State of the Site - November 2023
It's crazy to think that this is going to be the last State of the Site post before 2023 is over. It's been a long year, but we've nearly made it to the end - for those in the US, the Holiday Season is upon us, which means the usual slowdown is due to start in about 2-3 weeks as Thanksgiving then Christmas mean more time with families and less time for online hobbies. 

Constitution Updates

To reflect the changes in Administration and the duties of Senior and Junior Leadership, a Constitution Update is on the way.

Geronimo News

For those who were not aware, Autumn has decided to step back from the day-to-day posting role of Geronimo CO to focus on her real life and the behind-the-scenes Admin stuff that makes the site work. While we have migrated the server to a new and cheaper host, and are now on a free forum software, we still need to migrate the wiki - this will be a time-consuming job by itself, so I think we all agree she deserves the break!

Commander Sothrick, formerly Geronimo FO, has been elevated to CO in her place.

As part of the change, we have retconned the Geronimo to no longer be part of fan-canon as the Wallace-class, and instead brought it in line with canon as a member of the Phoenix class (like the Eleos XII from Picard). 

Membership News

Membership is mostly stable with 40 active members, with 5 additional SRCs bulking out the numbers, which makes 45 Rated (points-earning) Characters. Numbers vary from ship to ship, however:

Artemis - 10 PRCs, 1 NRC
Charon - 7 PRCs
Geronimo - 8 PRCs, 1 NRC
Philadelphia - 8 PRCs
Titania - 7 PRCs, 3 SRCs

As I've mentioned before, minimum staffing level for a ship is 7 Rated Characters. We have Charon and Philadelphia both at or close to these numbers, which means they will be prioritized for new Midshipmen. If we can't increase or at least maintain the numbers, we may need to further consolidate members to ensure no empty departments on ships.

Creative Team News

As a way of collectively brainstorming Missions/Adventures, Sarah (aka Maggie Murphy) has created a Google Doc where people can collectively brainstorm ideas and comment on other members' ideas to help flesh them out prior to submission to me for evaluation.

More details can be found here.

For people who have ideas they would rather just submit, use this form.

The most recent 20 Questions interview in the FNN made mention of Sitewides; I'm open to running them, but planning something for 5 ships can be a pain in the posterior. Right now I've got a two-ship mission running with the Artemis and Philadelphia, so we'll see how that runs before developing anything bigger. If you're an enterprising young mission author who'd be interested in writing a multi-ship or multi-mission plot, use one of the links above!

NRC Ship Ideas

Earlier this year I started a plot for an NRC ship, the Yeager, that unfortunately had to be shelved due to me needing to take over as CO of the Aquila in addition to the two ships I was GMing. I would like this concept to continue, in one form or another, as it builds our universe up and opens new doors for players. I have an idea to resurrect the Yeager at the conclusion of the current Philadelphia mission, and it will be my own little pet-project should I decide to follow Autumn's example and step away from being a full-time CO.

We've seen this work in limited scale with the USS Crusader, Captained by Aitrus Colso (an ex-PRC and current NRC of Matt, aka our Assistant CD/LCdr Elias of the Artemis.) If people have concepts or proposals, please reach out via e-mail or Discord!

As far as I know, that's all I had to say for this update! Look for another one in January 2024, unless I remember something, in which case I'll add it here!

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