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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Completely Changes The Original Series, Here's How (

FYI: There's also an article below it about what happened to the Weasley family in Harry Potter after the Battle of Hogwarts. That's also interesting, but I digress.

Some of the changes SNW made, at least according to technology, make sense. Roddenberry didn't have the massive budget (or technology) that modern Trek does. In fact, each episode cost around 200 thousand. With ZERO CGI. All the backgrounds were hand painted and look way better than the remastered versions. 

As for the tech, sure, I can see why they'd change some things like that. I mean, it's the 23rd century after all. Of course they'd have something akin to data PADDs and way better tricorders, but I like that they at least paid homage to the original design of them. 

Sometimes retcons and other changes are necessary. Discovery changed way too much too fast and that set off and lost a lot of fans, mostly because the main character is so insufferable. Which is a shame because Sonequa Martin-Green is a decent actress. 

SNW I think makes - at least some of - their changes work without blatantly pushing fans away. 

Anyways, what do y'all think?
Before I even read the article, I'm going to confess that I didn't even finish season 1 of Discovery because - is the "insufferable" main character you're referring to the "Oh btw I'm Spock's sister (but not really)" lady, because LMAOOO do I agree with you there!!! One day I'll go back and watch Discovery (and Picard).

Article thoughts:
The bigger-ship "problem" is definitely budget. The misogyny was unfortunately just a thing of its time. I totally agree with the article that the Gorn were introduced too early - and I think we all know we all agree that the SNW Gorn are too Sigourney Weaver "Alien". Not that I expected to see some poor schmuck in a cheap dinosaur party suit, but still...!  Tongue And obviously we're not going to see a yeoman with a clipboard... hahaa.

Totally agree that the changes work without pushing fans away - although if a fan felt pushed away by the whole Gorn thing, I honestly wouldn't blame them too much.
This new board is gonna take some time getting used to. I go to quote you, but the text doesn't show up.

I actually watched season 2 of STD, and when I realized it wasn't getting any better, I just started to watch reviews, both for and against. And I call her "Diverse Female Space Jesus". The story revolves around HER instead of her evolving because of the story. And the cult following the crew has around her is ridiculous.

Please don't get me started on Picard...LOL

But I digress. Y'all can argue that amongst y'allselves.

I just wish they hadn't've ripped off xenomorphs. Actually they look more like rejects from Species 8472. If they HAD used an actor in a cheap rubber suit, I would have died. LMAO But I think they introduced the Gorn early because SNW might not get greenlit for a fourth season, so I think they were playing safe, but that's just my theory.
I just thought of something else about Discovery that's been bugging me.

Tilly was a CADET when we first met her. I don't care how smart they thought she was, she had no business being on the supposedly most classified starship ever created. She's their answer to Wesley Crusher, another insufferable character. At least Wesley was able to grow a bit and be humbled and learn from his mistakes. But Tilly? She was made to be comic relief and she wasn't even funny, just annoying.
(08-20-2023, 01:42 AM)Xenara Xardeen Wrote: If they HAD used an actor in a cheap rubber suit, I would have died.

RIP Xardeen.

[Image: 370178543_797407605721923_32101040023391...e=64FA7CC6]
I thought it was all CGI! LMAO!!!!
Just like redressing sets, actors did play multiple roles.
Interesting artical despite some of the facts are wrong.
Teresa, Never said the articles would be impeccably written, just interesting.
True, but given that this quote; "This makes her the only actress to play four different aliens. The only performer to have her beat is Jeffrey Combs, who played six different aliens across three shows."

Clint Howard at 4 races across 5 different series, and James Doohan at 13 aliens over 2 series as examples, show that Looper didn't bother fact checking their work as usual.
To be fair: the article said she was the only actress, not actor in general. But I agree about Looper. lol
Not an article, but I should probably change the title of this thread. lol

This is from Steve Shives, whom many of you SHOULD know as a - well I wouldn't say "die-hard" Trekkie, but he makes some compelling an well thought out videos I think.

"What makes Star Trek...Star Trek?"
Brent Spiner and Annie O’Donnell will reprise their roles as Bob and June Wheeler on "Night Court" later this season. The pair appeared in six episodes of the original series. Joining them will be Kate Micucci (The Big Bang Theory) as their grown-up daughter.

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