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Federation Space – A Star Trek Role Playing Game

In the 42 years since the end of the Dominion War, the United Federation of Planets has faced many challenges. Through it all, Star Fleet stands steadfast in its mission to protect the Federation and explore new worlds. While old enemies wait for the Federation to falter, a mysterious new threat rises–the Krynar Confederation. The Krynar’s first introduction, the utter destruction of Bajor.

The Federation needs you. Are you ready to answer the call and boldly go where no one has gone before? If so, see your local recruiter to sign up today. It’s time to see what really is out there.

Welcome to Federation Space, a Star Trek role-playing game set 42 years after the events portrayed in Star Trek:The Next Generation, Star Trek:Deep Space 9 and Star Trek:Voyager. Players assume the roles of Star Fleet officers stationed on ships throughout the Federation.

Currently, there are three main hubs forming the focal point of the Federation Space gaming system. You are currently reading the splash/landing page of the News hub. This hub not only contains our intro page, but is also the source of news/articles of interest for the Federation Space community. The forum hub is where our game is played and where your character will become a legend of the Federation Space/Star Trek universe. Within the wiki hub, you will find over 5k+ articles related specifically the the Federation Space universe. Please take your time to explore our hubs and should you wish  to join our community, please click here or anywhere you see a “Join” link.

 Federation Space launched March 1, 2000

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