The Adventures of Lina and Miles
== Carryover Post Grant ==

It was not lost on Miles the double meaning of Lina's words that they made a good team. And he agreed with her. They did make a good team, with more than just cooking. He really did feel they would spend the rest of their lives together.

It was a thought that both excited and terrified Miles. He wasn't sure of Lina's position on the thought of marriage, as it had been one subject they had not broached yet. Which was understandable, considering they were enjoying the time they spent together. He knew it would eventually come up, but, at the moment, he was content to do just that: share the moments with her.

Miles returned Lina's smile in full, though, even as he thought about what the future held for them. He knew he saw her in his life. How that progressed would be natural, and he was looking forward to their continued adventures.


== Carryover Post Whittaker ==

As Miles returned her smile in full, Lina wondered what was going on in that wonderful mind of his, and yet it was probably a good thing that she didn't possess any telepathic ability. Intriguing as it was, Lina liked the dynamic that they already had as well as thinking that she knew her boyfriend pretty well by now. Of course, there were things still to learn about one another, but considering how close they had become, they had a whole future together to do just that. Lina had never considered settling down, but ever since Miles had come into her life, and particularly since things had gotten more serious, it was a possibility that Lina had thought about often, and even shared some of them with Miles.

With dinner coming to an end, Lina reached for her glass of wine, as a different kind of thought came to her, one that might just intrigue her boyfriend. " How do you feel about taking dessert and the rest of this bottle out onto the terrace?, it's still warm out and you'll get a spectacular view".

Her choice of words may have been intentional, but given their current location, they would be able to see the stars clearly without the artificial light spoiling anything.

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It was not much longer before they finished their meal, fully content on what they had enjoyed. It would now be time for dessert, and Lina decided to bring up a very intriguing offer. He also didn't miss her wording and it's intention, so he decided to be wry and play along.

"I've had the most spectacular view all day," he replied. "But I suppose I could also enjoy the second most spectacular view." Though his words were playful, he was always sincere with Lina.

They moved out to the location picked out, and Miles was able to see the view Lina was talking about. It was truly breathtaking, especially without the artificial light. It was amazing to Miles that he would be stationed in these same stars, but the view of them from the worlds all the races of the Federation lived on or explored made it that much more impactful.

==The next day==

After an amazing night, Miles and Lina had eventually ended up crashing. The light trickling through the window hit Miles' eyes first, and he slowly allowed his body to wake up.

Though he could definitely stay here in the bed with Lina all day, he was excited, as they would be heading into York proper today. As excited as he was, though, he was more than content to allow Lina to sleep in as long as she could. He smiled down at her form, enjoying what his life was offering him.

== Lieutenant Amelina Whittaker ==

== The Next Day ==

Showing Miles how spectacular the surrounding countryside could be, had been one of Lina's favourite moments since they had arrived at the Whittaker family home. So much so that the memory of their first night had carried on through the brunette's dreams from the minute that she succumbed to sleep, after such a fun and pleasant day. Something that Lina couldn't wait to repeat, thanks to the plans they had for the rest of their days, and as she felt a slight shift behind her, Lina's conscious self began to wake, complete with a smile on her face, from knowing the reason for the movement next to her.

" Morning Babe" she said softly as she awoke fully to find Miles smiling down at her. That was a sight that she loved to see and treasured for as long as she could, before their normal lives eventually resumed. Not that she was going to dwell on that, as there was still the rest of the week to enjoy and make more memories.

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The Star Fleet life truly reflected on the two of them, as mere moments after Miles had awoken, he could see Lina's smiling face looking at him wishing a good morning. He returned the good morning as he pulled Lina in closer to him, letting out a contented sigh.

"Last night was wonderful," he said. "I am really enjoying this trip, and I know we've only just begun." He smiled wryly as he played with her hair. His wry smile was quickly replace though by a more gentle, loving one.

He gave himself a few minutes to fully wake up, which he was sure Lina would also need. He knew they were in no hurry, though he was definitely conflicted between the excitement of their plans against relaxing and basking in one another's presence. And glad that, at the moment, that was the greatest of his concerns.

== Lieutenant Amelina Whittaker ==

The response that Lina got from Miles after wishing him a good morning, and the sight that followed once he had pulled her close, was matched with one of her own. This was definitely something that the Instructor had gotten used to, ever since that first night after declaring their interest in one another, and she cherished every opportunity that they got to wake up together. When her boyfriend then spoke and played with her hair, Lina sighed again, as she enjoyed it whenever he did that.

" It was and I'm glad that you are" she replied, making zero effort to actually think about making a move. " We have, but I'm in no rush to leave this bed right now".

Lina knew that they would have to get up eventually, but it wouldn't hurt to spend a few more minutes or longer basking in the moment, before they thought about breakfast and got themselves ready to head out for the day.

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Hearing Lina state that they were in no rush to leave allowed Miles to continue his embrace of her. They could stay like this for a little while longer, and that was more than okay in Miles' book. A part of him thought about the idea of just sleeping for a little bit more, but his body, from a mix of excitement and just his acclimation to the Star Fleet way of life, vetoed that idea.

So, they stayed there for a while longer, as Miles continued to play with Lina's hair, as they spoke lowly about anything and everything as they enjoyed the company of one another before it became time to get up and proceed about their day.

Breakfast had been a nice little affair, as the two of them once again cooked together to make a full English breakfast. At first, Miles wasn't sure of the idea of adding baked beans, mushrooms, and grilled tomatoes to the normal staples of breakfast (in his experience) of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast.

After a filling and energy amplifying breakfast, the two made ready to depart for the city, Miles looking forward to what Lina had in store for the trip.

While Lina had thoroughly enjoyed the extra minutes of rest and relaxation, the moment that she would remember the most from that first morning, was Miles trying a full English breakfast for the very first time. She might have gotten accustomed to doing things a certain way, thanks to her life in San Francisco, but you could never truly take Yorkshire out of her veins. So, after a rather satisfying and hearty breakfast, the brunette was well and truly ready to face a fun-filled day in the city, and had dressed accordingly in an off-the-shoulder long flowery maxi dress, a slight deviation from her normal choice of clothing. Perhaps it was a reflection of how her life had changed or simply because she had liked it from the second  that she had spotted it.

Either way, she felt comfortable and cool, which was definitely important for what she had planned. Once it was time for them to depart, Lina then informed Miles of how they would get to their destination.

" There's a transporter station about a fifteen minute walk from here" she began as they left the house. " It's a nice route and you'll get to see a little bit of the area".

Lina often used the station whenever she was visiting and knew the route off by heart, enabling her to act as a tour guide for her boyfriend.

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Once breakfast was finished, they made their plans to depart, Lina informing Miles of a transport pad roughly fifteen minute walk from the Whittaker family home. She also added that it was a good way to see a little bit of the area, which Miles was definitely interested in.

So, they began their journey, Lina in a nice flowery maxi dress, while Miles opted for a navy knitted polo, with charcoal slacks and overcoat. Normally, he might be sweating when it came to a walk to their transport destination in such an outfit, but the crisp York air helped to mitigate any such issues.

Lina took the lead, and it was obvious she knew the route by heart. She acted as a de facto guide for Miles, and he was more than okay. Her knowledge of the area and where they would be exploring made Miles smile, because he could feel the excitement radiating from her. And he didn't even need to use his touch empathy to do so.

The walk to the transporter station was definitely more enjoyable with Miles than it usually was, whenever she ventured alone into York or one of her other favourite spots. Acting as a tour guide also had its merits, enabling the Yorkshire native to share how passionate she was about her home, not to mention the excitement at showing him how much this place meant to her. While Miles knew his girlfriend pretty well, this particular excursion would no doubt expand on that knowledge as he got to see a more relaxed and vibrant Amelina.

Once they reached the transporter station, Lina commented on how quiet it usually was, especially for that time of day, before they took their turn and reappeared in the heart of the city. Immediately noticing the change in regard to how bustling and alive it seemed, Lina then spoke with the same burgeoning excitement.

" Where would you like to start first?".

An easy question really, considering the sights that Lina had wanted to take Miles too, and they had all day in which to explore those and more.

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Lina and Miles carried conversation through their journey to the transport pad. Hearing Lina speak of how quiet it was this time around piqued Miles' interest.

On one hand, it allowed them more privacy. More of a chance to relax without the crowds that could make things such as conversation more difficult. It kept things more intimate for their adventures.

On the other hand, it was curious that it was so quiet. That, however, was quickly changed as they took their turn on the transporter and were soon met with the full hustle and bustle of the city. A dramatic shift, but not unwelcome.

The excitement returned in full force with Lina, as she asked where Miles would like to start. An easy question, though still one with many options.

"For such an easy question, it's quite hard to just pick one place to start for this adventure," he commented, winking to her. "Let's just head to whatever is closest to us. We could probably make a pretty easy circuit for the places we want to see."

Amelina looked up at Miles as he responded to her question of where they should start first, realising the simplicity of such a suggestion considering their location and the many options that were available to them. Although the brunette did grin as her boyfriend winked at her, before coming up with a solution that would work just fine, and allow the pair to see everything and not just their intended destinations. " That works for me Babe, and hmmm follow me".

If they were to start at whatever was closest to them, then Lina knew exactly what that would be, while affording them the chance to take in the architecture that still remained in the city. Stunning to the point that it immediately captivated the senses, Lina led them towards Jorvik, the museum dedicated to the origins of the city and it's viking roots. Naturally, it had changed over the years to accommodate new technologies, but at the heart of it, some of the ruins of the original city still remained.

" Here we are, Jorvik Viking Centre, which is mainly interactive but you still get to see the origins of the city".

Stepping inside, it was evident to see that Lina had been right and offered the pair the chance to look around at the exhibits as well as take the pod tour of how they had recreated the city as it looked back in Viking times.

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It didn't seem to take Lina long to make a decision about their first stop, as she quickly led him to an area that had more dated architecture, while still holding elements of a modern city. Miles was already intrigued at what she could have in store, and he was not disappointed.

Lina introduced Miles to the Jorvik Viking Centre, a museum dedicated to the history of the Viking ancestry to the city of York. Miles was now even more intrigued, especially when she informed him that it was primarily interactive. Miles was definitely looking forward to the kinds of things he and Lina would be able to do while in the Centre.

The first thing they did was take a look around some of the exhibits before they moved on to the pod tour of the recreated ancient city. Miles followed along, enjoying every moment. He was looking at some information, and there were a few things he definitely hoped to do while they were there.

"I see the coin making demonstration," he commented on when they were going over some of the interactive options. "I wonder if they have blacksmithing or ancient combat tactics demonstrations." He was sure Lina would know most of their options, and wanted to get her ideas on what they could do while exploring this particular stop.

Jorvik Viking Centre had always held a special place in Lina's heart, ever since her late Mother had started taking her to the city when she was only a child. Ever since then, she had always made a point of visiting whenever she could, but today felt a little more special than usual. While it was easy to become lost in the history of the place with the authentic smells and sounds, with some being just about bearable, Lina couldn't help but act as an information guide again, especially once her and Miles moved onto the pod tour, after looking at some of the exhibits.

" They do, along with how they make meals and how they used to catch and trade fish" Lina replied, thinking of the other options that would be available to them. " There's also the chance for us to make our own viking coins at the end".

While that was separate to the pod tour itself, it was fun to do, as Lina recalled the memory of when she had first made one, and how she still kept it in her bedroom back at the family home.

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Lina had responded to Miles' question in the affirmative, while also including information about making Viking meals and how they used to catch and trade fish. This further intrigued Miles, as cooking was something he had discovered was rather therapeutic.

She finished off the information that there would be a chance for them to make their own Viking coins at the end. It would make for an amazing souvenir, and something smaller that Miles would be able to take with him when he was out in space on the Artemis. Maybe even make into a necklace.

"That sounds amazing," he replied. "Maybe we can try some of the recipes and foods, if they're available to make." He smiled, looking forward to more opportunities to cook with Lina. Or, really, any reason to do things with his girlfriend.

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It was at times like this, that made Lina appreciate the fact that she got to share her life with someone so wonderful, and who liked the same things that she did. Of course, there was still that nagging feeling that came with the knowledge that Miles would soon be leaving again, but if anything, the separation had taught her that this relationship was more solid and serious than anything that she had experienced before.

Even as Miles responded to her and spoke about how they might be able to recreate some of the recipes and foods that she had mentioned, Lina couldn't help but look up at him with a big smile on her face, at the prospect of doing so. " Actually that might be possible, I'm sure we have a Viking cookbook back home" she replied, thinking about her Father's interest in cooking, and how he collected recipes from different eras.

" If not, I'm sure we could access them via the database or see if they have recipes to purchase in the gift shop".

As she spoke, Lina could imagine them trying to put together dishes of old, and the thought certainly appealed to her, as the tour guide then informed them that a pod was available to take them to the first demonstration. " What we're about to see if as authentic as it gets, especially the smell" Lina said, giving her boyfriend a gentle heads up as some of the smells weren't exactly pleasant.

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The idea of the old Viking cookbook back at the Whittaker homestead, or simply purchasing one here or looking up the recipes through the net, excited Miles at the prospect of trying the new (old) foods. Miles honestly was more than ready for such an endeavor, but gladly focused on the here and now to enjoy what they were doing.

Not long after, the tour guide informed them of the available pod. Miles took Lina's gentle warning to heart as she spoke of the upcoming authenticity, to include the smell.

The way she spoke gave Miles the hint that the smells probably weren't going to be very pleasant. He understood that, of course, since the era of the old Viking city was well before a period of significant care for hygiene. But, authenticity was what he came for, and he was sure he had endured worse.

"It's part of the adventure, isn't it?" he winked to her as they made their way to the pod. They were quickly situated, and were soon on their way.

Miles could definitely agree the smells say the least. However, that didn't keep him from enjoying the aspects that came along with watching how this society lived so long ago. It was informative, for sure, but also full of such real, human, moments.

Whereas he was half-Haliian, most of his life was spent very much as part of a Human society. He learned what he needed to of his Haliian heritage to know how to control his touch empathy, as well as some of the traditions, to include the bonding of others with the "Canar". A thought he had considered speaking to Lina about, and he felt after all was said and done with today, he would broach the subject.

They seemed to get through the worst of the "bad-smelling" part rather quickly before they moved on to the next exhibit.

" Exactly," Lina confirmed, winking back at her boyfriend as they got themselves situated in the pod before the complete immersion into the Viking way of life began. While she had warned Miles about how authentic the smells would be, and considering that she had visited the centre numerous times, even the most hardened of visitors couldn't completely ignore the pungent aroma. Taking a few deep breaths, allowed the former security officer to get past the initial wave and concentrate on what they were about to see.

Considering that she was born centuries later, didn't stop Lina from appreciating the past, specifically this era and every sight and sound captured her imagination as it always had. As the pod moved away from the typical Viking houses and businesses, the couple were then treated to the sight of the blacksmith, and Lina knew that Miles had been looking forward to this particular exhibit.

" I could see you being a blacksmith back in the day", Lina remarked with a hint of both playfulness and seriousness, as the pod paused so they could appreciate the exhibit and demonstration properly.

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Lina's playful yet serious remark regarding an alternate profession Miles might have had brought another smile to his face. He couldn't help but agree with her, as well as feel like he would probably enjoy the profession.

"Maybe I could take it up as a hobby," he replied. His tone was also playful, but there was a truth and actual desire to follow through with the remark. Something he thinks he would thoroughly enjoy.

He notices as the pod comes to a stop and they watch the demonstration. He is mesmerized. Everything has it's place. Everything has it's steps before perfection comes up. Fire and pressure. Two of the most powerful forces. You either burn and wither...

Or you come out stronger. He watches as the finished Dane Axe is placed on display. After a few more moments, the pod gets ready to move again to the next section.

"Might have to get one of those, too," he states.

Miles may have been playful when he answered her about taking up blacksmithing as a hobby, but Lina could detect the truth hidden behind it. In fact, she was already thinking about how to make it a reality, which would be easy enough to do since she had the extra space at home thanks to her art studio. " Maybe, as there would be enough space in my art studio to make a section just for you".

Not only was this idea practical, but it made a lot of sense too, especially since her home was now his home, and they could make it anything that they wanted it to be. As for the demonstration, there was just something about the way they brought each element together that made Lina appreciate the effort and skill that went into it and once the finished Dane Axe was placed on display, the instructor couldn't help but admire it.

A thought that was shared by her boyfriend, as he then suggested that they might have to get one of their own. " Yes, I think so too, it would look great with the other weapons that are displayed in the dining room".

With the pod preparing to move to the next section, Lina took one last look at the axe before they were whisked away to the weapon demonstration. Something that Lina was also looking forward to thanks to her security background.

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Miles couldn't help his smiled grow as Lina spoke of making room in the art studio for a forge to bring on Miles' now-newly acquired (he supposed) hobby. It was a big sacrifice, regardless of how much room there still was in the studio. He squeezed her hand as things moved along.

Acts such as this was what solidified a decision to bond with her. He allowed the thought to naturally become background as the conversation continued, with the agreement to display the axe in the dining room with the other weapons.

Not long after, they moved on to the next part: the weapons' demonstration. What all the hard work they just watched be put into action. Something that excited Miles, and he could tell Lina was also looking forward to.

He was sure they had slightly different reasons. Whereas he had also been Security, he was more looking forward to the tactics employed with the older weapons during a different time.

When the pod came to a stop at the next destination, they were able to see the layout. Two combatants, one with the aforementioned Dane Axe, another wielding a spear. Both also had round shields.

To the untrained eye, the weapons looked authentic. Miles knew they were, but he also noted they had been blunted/dulled to be made non-lethal (which he was sure Lina would also be able to notice).

Not long after their pod stopped, the battle began. To most, it was very straightforward, almost barbaric. Sheer force on sheer force. But Miles could see it. Every lunge. Every swing. It all had purpose. It was intentional. Simple as it might have been, there was still very much thought and tactics placed in every movement.

In the end, the warrior wielding the Dane Axe claimed victory, but the spearman had definitely made him earn it. Miles had been mesmerized throughout. As the pod prepared to move forward, he checked for Lina's reaction.

The sweet yet simple gesture of gently squeezing her hand and the shared decision that was made thereafter, brought out another smile from Lina, who loved that they could do that without impeding on their mutual respect and understanding of one another. Then came something else that they could enjoy together as the pod stopped and the demonstration began. If Lina had already been enthralled by witnessing the creation, then seeing them in action only enhanced that feeling, as well as the skill that each warrior possessed.

While Lina would happily admit that she wasn't an expert at everything, weapons and seeing the warriors of old, had always ignited something within her, allowing the instructor to imagine what life would have been like as a shield maiden. Even now, as she watched them fight, it didn't stop her from appreciating every detail, every nuance in the way they approached one another, despite the weapons being made safe for such things.

What mattered was how the pair came across, making it as believable and realistic as possible until ultimately a winner was declared. When Miles then looked in his girlfriend's direction, her eyes danced with delight at what they had just seen. " I admire their skill, especially the one with the axe" she admitted. " I can't wait to get ours and see how it handles".

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Miles had to agree with Lina's assessment on the skill of the fighter's, particularly the victor wielding the axe. She also voiced how he felt in anticipation of getting their own axe and how it handled. It was honestly something Miles planned on training with extensively. Of course, blacksmithing would present the opportunity to create more and train with them as well.

And as Star Fleet Officers, with the proper clearance, Miles would be able to bring those with him. Encompassing something decorative for his Quarters, a fighting implement if absolutely necessary, but, most importantly, a further reminder of his and Lina's bond.

"I am definitely looking forward to practicing alongside you," he said, giving another wink as their pod moved to the next destination, Miles quivering with anticipation of what could follow the previous demonstrations.

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" Me too" Lina replied, thinking it would a nice and welcome change to practise her weapon handling skills alongside her boyfriend. As proficient and comfortable as she was at doing so by herself, having another person there certainly made things a little more interesting, and Lina was sure that it would be something else that they were well-matched for. As the pod moved away from the weapons demonstration, it brought them to where the Vikings dealt with the catch of the day, along with a cooking demonstration that filled the air with a delicious aroma of fried fish, bread and vegetables.

Considering that she was a budding cook, Lina was equally enthralled by this, as she had been with the weapons. " It's making me crave good old fish and chips, with a couple of slices of buttered bread", she remarked quietly to Miles. Being a Yorkshire lass, fish and chips were very much a staple alongside the other traditional foods that she cooked. It was also a dish that she only really got whenever she was home, yet appreciated the tenacity and ability of the Vikings to make tasty looking food with limited resources.

" I think we should have lunch in one of the traditional pubs, before going on the chocolate-making tour".

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Moving on from the weapons and combat demonstrations, their next stop came in the form of the average day for process and catching of fish, as well as the cooking demonstration. The aromas assaulted Miles' senses in the best of ways.

The food, though clearly rudimentary given the time period, was cooked with a care and expertise that made it quite appetizing, and Miles was looking forward to trying some. He concurred with Lina as she spoke of a craving for fish and chips. He nodded as she continued with the idea to get lunch in one of the traditional pubs before going on the chocolate-making tour.

"That sounds amazing," he replied, as the pod finished it's journey to their disembarking location. As they exited, they checked to see how to get to one of the traditional pubs and made their way there.

It didn't take them long once they arrived to be seated and offered a menu. After perusing it, Miles indicated for Lina to order. Once she did, he decided on the Gravlax with a Hearty Stew and their honey-based mead for a drink.

Finding a traditional pub in which to have lunch hadn't been difficult since Lina and Miles had left the viking museum along with a few purchases to remind them of their visit. With her stomach and mind already agreeing as to what she would have, Lina didn't waste any time when it came to her order, and quickly put in a request for fish and chips with the required sides, as well as a pint of the local cider. It wasn't something that she often drank, but she enjoyed it all the same as her boyfriend decided on what he wanted.

" Good choice", Lina remarked approvingly, especially about Miles' choice of drink, which reminded his girlfriend about their planned overnight stay in Whitby.

" Wait till we get to Whitby and visit the Abbey. They brew their own mead that you can buy, and it's fantastic".

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Miles smiled when Lina mentioned that he had made a good choice of beverage. She was always able to do that. Make Miles smile at everything she did. He couldn't help himself. Not that he wanted to.

When she mentioned their stay in Whitby and brewing their own mead that they could purchase (which he knew they would), it was yet another thing that piqued his curiosity while feeding off of her excitement.

"I'm definitely looking forward to that," he said. "Though we may have to get a bigger house with all of these things you're showing me that would make amazing hobbies and creatives for you and I to do together." He winked, letting her know he was only half joking. He knew they wouldn't have all the time in the world for all of these different activities and hobbies, so settling for a few, such as the blacksmithing, was more than enough for him.

Making Miles smile was something that Lina always enjoyed doing, especially knowing that she was the reason behind it. The effect that they had on one another could be quite intoxicating and Lina never wanted it to end. When Miles then spoke about how he was looking forward to Whitby and joked about how they needed a bigger house, to accommodate their new hobbies and interests, Lina grinned at him. He might have only been half serious, but Lina was more than happy to go along with it, because things might change in the future, and not just because they wanted to do more creative things together.

" Yeah, and even then we would need somewhere with lots of land" she remarked with a wink of her own.

Turning serious for a moment, Lina looked into her boyfriend's eyes, because while they were talking about it, there was something that he needed to know. " Actually, the house we're staying in right now, will be mine someday, and I can see us settling there if you want us too".

It wasn't as if they hadn't talked about the possibility of where their relationship was going, and there was still a lot to figure out, but at least they now had options, when the time came.

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Miles didn't miss the subtle shift to serious from Lina, and he responded in kind, knowing there was a time and place for jokes. He listened to her as she spoke of the house they were currently staying becoming hers one day. It had plenty of space for whatever they so wished to pursue as creative hobbies and endeavors.

The thought of them moving there together was definitely one Miles could fully support. Being assigned to the Fleet technically meant anywhere was home. And with the transporter technology, Lina didn't have to stay in San Francisco to continue her career as Academy Instructor. He took her hand in his as he replied.

"I think settling into your family's home would be a great idea, when the time came," he said. "I am definitely looking forward to sharing our future together." He paused, as he knew now was a good a time as any to broach the subject.

"Speaking of sharing our future together, I believe we are at a point that, if it's something you still consent to, I would like to procure a Canar to fully bond with you." He paused as he let the information sink in. "I know I defer most of my culture and tradition to my Human side, but this is one tradition of the Haliian that I am grateful beyond words to have found someone to proceed with."

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Bringing up the subject of them potentially moving to Lina's childhood home at some point in the future, had come naturally to her, especially with their current topic of conversation. Sometimes it was difficult to judge how Miles would react, but even then any fears that Lina had were quickly diminished. That was mostly due to how Miles reassured her or thought the same way, and because of that she would always be grateful for how they could talk things out, and reach the same conclusions. He also noticed the change in her tone, by taking her hand in his before responding to her.

That never failed to make Lina smile whenever he did that, and as Miles spoke, Lina looked into her boyfriend's eyes and let her gaze linger, before replying. " Me too".

What happened next came as a pleasant surprise to Lina, as, yes, she knew about his Haliian side, but for him wanting to bond with her, it was another big step and one that she wanted to take with him. Sure she could delay her response and make him wait while she gave it some serious thought, but considering everything, the way he made her feel, and the explanation that he gave, Lina knew what her answer would be.

" Yes, I'll consent to bonding with you, Miles, and I love that you want to honour that particular tradition with me".

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Hearing Lina's confirmation of consent truly lit a fire in Miles, and that passion reflected in his eyes. He relayed the love and happiness with his facial features alone, knowing that there was little he could do to truly show his happiness, being in public. Nevertheless, he did embrace her and give her a brief, but passionate, kiss.

As he pulled away, he considered the possible locations to acquire a Canar. He hoped he would be able to retrieve one before he was shipped back out, but he understood if that wouldn't be possible.

They were brought out of their moment by the arrival of their food. Miles gave one last squeeze to Lina's hand before they turned their attention to the delicious looking food before them.

Lina could see the passion reflecting in her boyfriend's green eyes as he reacted to what she had said. Giving consent to such an important tradition had been an easy decision to make, and if anything, it also made her want to learn more about that side of Miles, aside from what she had gleaned from him in their various conversations. With them being in public, Lina readily accepted how he conveyed his love and happiness, especially when he embraced her and captured his girlfriend in an albeit brief but passionate kiss. One that she returned with equal enthusiasm until they inevitably returned to reality.

It was truly a moment to remember, another glimmer of something wonderful that they were building together before their food arrived and Lina was taken back to her childhood at the delicious smell that emanated from both dishes. Smiling as Miles squeezed her hand, Lina then added the traditional condiments of malt vinegar and salt, before tucking in.

" Would you like to try a piece of the battered fish?" she asked, keen to let Miles try some if he so wished.

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After their moment and the arrival of their food, they both got everything set to dig in. Lina asked Miles if he would like to try some of her battered fish, which he was more than content to oblige.

"That would be lovely," he replied, taking the proffered bite. It tasted amazing, and the fish practically melted in his mouth. He took the opportunity after taking a bite to prepare some of his own salmon for her to try.

The meal progressed, and they continued speaking of future plans, enjoying their meal, and talking about the history of the area, which had Miles truly enraptured. It made him realize that, for how large the galaxy was, and how many species, histories, cultures, and traditions there were to learn about, they still had so many just here on Earth to enjoy and be drawn into.

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== Oops ;-) ==

Lina smiled when Miles accepted her offer to try a piece of the battered fish, before her boyfriend repaid her by letting her sample some of the salmon. " Mmm that's good too" she replied, thinking that she would order that next time they got to visit this particular pub. That thought led into the conversation that continued as they enjoyed their respective meals, only pausing to take a drink as talk turned to history, a subject that Lina loved, especially when it involved her home town.

It was also a topic that she never tired of and capturing Miles' interest was always a bonus in Lina's eyes, no matter what the subject involved. After finishing her last bite and draining the remaining liquid out of her glass, Lina sat back satisfied and full, before broaching the mention of dessert.

" They have some delicious desserts here, but I want to save myself for the chocolate museum" she remarked, loving sweets just as much as savoury foods. Although there was still one surprise that she was keeping to herself, at least for now until they had finished at their next destination.

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==Well. This was definitely missed longer than I would have liked.==

The rest of their trip through the town continued swimmingly, as they were able to hit all the spots they truly wanted to get done on this particular day, the biggest final point being the chocolate museum.

The museum itself offered a lot, and it took a lot of self control, hammered in by his raising and time in Star Fleet, not to go wild when it came to all the options they were offered at the emporium. He still thoroughly enjoyed himself, and that was made doubly so with Lina by his side.

Their day would eventually come to an end, as they finished any last minute shopping, whether for souvenirs or food-stuffs to take back. Before they knew it, they were exiting the transporter near the Whittaker family home. Miles sighed contentedly as they approached the house, his free arm locked with Lina's.

"What a day," he said, as they reached the doorway. "Thank you so much for this."

== It's all good and worth the wait :-) ==

Not only had Amelina thoroughly enjoyed her trip into the city with Miles, but she had also taken advantage of their last-minute shopping. While some of the couple's larger purchases would be delivered to the Whittaker family home, the brunette still held onto a couple of the smaller bags as she walked arm in arm with her boyfriend, after exiting the transporter station. The whole day had been a lot of fun, and Lina was looking forward to spending a relaxing evening, going through the items that they had bought and specifically trying some of the food.

" You're most welcome, my love, as I've had a lot of fun, and I'm glad that you enjoyed your first trip to York", Lina replied as they reached the doorway. Letting go of Miles temporarily, Lina then proceeded to open the door, and smiled as she caught the scent of her father's favourite aftershave.

" I don't think we're alone any more, as I've got a feeling that Dad's in the house somewhere".

She knew that it was only a matter of time before Miles met her Dad, and had even warned him that Charles would be at the house at some point during the visit, so she hoped that this first meeting wouldn't tarnish what had been a good day.

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Miles hummed in acknowledgement at Lina's words showing that she was glad he had enjoyed his first trip to York. With that, she opened the door for them, and Miles was met with the smell of aftershave. It was fresh, in his opinion, which meant that it wasn't from his own shave. It was also not the kind he used, so his mind came up with possible reasons.

His initial thought was confirmed as Lina spoke again, stating that she had a feeling her father was in the house. They had expected there would be the chance they would meet him, so Miles prepared himself for it. He smiled to Lina as he squeezed her hand in reassurance.

"I can't wait to meet him," he replied.

Once upon a time, there had been a slight distance between Lina and her Dad, caused by the sudden loss of her mother and being at war with the guilt and other emotions that came with grief. Thankfully for Lina and now for Miles' sake, that distance had been closed for a few years now, enabling the couple to enjoy what York had to offer, without the need for Lina to avoid where she had grown up or hide that side of herself.

Of course, her boyfriend's reassurance from the gentle squeeze of her hand to him looking forward to meeting Charles, took away some of the nerves that Lina had suddenly developed, and she was as ready as she was going to be. " You're going to like him, I'm sure" she replied as she led the way to the kitchen, so they could store some of the items that they had bought.

Getting as far as the kitchen door before it opened and all 6ft 2 of Charles Whittaker appeared, only stopping as he realised who was there. " Amelina!" he exclaimed happily as he reached out to hug his daughter. " Hi Dad" she managed to say, as she returned the hug. " Dad, I'd like you to meet Miles, my Boyfriend" she added proudly once her Dad had let go.

Charles had short brown hair with kind green eyes, and immediately assessed the man who had captured his daughter's heart. There was a moment, several moments in fact, where Lina seemed to hold her breath, until Charles finally spoke. " Welcome to our home Miles, it's good to finally meet the man who has taken great care of my Lina" he said sincerely as he held out his hand in greeting.

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Lina and Miles made their way towards the kitchen, Lina speaking of how she was sure her father would like Miles. He knew the relationship between the two had been on the mend, so was much better than had been in the past. That didn't necessarily mean the elder Whittaker would welcome Miles with open arms.

Maybe he would, but Miles wouldn't really know until they met the man. Which was sooner than expected, as the older man had opened the same door Lina and Miles had set to enter through. Miles was able to get a good luck at Lina's father in person for the first time.

The most noticeable thing Miles noted about Charles Whittaker was that the two were the same height. They could see eye to eye physically. The real question came from whether they would see eye to eye metaphorically.

The father had embraced his daughter before Lina introduced Miles to him. There was a long, arduous moment, and the tension felt thick as Miles awaited the man's response. He began to worry that things would turn south quickly.

However, that was quickly dashed as Charles welcomed Miles to the home, made mention that it was good to meet the man who had taken care of Lina, as he held his hand out. Miles wasted no time in taking the proffered hand, smiling to Charles in return.

"It's good to meet you as well, sir," Miles replied. "You've raised an amazing daughter."

This initial meeting was going as well as Lina could have hoped for as her father greeted Miles warmly and proceeded to offer his hand in welcome. The couple had already taken some very important steps in their relationship and this was another one that they could add, especially because her father's blessing and approval meant a lot to Lina, even if she hadn't wanted to admit it until now. She loved Miles with all of her heart, and when she really thought about it all, it would make their journey a lot smoother if there wasn't any awkwardness.

That thought dissolved in an instant as Miles quickly responded to Charles, making Lina smile in the process as she looked between both of them.

" You're very kind, Miles, but yes, I have indeed, and it makes me happy to see her so happy. That's all I've ever wanted for her", Charles remarked sincerely, as he shook the other man's hand before letting go.

" Thanks Dad, I'm glad to see you both getting along".

" Of course, Amelina, I wouldn't want it any other way and our home is your home, Miles. Perhaps both of you could join me for a drink later?".

Lina knew what her answer would be, but looked to Miles to allow her boyfriend to answer first.

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Everything was running smoothly with Lina's father, Charles, as there was a brief exchange between the two Whittakers before Charles offered the couple to join him for a drink. Miles noted that Lina looked towards Miles for the answer, which he could understand. Miles smiled again as he responded.

"That would be wonderful," he said. "Definitely looking forward to it."

It would be nice to relax again, enjoy a drink, and get to speak more with Charles Whittaker. Spending time with Lina while also getting to know more about the man who, though they had their time estranged, had helped develop Lina into the woman she was today.

The smile that Lina received from Miles as he answered first, brought some added reassurance to the brunette as he agreed to them having a drink with her Dad, and told him that he was looking forward to it. " That's a yes from me too"[/color] she quipped, which made Charles chuckle, as only Lina could.

" Excellent, I shall let you both get sorted and comfortable, and I'll see you later in the conservatory".

" Thanks Dad, see you then" Lina replied as Charles then continued walking down the corridor, before disappearing into his study. Alone once again, Lina turned to her boyfriend, still feeling elated over how well everything had gone.

" Why don't we drop this stuff off, and then go get changed?" she suggested, thinking that a shower would be in order before finding something suitably comfortable for an evening drink. No doubt it would involve some embarrassing stories involving her, and perhaps some old photos, but for the time being, Lina focused on putting their shopping away, then retreating to her bedroom for a little while.

== Tag ==
Once plans had been made, Charles had taken his leave. Miles nodded in agreement and smiled as Lina suggested dropping their stuff off before getting changed. Miles followed as they went about getting more relaxed, including putting away their haul, shower, and the like.

They spent a little bit of time relaxing before it would be time to meet back up for the drink with Charles Whittaker, and they had soon made their way to the Conservatory to join him. They had changed into more comfortable clothing befitting of the activity.

As they were being served their drinks, Miles took the opportunity to take in the Conservatory, as room they had only briefly looked into during the initial tour. A rather nice room that Miles could understand being a favorite of someones.

Taking his seat, he would allow Charles and Lina to lead the conversation.

==Tag Smile==
The rest of the time had been spent exactly how Lina had wanted it to, allowing her and Miles to properly relax and unwind following their visit to the city. A shower, and a change of clothes, in this case, gray loungepants and a matching t-shirt were just what Lina needed for drinks in the conservatory. A chance for them to chill and enjoy her father's company, even if Charles decided to embarrass his daughter, as was his right.

Her drink of choice was a glass of white wine, straight from the Whittaker cellar, and Lina couldn't help but notice the vintage and realised that her Dad was pulling out all the proverbial stops to make this almost like a celebration.

" So tell me Miles, how are you liking York so far?" Charles asked curiously, while Lina showed no trace of the relief that she felt, over the fact that Charles had started the conversation with something easy, rather than delve straight into stories about her childhood.

== Tag ==
Once everyone was settled with a nice drink and in comfortable positioning, Charles asked Miles how the younger man was liking York so far. Miles smiled to the man as he responded.

"I have thoroughly been enjoying my time here," Miles began. "Lina has been extremely helpful in enjoying the sites and what the city has to offer." he paused for moment as he collected his next words.

"It is truly amazing how, for lack of a better term, down to Earth the city is as well. It makes it easy to forget that many of us are bound to the stars. It amazes me to find such excitement in the every day. It also lends prospective to the why those of us who do make our lives in the stars will still have a place to put our feet on the ground. As vast and full of wonderment as the galaxy at large may be, York offers such a homey feel. Somewhere I'd be happy to set my feet on the ground at."

As he finished, he looked over to Lina and took her hand.

Throughout the initial conversation with her Dad, Lina was looking forward to seeing how Miles reacted to Charles' specific questions, understanding why he had gone down this route as opposed to starting with the obvious teasing and potential embarrassment. Hearing what Miles had to say about his experience of York so far, made this trip even more worthwhile in Lina's opinion, especially when he spoke so thoughtfully, knowing that it would go down well with Charles. So as Miles looked at her and took her hand, she couldn't help but smile.

" That's exactly why we never wanted to live anywhere else, despite the numerous offers to move countries and even worlds" Charles began, while being happy to admit all of this to Lina's boyfriend. He liked Miles and the way he continued to impress him, providing further evidence that he was the man whom he could proudly call son-in-law in the future.

" Our home is very much your home now, Miles, as I'm sure that Lina has told you that this will be hers one day" he added, as he looked towards the pair. " That being said, I would love for you both to spend more time here when your schedules allow".

It was something that Lina did as often as she was able, but now she had an extra reason to visit more often when Miles got the chance to come home. " I think that can be arranged", Lina replied. While she wasn't ready to give up their home in San Francisco quite yet, this appeared to be the perfect compromise.

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Miles smiled as Charles responded to his view, as he listened intently to the older man's feelings on the place he called home. It was a breath of fresh air, much like York itself.

He nodded as Charles confirmed that the home would be Lina's one day, but was elated by what the man had said leading up. That their home was his home now. He also spoke of the two of them spending more time there when schedules allowed, to which Lina had agreed.

"I'm honored, sir," Miles said. "And I would also love to spend more time here as well, schedules and shore leave permitting, of course."

He thought on that fact. It was a strange kind of schedule that Star Fleet had. Those active in the Fleet, anyways. Even the Academy was a more consistent schedule when it came to being on leave. Those in the Fleet were gone for months at a time at minimum. Of course, their leave also tended to be longer, as well.

But that was an issue to handle when it came up. Right now, Miles was content, by Lina's side, enjoying time with her and her father.

Lina could tell just from facial expressions alone that Miles was equally interested in what Charles had to say, and how willing her boyfriend was to ensure that getting to know her Dad remained positive. As he nodded in answer to Charles' question regarding the house, Lina knew that Miles felt the same way and proved that by how he responded. When it came to their respective careers, it was never easy, but they now had something else to look forward to, and another way to make those lasting memories that helped carry them through the prolonged absences.

" Just what I wanted to hear" Charles replied proudly, not that he doubted that either of them would answer negatively, and if he was being honest, he would enjoy the additional company while also respecting the couple's privacy.

" Lina has told me a lot about you, but now that we've gotten the important stuff out of the way regarding the house, perhaps you would like to share what you like to do when you're not with my daughter".

Lina didn't know how to react at first, but this was typical Charles Whittaker, eager to learn as much as possible about Miles, particularly if they happened to share similar interests and find other subjects to talk about other than her.

== Tag ==
Some people would think that the follow up questions from Charles Whittaker about what Miles enjoyed when he wasn't with Lina were invasive or prodding. However, Miles knew this not to be the case. This was straightforward. A way to get to know someone.

Being with Lina had allowed Miles to come out of a shell that had been built to protect himself after the death of his father. He used to only be as social as the moment called for. Being with Lina, however, had given him the opportunity to relax. To enjoy life, how he knew his father would have wanted him to.

He was still responsible. Still ever serious and vigilant when duty was at the forefront. But he was no longer as uptight or irritated by those who were able to make jokes in tense situations. Whereas he could not really be counted among those who could, he did understand the need for levity. It helped to ground everyone. To make sure they weren't too strong up, which could cause mistakes. Sometimes fatal.

His reverie was brief, but he smiled as he responded to Charles.

"I'm afraid I'm not an overly interesting person when I'm not around Lina," Miles said. "I find enjoyment in meditation, am an avid reader, and find a sort of therapeutic release in combat training and scenarios, where I can let my Tactical thoughts out instead of letting them build up. All things I can enjoy with Lina as much as when I do them alone."

As he let Charles mull over his words, he looked over to Lina, before bringing his attention back to her father.

Lina had known Miles for a while now and had gotten to see how much he had changed since they had started hanging out and more. The fact that she had been responsible for such a change was something that she appreciated, while understanding why her Dad had wanted to know more about her boyfriend without being malicious about it. It was Charles' way of getting to understand what made Miles tick, to see if there was a common ground for them to talk about different things, and when Miles responded, Lina listened, happy to hear the man she loved talk about himself.

It was true he could and when he looked over at her, Lina beamed proudly as her Dad mulled over the response that he had gotten.

" Oh but you are Miles, even if you don't think that way and, as an avid reader myself, I'm sure that Lina has shown you our library".

" I have" came Lina's reply before Charles acknowledged his daughter with a smile before continuing.

" Great, we've spent many an evening in there, becoming lost in the various tales of both fiction and non-fiction, and I also find that meditation is a great tool to use, especially after a hard day. Although your line of work and what Lina used to do before changing careers is much more difficult than running a university department".

In some ways, Lina didn't miss being out in space where you often faced unspeakable danger and the unknown, but at the same time it had shaped her and taught her a lot about herself. Wisdom that she was then able to pass down to her Cadets, and have a deeper understanding of what Miles went through when he was on duty with the Artemis.

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