Starfleet Academy's auditorium is a huge, bright, modern-looking space capable of seating over 500 people. The entire South wall is made up of windows allowing the sunshine in and an awe-inspiring view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. On the other walls hang large painted portraits of Starfleet legends--the noble people who set an example for cadets and officers alike--including the likes of Jonathan Archer, Christopher Pike, and Kathryn Janeway. There are currently a few dozen beings of various races occupying the auditorium: some are talking in small groups and others just enjoying the view between classes. Most are wearing uniforms designating them as cadets at Starfleet Academy. A few are wearing the purple tunic that denotes them as Academy personnel.

Just below the stage is the admissions area; a long desk sits there with multiple computer terminals as well as two or more officers. At the center position is usually found Captain Maddie Allen, the Academy Superintendent . Newly arrived Cadets report to her for training holodeck assignments, where they will undertake the final portion of their four year academy training. The Dean of Evaluations, Commander Carrs Jasal, can be counted on for assistance as needed.

There is a queue of cadets at the admissions area, awaiting their turn to accept the assignment for their final examination here at Starfleet Academy.

== Welcome to Federation Space RPG and Starfleet Academy! We're so glad you've decided to join us. 

Please make your first post below! The post should contain two things... 

First, write an in-character portion describing your character's arrival in the auditorium. They have just completed four years at Star Fleet Academy and are waiting the assignment for their final examination. They should report in to the Admissions desk to the officer on duty for their assignment. 

Secondly, you must read the Cadet Code of Conduct and the Federation Space Constitution. Include in your post an out of character statement that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these documents. 
For example:
Cadet Davis entered the auditorium and tugged at the stiff collar of his uniform. Seeing the admissions desk and the short line of Cadets, he approached and waited to catch the eye of the officer on duty.

"Cadet Davis reporting for assignment sir!" He cringed at the volume of his own voice, hoping no one noticed the error.

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==

Good luck and have fun! ==
Emily double checked her pony tail for the third time that hour. Walking into the Auditorium she let her eyes roam the portraits on the wall. As often as she dreamt of her Starfleet career, there was never the desire to have her face on that wall. What it took to get up there was so far beyond her reach as a new cadet.

Walking up to the queue of other cadets, she quietly stared out the large windows, stepping forward every few moments. Finally it was her turn. She popped a small smile on her lips as she spoke, “Cadet Star, reporting for assignment,Sir.”

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
Maddie smiled as she watched the next cadet in line approach her desk.

"Cadet Star, reporting for assignment, Sir."

"Hello Cadet," Maddie began. "It's a great day for a final exam, don't you think?" She threw in a wink to the cadet as she looked to her console to confirm the cadet's holodeck assignment.

Looks like it's ready. 

She looked back to the medical cadet and continued. "Cadet Star, you're assigned to Holodeck one. Your instructor will be along shortly, so don't let me keep you."  She watched the cadet process her words and then, as the cadet turned, Maddie added, "Good luck Cadet. I look forward to seeing you at graduation." 

== Welcome to Fed Space Cadet Star! Glad to have you. If you have any questions, let us know! ==
Taking a deep breath, Blaze just knew this was going to be the beginning to his greatest adventure. Straightening his uniform, he made his into the auditorium. The noise and multitudes of people bustling about brought a burst of energy into his smile. He makes his way to the first available line of cadets. Patiently, he waited until he was motioned forward.

"Cadet Bennett, reporting for assignment."

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
K'Rora's tail twisted nervously as she stepped down, her paws stepping on the crisp carpet of the floor. Taking a deep breath, she walked down the steps, looking up at the pictures. *Don't forget why you're here.* she mentally chided herself, her ears twitching instinctively, responding to the flutters of conversation that reached her. Waiting in line, she wrung her hands, looking around as she caught a few snatches of conversation.

Yes, the weather is rather nice today.
No, my examination did not go well.
Yes, the professor went through Advanced Quantum Physics
No, how did the fight happen?
Has anyone seen my pet?

She sighed, a little regrettably. She hadn't met many friends. But then again, she had raced through the academy as fast as she could. Maybe that's why. K'Rora reached the front, and taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth. "Cadet K'Rora, reporting for final examination."

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
==Tag Academy Instructor==
Maddie smiled as she logged into her console, watching the cadets entering the auditorium. They were reporting into their last assignment, their final examination. Some would be anxious, some would be cool or at least attempt to be cool.  The cadet first in line was a tactical cadet.

"Cadet Bennett, reporting for assignment." 

Maddie gave her typical smile to the cadet while nodding to him. "Hello Cadet," she began as she glanced at her console. 

Holodeck one is ready...  

"It looks like holodeck one is your assigned holodeck Cadet Bennett. Your instructor won't be long. Good luck on your exam. I'm sure I'll see you at graduation." 

She smiled and then took a sip of her tea as she watched the cadet soak in the information and then head towards his holodeck. 

== Welcome to Federation Space RPG Cadet Bennett and Cadet K'Rora. Glad to have you.  
Cadet K'Rora, our Dean of Evaluations will be with you in regards to your bio and assignment. ==
Excitement bubbled through Luvala's body in a sort of fizzing sensation that started in her core and rippled outwards, leaving her palms slightly moist with anticipation and inviting restless wriggling to her toes. Everyone around her was nervous. One didn't need any form of empathic ability to feel the nervousness in the air, palpable and thick like an invisible blanket draped over them all. 

Yep, totally not prepared for this. 

Gonna need a stiff drink when I'm done here... 

It's okay, at least I still got Muddles to hug...

Muddles? Who names their pet Muddles? Luvala thought to herself with amusement. Humans named their pets the most ridiculous things. She recalled fondly the first time she encountered her ex-boyfriend's budgie: Ironhead. What a tough-sounding name for a small yellow and green bird about the size of her hand. They'd spent a long while playing with that sweet, energetic bird, steadily whiling their precious study time away... 

"Hey. It's your turn in a bit." The voice from behind her snapped Luvala out of her daydream. The cadet in front of her had vanished and, thankfully, was still speaking to the officer on duty. Then they too stepped away from the table and began that fateful journey towards the holodeck, and it was her turn. With her head held high, Luvala strode towards the officer on duty with confident, measured steps. She had earned her way here. That much was for certain. Unlike her peers, though, she had every intention of bringing her A-game to this test. She was prepared. She could do this. 

"Cadet Luvala Nei'veh reporting for assessment, ma'am." She said, coming to attention before the officer on duty.

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
==Tag Academy Instructor==
Maddie smiled at the medical cadet who had approached her. She looked confident, though Maddie sensed just a litle apprehension as nerves always seemed to get the best of cadets.

"Cadet Luvala Nei'veh reporting for assessment, ma'am."

"Hello Cadet Nei'veh," Maddie began with a slight smile. She looked down, scanning over the empty holodecks, waiting for their turn at being a cadet's last assignment. "I'll be cheering you on at graduation, but first, better meet with your instructor in holodeck two. She smiled as the cadet took in her words and then nodded to the cadet as they left for their holodeck. 

She took a sip of water and then sent a message to instructors before calling the next cadet to her. 

== Welcome to Fed Space Cadet Nei'veh!  Smile Glad to have you here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! ==
Ktan stood before the great glass windows at the edge of the academy auditorium, his yellow eyes gazing out over the grounds. His long tail hung low as he observed two birds dancing in the chill morning air. He'd grown fond of this particular species since first moving to Earth from Cait four years ago, though both planets paled in comparison to his native Kzin. The Kzinti graduate may have easily been mistaken for a Caitian - or even a Mirak - had it not been for his distinctive webbed ears, which he kept poking out of the hood he wore over his uniform.

He'd had the option, of course, of hiding them. Of blending in as a Federation citizen or Mirak refugee. He'd even considered it, for a time. The religious exemption he'd gained to wear the cloak didn't mandate that it showed his ears. But in the end, whatever misgivings he had about the Patriarchy of Kzin, he knew he had to stay true to himself. He had to stay true to his people. Someone had to, even if the majority of them had turned their backs on the gods.

A few cadets passed by the windows outside, the pair of birds flitted off to another part of the academy grounds. It was probably just as well. They were starting to make him hungry.

Now was not the time for feasting. Now was the time for his final examination, and then. . . an assignment off world.

He'd be truly, finally, entering Star Fleet as a full fledged officer. Nearly a decade after he'd first committed to for the Kzinti military as science officer, at his father's urging. The things he'd learned while training in their equivalent of the academy, the things he'd uncovered about his people. . . they still haunted him. He missed his father. Missed his brother. And some faint part of him, the part that clung to old childhood memories that had nearly vanished, missed his mother and sisters as well.

I remember you, Ktan thought, closing his tired eyes and trying to conjure their faces. We will find a solution. If not for you, then for future generations.

Ktan shook his head and curled his lips in a snarl. Now was also not the time for sentimentality.

He stepped away from the windows and marched over the registration table for his exams. He would have time to remember later.

Approaching the officer manning the table, he said, "Cadet Shadowhunt, reporting for final examination."

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
Maddie smiled as the next officer approached her desk, this one wearing science colors.

"Hello Cadet Shadowhunt," Maddie began. She spoke in a calm voice. "Good day for a final exam, eh?" 

She looked quickly to her console to get the cadet's assignment and then turned her attention back to him. "Cadet, you've been assigned to meet with your instructor in holodeck three. Your instructor will be along shortly, so don't let me keep you... Good luck Cadet Shadowhunt." 

Maddie watched the cadet head towards the exit and then called the next to her. 

== Welcome to Fed Space Cadet Shadowhunt! Let us know if you have any questions. Smile ==
== Thank you, glad to be here! ==

"Good day, Cadet Shadowhunt. Good day for an exam, eh?"  the Officer said, pausing to look down at their PADD.  "Cadet, you've been assigned to meet with your instructor in holodeck three. Your instructor will be along shortly, so don't let me keep you... Good luck Cadet Shadowhunt."

Ktan nodded, a humanoid expression that roughly translated to "yes" or "understood" -- particularly common among species descended from primates.

He'd learned much of the Federation in the last four or five years living among their people, particularly of humans, who made up the bulk of Starfleet's personnel. While the humans' majority seemed to decrease year after year, there remained something particular about humans that drove them to enlist or enroll. Some blamed it on their militaristic history, not so far removed as humans would like themselves to believe. Others on some ephemeral thirst for knowledge or exploration. Both had their merit.

There were other theories, of course, and much musing across numerous cultures on the nature of humanity. Every wannabe philosopher in the alpha quadrant seemed keen on explaining the why's of their rapid rise to power after first contact with the Vulcans.

Ktan himself found humans in general - and many in particular - to be a coy, devious species. They often said things they didn't mean, relying on subtext, innuendo, and sometimes outright secrecy to achieve whatever ends they strove for. Their bald faces were simultaneously easy to read and incredibly deceptive. They would smile when uncomfortable, rather than happy. They would frown to indicate attentiveness or look away when saying something of import. They seemed hardwired for deception and misdirection.

They could be bright and happy and fizzy one moment. . . and completely deadly the next.

It was, perhaps, this quality that had led the Kzinti to lose so many wars to them over the centuries. If were ever to be reunited with his people, he would bring invaluable insights into humanity. Enough to win a war, even. Or rather -- as Ktan truly hoped after so many years living among the Federation -- enough to win the peace instead.

Ktan pondered all this as he walked out of the auditorium and headed for his assigned holodeck.

>> Holodeck 3 >>
Checking his uniform in the reflection of the window, counting on the hubub of the Auditorium and the cadets chatting in the queue to hide his nervous mirrorgazing, Kailen noticed his starfleet combadge was upside down and corrected the mistake. He then proceded to get in line letting the anxiety build up in him until his turn, using it to fill his chest and put his hands dehind his back in a clasic starfleet posture.

"Cadet Pilzo, reporting for assignment!" He bellowed not caring about the turning heads around him, now was the time to make an impression.

== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==
Maddie nodded as the next cadet arrived to her console.

"Cadet Pilzo reporting for assignment!" Maddie gave a slight smirk as the cadet's excitement or nervousness had seem to catch up with him.  It always made her happy to see a cadet from her own department.

"Hello Cadet Pilzo," Maddie began. She quickly scanned the list of holodecks in front of her and then brought her attention back to the cadet. "You've been assigned holodeck one. Your instructor will be along momentarily."  As the cadet processed the information and then responded with leaving towards their holodeck assignment, she added her customary "Good luck Cadet." 

== Sorry for the wait Cadet Pilzo! Welcome to Federation Space RPG!  I'm glad you're here. Smile  Let us know if you need anything! ==

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