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Lucy was well through the better part of her burger when she remembered that Aeryn had said something about a Command Certification Test ahead.  That was a epic step up. Even getting recommended for something like that was a confirmation that somebody thought you had concrete potential. The test itself always varied. Tailored specifically to the officer taking the test. It wasn’t one of those standard tests.

“Congratulations on the Command Test. Definitely best of luck.”

Not a pleasant shore leave, but it was the right timing for it. It was going to be a packed shore leave for Aeryn. Lucy didn’t feel she was there yet. She was feeling a little more comfortable in herself, but she needed more time before she felt like she could be a Senior Officer. She was looking forward to feeling like a relatively competent Junior Officer. Of course it would take some effort on her part.

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Aeryn's attention was momentarily diverted to the arrival of the snacks and drinks that she had ordered, thanking the waiter before noticing that Coleman had since left the bar. Making a mental note to catch up with her friend later, and find out what had gone on from his perspective, the security chief then refocused on those sitting at her table. Being around those from her own crew felt familiar with the redhead and, hopefully, it would continue to be the distraction that she needed, at least for tonight.

When Lucy then decided to touch on the subject of her command test, Aeryn appreciated the science officer's well wishes. Although she had since come to terms with how to deal with the nerves that surrounded the thought of what the outcome might be, and until it happened, she was going to do her best.

" Thanks, I appreciate it" Aeryn replied, hoping that they could now talk about other things rather than have the spotlight remain on her. Helping herself to an onion ring, Aeryn then spoke again.

" So how is everyone liking DS9?".

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Aeryn definitely did want to dwell on the upcoming test and Lucy couldn’t blame her. She hated exams and practical exams always held a special terror. Aeryn went with enquiring about peoples thoughts on Deep Space Nine. It was hub. A good place to kick off the shoes between missions. Butting heads with the Obsidian Order could get complicated. The fact that they started it might only be a mitigating factor.

“Nice place to visit. Not sure I could hack being in one place for too long. The Promenade and the businesses are cool and all, but I could see myself going in circles after too long. Half wishing I’d bugged out planetside with Calleja. Hiking, mountaineering, or even going on a rock hunt. Been hoping to rebuild my rock collection, within reason. The food and drink definitely hits the spot.”

It was a little odd that Jay hadn’t reached for a fry, but it likely wasn’t something she was familiar with. Lucy didn’t have a clue about Cardassian food. A learning curve that would be interesting to fill in. Getting to know fellow crewmembers is always a great help. A little cohesion is always good for the crew.

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