USS Intrepid, CA-1708 – Mission Update

The Intrepid is heading back to Earth after exploring an area of space that was unknown to the Federation. The crew had been given orders to explore an area of space that seemingly held a dark secret. The Intrepid managed to find an M class planet with a mass smaller than Earths, however unlike Earth it was completely covered in water.

The mysterious planet was inhabited by a species called “Vjeeiak” and, after communicating with the planet and doing some translating, they crew learned that the natives called their planet “Adhira”.

During this time, command of the USS Intrepid had fallen to Commander Kaiser as the whereabouts of the ship’s captain, Captain Gabriel Archer, was unknown.

Commander Kaiser led an away team down to the watery planet, but things quickly sunk when the away team found themselves in a bit of a splash between two hostile alien fractions.

The Minon and the Vjeeiak appeared to be in some sort of civil war, however the crew never got around to finding out what had caused the hostilities during this time as the building the captured away team where visiting blew up around them. They did however have an inkling suspicion that it had to do with the Minon’s slavery.

Several days passed before the Intrepid managed to reestablish contact with the away team. Contact was brief and the ship only managed to transport Commander Kaiser and a young Midshipman, leaving the rest of the team behind.

Commander Jackson, the Intrepid’s Chief Engineer, then took charge of the away team where there was some minor casualties and incidents. Indeed, the Vjeekiak had captured one of the members of the away team. Lieutenant Hill, a brave security officer, was put to death. She died with dignity and her spirit shall live on in the hearts of the crew and they will never forget her sacrifice or her bravery.

Commander Jackson, with the help of Lieutenant Kohrl, managed to keep the away team safe, even as battle raged all around them, and eventually brought the away team back to the USS Intrepid.

Although the away team had safely returned to the ship, things did not settle down. As soon as they were in the clear of the raging civil war the Intrepid’s Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Ki’sa Orano, began getting telepathic communications from Captain Archer. It appeared that the missing Captain was somehow trapped inside science lab 13.

It seemed that the good Captain was locked away inside an alien artifact and the only way to save the Captain was to use a Betazoid ritual called The Right of Bonding, which let both science officers, Ensign Jadaris and Lieutenant Orano, to lend the Captain a telepathic hand.

This however this did not come with our consequence. After the science officers had freed the Captain from the artifact, all three participants found themselves in each others bodies. Something had gone terribly wrong with The Right of Bonding, which caused the Captain to switch bodies with his Chief Science Officer and likewise the Ensign was trapped within the Captain’s body.

There are reports of side effects from being transferred from one body to another, and those can be seen in this instance as well. The Chief Science Officer has apparently shown signs of losing mental stability and it has been reported that she is terrorizing the ship. The Captain had ordered the Intrepid to the planet Vulcan in hopes that their experience in telepathic issues can be of assistance in correcting this occurrence before it is to late.

The Federation Space News Network will keep you advised of all updates as they become available.

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