Mission Ideas
Have you always had an idea for a mission, but didn't know how to put it together? Have you always wanted to contribute in some way, but didn't know how? Did you ever submit a mission, or a mission idea, and never saw it come through?

New idea! I'm starting something I'm calling the Collaborative Mission Idea, where we have a shared Google Folder, with shared Google Documents, where we can all comment and talk about mission ideas, and thoughts about those ideas. On the main document, you can "comment" your mission idea, or read other people's mission ideas, and give them your thoughts. Once an idea is thought out enough, it'll move to a new document in the "shared folder." If the mission is viable enough, it will be moved to its own, secure document, where the creative team will sure it up and re-write it into a mission outline.

I know I find myself with a rough idea for a mission, and then the idea fizzles out, but if someone was able to just do something with it....! I know there are other people who feel the same way. With the Collaborative Mission Idea, there's no pressure, no expectations, just a bunch of Star Trek lovers hashing things out. 

Right now I can't sign in with my character's email (dumb arse Google) but I still have a few rough ideas for missions.
Update: stupid google dun got fixed, so mesa can log in again!
I've added my idea.
I don't understand how things work.

I thought I wrote something on the thing, but it isn't there.
So I just add my ideas to the pile? Or do I create another?
Toss another redshirt corpse on the pile.
(11-07-2023, 08:20 PM)Robin Mayfair Wrote: Toss another redshirt corpse on the pile.

Now wait just a darn minute! Tongue
I THINK I added my idea...

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