USS Sheridan – Update

The latest mission in the Sheridan’s history has certainly been an eventful one. Here at FSNN we give you the full story, and how it all went wrong.

After a restful break at Star base Alpha, the Sheridan set out again on another mission. However, there already was a spanner in the works – the disappearance of Lt Blade, who had been serving as the Sheridan’s Chief Tactical Officer. This mysterious disappearance required a complete tactical reshuffle. LT (JG) Derek Sharpe was placed as Chief Tactical Officer.

Other crew additions during shoreleave included Midshipman Bill Davis of the Tactical Department and Midshipman Jonathan Letterlock of the Medical Department.

Soon after departure from Starbase the Sheridan reached Myar 5, the home of the Mayarans. The Sheridan was tasked to investigate the mysterious disappearances of Mayarans with cold symptoms including a pre-warp scientist with upmost important information for the Federation.

An away team was sent down made up of Lieutenant Hookton, Lieutenant (JG) Maria Petersen, and the First Officer, Commander Alex Ankar. All three were prominent figures, and Senior Officers, upon the Sheridan.

Shortly after reaching the ground, Petersen had a surprising emotional outbreak and the First Officer ordered her to return to the Sheridan and replaced her with Lieutenant Raven Roth and Lt (JG) Derek Sharpe.

Shortly after this the away team disappeared without a trace and the Sheridan went on high alert. Eventually the Sheridan traced the away teams’ signal to the moon and although they did not find the away team, they picked up valuable information about dumped nanintes and had a new lead on the missing team’s whereabouts.

Soon after, the Sheridan encountered an Andorian vessel and it instantly opened fire, which caused the Sheridan to go to Red Alert and go to combat stations. Meanwhile, in Sickbay, Lieutenant Commander Derrick Boorman and Midshipman Jonathan Letterlock identified the nanites’ origins to be of the opposing ship. This heavily implied that the missing away team was on the opposing vessel.

It was discovered that the Mayarans were going to be used by Andorian crime boss Thalev th’Dilla as slaves and that the nanintes had been used to transport them to the vessel. The Mayarans were successfully rescued and the crime boss’ ship was destroyed along with most of his crew. Ten members of the hostile ship were however arrested and will stand trial for their crimes.

What seemed to be a successful mission worth celebrating however quickly became a somber event. As First Officer Alex Ankar was transported back to the ship an equipment failure caused his BIO signs to fluctuate and he was tragically lost in the incident.

The original goal of the mission was a complete success, but its price was too high to pay.

-FSNN Staff Reporter

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