Don’t do it! By “Quote” he means “Misquote”!

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