Official Yearly Awards 2023
I've talked about it for a while, but I've finally gotten around to doing it! The Official 2023 Federation Space Yearly Awards are here!

This is going to be a slimmed down version of previous years; there are fewer categories so people can focus on what is important - the people of Federation Space!

The categories are:
  • Best Ship
  • Best CO
  • Best Rated Character (PRCs and SRCs are eligible)
  • Best Non-Rated Character
  • Best GM
  • Best Newcomer (Players that joined after December 31, 2022)
  • Best Player Who Has Left

Nominations are voluntary and players may leave entries blank if they do not have a nomination. Nominations will be open until Midnight, Site Time, on September 22. The top 3 nominated players in each category will go ahead to the voting round, which goes live on September 23 and closes at 00:00 Site Time, on September 30. 

Results will be posted on October 1.

It's a quick turnaround, but I want to give time before this and the Unofficial Federation Space Awards which will happen in March, with results being posted on April 1, 2024.

Nomination Form
There was a small permissions issue. The form should be good to go now!
We only have nine players submitting nominations so far! Make sure to get your nominations in so the people you think deserve them can win those awards!
Nominations are over! Voting is live! Only fourteen players nominated, a little over 1/3 of the site, so the nominations will reflect that!

As announced, the top two nominations were put forward for a vote except in the situation of "Best Ship" and "Best NRC" where there was a tie between the second place nomination. 

The Nominees

Best Ship
Artemis - 11 Nominations
Titania, Geronimo, Charon - 1 Nomination Each

Best CO
Crawford - 9 Nominations
Brooks - 2 Nominations

Best Rated Character
Elias - 2 Nominations
Mayfair - 2 Nominations

Best Non-Rated Character
Morgan (Crawford) - 5 Nominations
D'Tor'an (Murphy) - 2 Nominations

Best GM
GM-02 - 3 Nominations
GM-06 - 6 Nominations

Best Newbie
Han - 5 Nominations
Amaterasu - 1 Nomination
Ra'an - 1 Nomination
Star - 1 Nomination

I chose not to continue the "Best Player Who Has Left" category, as it really serves no purpose beyond making us miss people who are no longer members.

Voting Form
As midnight site-time has come and gone, I am declaring that voting is now closed! We had 20 players cast their votes, which is a little more than 1/2 the site. A better turnout than the Nominations!

Results will be posted this weekend!

BEST CO: Tyra Crawford (14 Votes)
BEST SHIP: USS Artemis (12 Votes)
BEST PRC: Benjamin Elias (11 Votes)
BEST NRC: Cera Morgan {Crawford} (13 Votes)
BEST GM: GM-02 (10 Votes)
BEST NEWCOMER: Emily Star (10 Votes)

I have attached the pie charts taken from Google Sheets so people can see how the other Nominees fared. Two "spoiler" entries were accidentally included for Best NRC despite not receiving more than 1 Nomination each, these have been stricken out.


Congratulations to the winners! Awards will be added to character bios this weekend!

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