HD01 - Security Cadet Jaxson Elder
== Welcome to your holodeck Cadet Elder,

Read the following information carefully, because it has a fair amount of important information for you.  If you have any questions or difficulties at any time, please contact one of the following people for assistance.  We’d be glad to help you out.

Commander Jasal 
Commander Shanth  
Captain Allen 

Remember during your time at Academy people have responsibilities such as school, jobs, and family, as well as maintaining our site. There are times when we may have to wait longer than we’d like for a reply to a post or a question. Patience and treating each other with respect and dignity are two things that are absolutely required of all members.

On the flip side, the Constitution states that players need to post at least twice a week.  If you find you are unable to keep up due to something coming up in real life responsibilities or you’re just going to be on holiday, please let one of the Admins know.  You can be granted a leave of absence for the length of time you think you’ll be away.  If you don’t let us know and you suddenly disappear, this could end up with you being considered AWOL and eventually removed from the active cadet roster.

Now… with all of that said, let’s get to your character’s bio!

Please begin by posting your bio using the template below. Once posted, your bio will be reviewed by an Evaluations representative. They will post comments for you and suggest any adjustments your bio might require.  Once they approve your bio, you will be assigned an instructor and your adventure will begin!

Federation Space is a written RPG. With that said, we ask that you try to pay attention to spelling and grammar in your posts.  Posts properly formatted are easier and more enjoyable for everyone to read. I strongly recommend you run your bio and any posts you make through a spell check before posting them.

Next are a few resources to help you as you write your bio:

Be sure to check out playable races.

Our character development page is a great resource to help you fill out your bio form.

Along with character development is information about the Star Fleet Academy Curriculum, including Majors and Minors.

One last thing, please take time to read and understand our site’s canon page.  This will help you understand what 'Trek' related information is included on our site.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  And as always - have fun!

== Physical Description ==
Build/Body Type:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color:
Off-Duty Clothing Taste:
Distinguishing Features:

== Personal History ==
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Marital Status:
Siblings Name & Ages:
Mother's Name:
Father's Name:
Parent's Status:
Best Friend:
Personal History:

== Personality ==
Academy Majors:
Academy Minors:
Hobbies & Past-Times:
Short-Term Goals:
Long-Term Goals:
Sense of Humor:
Pet Peeves/Gripes:
Bad Habits / Vices:

== Questions ==
Most Painful Experience:
Best Time:
Most Crucial Experience:
Role Model:
Referrer / How you found Fed Space (if 'Google' or 'Search Engine' please specify the search engine and the term searched for):

== Physical Description ==
Name: Jaxson Elder
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Weight: 195
Build/Body Type: Athletic
Complexion: Slightly Tan
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Style: Short and unkept Clean shaven
Eye Color: Black
Voice: Deep and confident
Off-Duty Clothing Taste: Shirt, jacket, jeans
Distinguishing Features: A tattoo of a Phoenix surrounded in flames on his right chest above a scar from an accident that he kept to remind him of his mistake.

== Personal History ==
Date of Birth: October 2nd
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Marital Status: Single
Siblings Name & Ages: Only Child
Mother's Name: Mary Elder
Father's Name: John Elder
Parent's Status: Retired
Pets: Pug named George
Best Friend: Thomas Schuman. Tom was the son of Jaxson’s mother’s best friend. Growing up they were always together. They went to the same school and joined the academy at the same time.

Personal History:

Jaxson is the only son of John and Mary Elder. He was born in Chicago and his mother was a nurse at a hospital and his father was security officer who took a planet position to be home with his family. Growing up he spent a lot of time with Karen Schuman who was his mother’s best friend because of his parent’s work schedules. Karen had a son that was a few months older than Jaxson, and both were raised almost as brothers. When the boys were older, they started spending time with Jaxson’s grandfather Raymond Elder who was retired from Starfleet. He would often take the boys up to Montana to go camping during their summer breaks from school there he would tell of his time on different starships as a security officer. He would often talk about his father who also served in Starfleet. He would tell them tales of how his father had met Captain James Kirk, and how he was in the battle of Wolf 359. He told them how all the legends of Starfleet had thought beaten but raised liked a phoenix to fight again.

During Jaxson’s freshman year in high school his grandfather had passed away. Jaxson, Tom, and his father took his grandfathers ashes up to the camp site in Montana where they would go every summer. That was the time that Jaxson decided to join Starfleet and follow in his father's footsteps. On his sixteenth birthday Jaxson’s father gave him his grandfather’s old 1955 corvette. Jaxson loved that car and took care of it learning to due all the maintenance on it himself. He spent a lot of time in school focusing on his studies, but during his senior year Tom and him went to a party to celebrate the end of their time in high school. While at the party Jaxson and Tom were drunk and challenged another student to a race, during the race Jaxson lost control of the car and crashed, when he woke up, he was in the hospital his father and mother were in the room with him. His father had told him that he was in an accident and no one else was hurt but the car had been totaled and there was a piece of metal that pierced Jaxson chest. When Tom came into see him, he told Jaxson what his grandfather always said when beaten rise again. Jaxson asked to keep the scar as a reminder of a mistake. The day after graduation Jaxson got a tattoo of a phoenix above the scar and then joined the academy right after.

When Jaxson and Tom entered the academy, it was the first time that they went separate ways Tom went into engineering while Jaxson followed his family into security. He took the recommended courses for security and the law enforcement track; he also took courses for Starship Emergencies and EVA Suits and Zero G Training. During breaks at his time at the academy Jaxson and Tom would meet back at Jaxson’s parents’ house and they would work on his grandfather’s car, until Tom met Katie West, Then Tom and Jaxson drifted apart. Jaxson worked so hard during his time at the academy that when graduation came it felt like he was just arriving for the first day at there. When Jaxson graduated his father gave him a gift that had been in his family since the 19th century it was a Single Action Colt 45. After Jaxson and Tom graduated, they headed up to Montana for one last trip together. While they were camping, Tom told Jaxson that he was going to stay on Earth, and that he was getting married to Katie, and asked if Jaxson would be his best man.

== Personality ==
Academy Majors: Security with Law enforcement Track
Academy Minors: Starship Emergencies and EVA Suits and Zero G Training
Hobbies & Past-Times: Camping and training
Short-Term Goals: To become Chief of Security for a Starship
Long-Term Goals: To have a family
Personality: Jaxson is outgoing but also cautious. He loves to joke around
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic and dirty sense of humor
Phobias: Transporters, Jaxson always preferred getting to places by shuttle
Likes: Old western movies and comedies, camping, playing games with friends.
Dislikes: Heights.
Pet Peeves/Gripes: People that don’t do their jobs or take credit for a job someone else does
Bad Habits / Vices: Joking at the wrong time clicking pens.
Achievements: Surviving a car crash, graduating with top marks in high school
Disappointments: Crashing his Grandfathers car
Illnesses: Stabbed in the chest on the right side from a piece of metal from the car he crashed.
Strengths: Test always came easy to Jaxson.
Weaknesses: Slow to trusting new people.
Fears: That he will not live up to his families expectations.
Prejudices: Ferengi, cause they ripped him off when buying parts for his car.

== Questions ==
Most Painful Experience: The death of his grandfather.
Best Time: Being asked to be Tom’s best man.
Most Crucial Experience: Crashing his grandfather’s car, as it taught him to rise no matter what happens.
Role Model: James Kirk, cause of the challenges he faced, and being one of the youngest captains in Starfleet.
Referrer / How you found Fed Space (if 'Google' or 'Search Engine' please specify the search engine and the term searched for): Federation Space was looking for information for RPG I was going to be part of.

==Many apologies Cadet! My notifications didn't alert me to you being given a Holodeck!

Overall this is a very solid bio, well done! I;m going to mark it as approved and get an Instructor to you ASAP!==
== It’s ok I understand thank you for letting me know==
Lesson 1:

== Hello Cadet Elder and welcome to Federation Space RPG otherwise known as Fed Space. Fed Space is a great game and community.  I’ll be your Academy Instructor, helping you get ready for your time on ship. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me here or dm me.
Before we move onto the first lesson, I want to make sure you know about the great resource our wiki provides. It has a lot of information, including what your department duties will be. Take some time to review:

The wiki also includes an Academy section that contains a lot of resources for you. Be sure to take some time to review them, especially the New Cadet FAQ while you’re there. We’ll use the wiki later in our lessons, so it’s helpful for you to start navigating it now.
With that out of the way, let’s get started:

Lesson one: Formatting basics
Third Person, Past Tense:
Fed Space has players all over the world so we use a standardised set of formatting rules. By using one style, it makes it easier for everyone to follow and understand each other’s posts.
The first thing to know is that we post in third person, past tense.  An example of this style of writing would be: Amelina was so excited to be finally taking her final examination, she fell off her seat.  NOT: I fell off my seat because I was so excited to take my final examination.

We also use double spacing between paragraphs and character’s spoken lines. This means when you write a spoken line with quotation marks “ ”, leave a space after. This makes it easier for players to follow.  A good rule to follow is ‘When in doubt, double space!’

Your Character’s Internal Thoughts
To show your character’s own thoughts, we use italics.  When writing your character’s thoughts, it’s acceptable to write in first person.  An example of showing my character’s thoughts would look like: I can’t wait to visit my home town again and see my Father

Showing Emphasis
To make something really stand out in your post, such as if your character was shouting, we use bold text. An example of showing emphasis for my character would look like: Amelina loved a good cup of coffee, especially with a bit of cinnamon.

Telepathic Communication
In general, it is rare a character has the ability to communicate telepathically and because of this, it is closely monitored by our Senior and Commanding Officers to make sure it isn’t abused.  With that said, there are a few telepathic races on Fed Space and on occasion telepaths will speak to each other through this unique skill. Telepathic communication is shown like this:

~ Hello, I am speaking directly into your mind. ~

If your character is not telepathic then, in general, you won’t need to worry about this technique, but I want you to be aware it exists in case you see crewmembers on your ship or others using it.

Using Communication Badges or Comm Badges
Characters can often receive verbal communications through a communication device, such as a comm badge, from another crew member or the computer.  When receiving a message, you should drop the quotations “ ” and instead use brackets [ ].

For example, if I received a message from another officer, it would look something like this:
[Captain Allen to Lieutenant Whittaker, please report to Holodeck 1]

If you are the one speaking to somebody through a comm device, you would still use the quotations “ ”.

Out Of Character posting or OOC:
OOC posting is what I’m doing now. OOC text is surrounded by == ==.  Use OOC when you want to talk to another player and not write it as part of the storyline.  You won’t need to do this in general discussion areas such as your ship’s OOC sections like Crew Announcements as well as in Hailing Frequencies.

Proofing Posts:
When writing a post, it’s important to take time to run your posts through the spell check many writing software offers. Spell check won’t find all grammar and spelling errors, but will find many and help correct errors found. Rereading your post can help catch errors. We don’t need anyone to be a speller or grammar whiz, but taking the time to do this extra step will make it easier for everyone to understand what’s written.

A good way to get the feel of these formatting rules and to get a feel of the site in general is to browse the different ship forums. Take some time to look at the different ships. Take time to  notice how our players use the elements listed above. 

With all that said, let’s get to some posting!  Your first assignment is to respond to my post using the above formatting elements. If you have any questions, ask.  Good luck and have fun! ==

== Holodeck 01 : 13:00 Hrs ==

Approaching the designated holodeck for this afternoon’s final examination, Amelina thought back on her own experiences, and those that had happened since she had decided to become an Instructor. She knew how exciting and terrifying it could be all at once, and how rewarding it could be once it was over and done with. Looking down at the PADD containing the information regarding Cadet Elder, the brunette smiled wistfully as she would be putting a security cadet through their paces.

There were many subject specific scenarios that she could call upon, and the one that she had in mind for Elder would no doubt be as challenging as the others. Until then Amelina stopped outside holodeck one, to complete any last minute checks whilst she waited for Elder to arrive.

== Tag Elder ==
Jaxson walked slowly up to the holodeck he was assigned to for the final exam. He was looking at the PADD in his hand but was lost in thought he was thinking about the past years at the academy, that he almost bumped into his instructor who was standing outside the holodeck.

“Sorry Ma’am I was lost in thought and not paying attention.”

Jaxson quickly straightened his uniform and stood at attention.

“Cadet Jaxson Elder reporting as ordered ma’am.” He said with a slight crack in his voice trying to hide how nervous he now felt.

Great first impression Jaxson.

==Tag Instructor==
== A great start Cadet, although remember to use all of your formatting techniques as you haven't shown any emphasis in your post. We'll continue with lesson two and see how you go :-) ==

== Lesson two: Plots, GM Input, Character Hijacking, and New Content:

We have two types of plots here on Federation Space: the main plot and subplots. Main plots affect the entire ship and are directed by a Game Moderator (GM). Subplots are an underlying story being told within the main plot. A subplot can be run by any player with prior approval of the ship’s CO (or FO).

An example of the difference between the two:  The main plot is about the ship falling under attack. A subplot would be a character dealing with an on ship pregnancy or maybe trying to write the next great holonovel.

Game Moderators (GMs) guide the ships’ missions along. Every ship has a mission, of which only the GMs of a ship know the mission details. 

Your job is to write what your character sees and what their reaction is. The GM will provide any unknowns about the plot.  This input will have significance to the direction of the mission. This is why characters should keep posts open ended on anything that might affect the mission’s direction or outcome.  As your character performs an action, such as performing a diagnostic scan, leave the result of the scan unknown.  The GM will explain what the outcome of the action is.

When you need GM input on something, for example results of a diagnostic scan, one only has to make a request at the end of the post.  The request can look like:

== GM Input, please. == 

Or it can also be a more specific request, such as:

== GM Input:  Result of the diagnostic, please. ==

Take a look around at the active ships on Federation Space to see characters ask for GM input.

Character Hijacking:
The next element we’re going to cover is character usage. Unless you have permission from the player, you cannot post any speech, thoughts or movements for another character (PRC or NRC) that isn’t yours, unless the character has already done so in game. This is called character hijacking and is not permitted on Fed Space. Some players might not mind, but even minor things such as a nod of the head or a shrug of the shoulders can be considered hijacking.

For example, if you write in your next post that Captain Maddie Allen suddenly appeared and started dancing the Hokey Pokey, you would have hijacked another character.

Character Movement on Ships:
I’m sure you have noticed a ship has multiple threads on it for various locations that a player can post, such as the bridge, sickbay, and security offices.  Oftentimes while on a mission players travel throughout the ship to accomplish their orders. To help follow the plot when a player is transitioning from one thread to another they should make a notation at the end their post like this:  >> Sickbay >>  The arrows and location found at the bottom of a post tells readers where this character will post next. 

When the player makes their next post, the player should make a notation at the beginning of their post like this:  << Bridge <<  The arrows and location  found at the top of a post indicate that is where a player has just come from.

Time for more writing!  In your next post, continue showing your use of our formatting techniques you learned in lesson one and ask for GM input. I will be acting as your GM. ==

== Holodeck 1 ==

Amelina looked up just as Cadet Elder almost collided with her, before he promptly apologised. He wasn't the first Cadet to be lost in thought, and Amelina doubted that he would be the last, as she responded. " Apology accepted, Cadet, it happens to the best of us".

Once he had recovered and stood at attention as he reported in, Amelina offered Elder a warm smile, noting the slight crack in his voice as he spoke. She understood his nervousness as it was only natural to feel that way, and hopefully that would soon disappear once he was inside the holodeck. " At ease Cadet Elder, and welcome to your final exam, in a moment you'll step inside and begin".

Having already activated the programme and ensuring that Elder was ready, the doors opened to reveal the interior of the Gamma Ursa Research Station. However, he would quickly notice that something was terribly wrong, as consoles fizzed and sparked, the emergency lighting flickered, and phaser marks could be found on the walls and floor. As part of the away team from the USS Delani, it was up to them to investigate and find out what had happened to the team of scientists that called the station home.

== Tag Elder ==
After a few moments with his instructor Jaxson entered the holodeck. He looked around , and walked onto the Gamma Ursa Research Station. A quick look around he made mental notes of everything he saw. In the flickering light he saw many of the consoles were sparking, and the phaser blasts on the wall and the floor.

Take a deep breath Jaxson, treat this as any normal investigation.

He quickly pulled his phaser out and set it to stun, as he began to work his way around the round. He knew the main mission was to find the scientists that lived here, but he wanted to make sure that they were alone before he let his guard down. As he moved around the consoles one of the sparks almost hit him.

Son of… That was close.” He said as he took a few steps away from the console looking for anyone on from the station on the floor, and looking to see if any of the consoles were in working order.

==GM Input: Are there any bodies around, and/or working consoles? ==
== Excellent Cadet ==

== Lesson three: NRCs, character usage, and site navigation:

Non-rated characters, or NRCs, are characters used by players as well as GMs to help fill crew gaps in ships. Starships usually have large crews and since we don’t have enough players to fill all those roles, we use NRCs.

We have two types of NRCs: Independent and Temporary.

Independent NRCs are like a Player Rated Character (PRC), in that they get played as their own character. These NRCs are registered and you can distinguish them through their character names. You’ll see something along the lines of Ensign Doe {Allen}, with the PRC character’s last name in brackets at the end. And while these NRCs are similar to PRCs, they are not a second rated character (SRC). They also do not earn points or medals as you would with your PRC.  Also, your PRC must be a Lt [JG] or higher and have the approval of your Commanding Officer to create an Independent NRC.

Temporary NRCs on the other hand, can be created by anyone. They are not as developed as Independent NRCs or PRCs and they do not have bios. They are usually created for quick tasks, and are used for times when you need to post with other players on the ship.

To make a Temporary NRC post, all you need to do is place an OOC notation at the top of the post. You’ll probably see several variations, but they typically look like:

==Ensign John Doe, Temp Security NRC ==

In the case of both NRCs, you play the character from the NRCs perspective, almost as if you have a second character.  You can only play an NRC that is one rank higher than your own. This means that if you’re an Ensign, you can have NRCs that are Midshipmen, Ensigns, or Lieutenant Junior Grades.

Navigating the Fed Space Wiki
The Fed Space wiki offers a great resource to help you out with your posts.  Be sure to spend some time checking it out.  The information on the wiki is also ‘Fed Space canon,’ which can sometimes differ from Star Trek canon, so look there first when you’re researching something.  Don’t feel limited to only looking at the wiki pages for your department, because the other departments will have information you’ll find quite useful.

As previously mentioned, Fed Space canon differs slightly from that of Star Trek, mainly because this game happens 40+ years after the Dominion War. Since the Dominion War, there have been many conflicts and wars. It’s been very rocky, but all the history from the start of Year 1 to the last entry on that page have been written and played here on Federation Space.  Make sure you spend some time checking out our site history. 

To help you get used to the organisation of our wiki, please answer the following questions in OOC.

1. What are the specifications of the PR-1 Assault Rifle ?
2. How many settings does a PR2 have ?
3. What is the highest setting on a Phaser Rifle?

After answering the questions, continue with another post and include the formatting and spacing as discussed in previous lessons. In your post, please continue the story and use Ensign Maura Lewis - Temp Security NRC or one of your choosing as your Temporary NRC. Have fun! ==

== Results of GM input ==

None of the consoles appeared to be working. In fact, those that hadn't been damaged were blank, and if anyone was to check them over they would find that they hadn't been working for at least a week. As for any bodies, none could be seen in the immediate area, although noises could be heard coming from the corridor beyond the main area. Noise that seemed inhuman or perhaps alien in nature, whatever or whoever was causing it, was heading their way.

== Tag Elder ==
==Sorry for the delay have been under the weather the past few days will try and get a post up by Monday Night==
== Answers to questions:
1) PR-1 Assault Rifle
Length: 38" (96.52cm)
Width: 3.5" (8.89cm)
Height: 9" (22.86cm)
Weight: 5.3 pounds (2.38kg)
Max Range: 1000m
Max Effective Range: 500m
Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds - 7.7mm Ammunition
Optional Support Equipment: Telescoping bi-pod, thermal scope and detachable grenade launcher (PR-1M and variants only).

2) PR-2 Has 6 settings

3) Rifles highest setting is 3 Disrupt, Vaporization on contact. ==

Jaxson finished checking the consoles none seem to be working and some have appeared to be down for a few weeks. As he was checking a nearby console he heard some noises coming from a nearby corridor.

Now what.

“What do you think that is Jaxson?” Asked the security ensign with him.

Jaxson put an ear to the door and had a grim look on his face. Whatever was on the other side was coming towards them they probably only had a few seconds to get ready.

“I don’t know Ensign, but whoever, or whatever it is it doesn’t sound friendly.” He looked around the room, before speaking again. “First let's see if we can get a scan of whatever is on the other side of the door, then let's take up defensive positions behind the consoles opposite the door.”

Jaxson took position behind one of the consoles and set pointed his phaser towards the door.

Deep breaths Jaxson and focus.

==Ensign Maura Lewis - Temp Security NRC==

Maura moved behind one of the consoles she was scared and having a hard time not showing it but she took of position opposite Jaxson and the door.

Please don’t be as bad as I think it is.

She pulled out the  tricorder she had and her phaser she could see that Jaxson was ready and she wished she was as prepared as he looked. She checked the tricorder to see if she could get any readings on what they were about to face.

==GM Input: Does Maura’s scan show reveal anything?==
== Well done Cadet & it's good to have you back with us :-) ==

== Lesson Four: Participation Points, Rank, Chain of Command:

Participation Points and Rank:
Participation points are issued on the first of every month.  This system is in place to allow for the progression of ranks.  Once a character earns a certain amount of points, they’ll receive a promotion to the next rank. There are a few caps in place because, let's face it, over time without the caps the site would be overrun with captains and admirals with nowhere for them to go.

To access the monthly points charts, click on the Red Alert thread on our forums page, then Monthly Point Tables.  Read more about participation points, positions, and rank caps in the Federation Space Constitution.

Participation points are awarded by the Commanding Officer (CO) and approved up the chain of command by the Fleet Commander (FC) and finally, the Commander in Chief (CinC). Everyone earns participation points every month, depending on how active a player you are, and can vary between each CO. If you have any questions about how your CO awards points, please go up your chain of command when you are assigned to a vessel.  They will gladly let you know their policy. 

Another way for you to earn points is to hold various site positions, such as Department Head (DH), First Officer (FO), Commanding Officer (CO), etc. or through earning medals.  A list of medals and their point values are found on the medals page on the wiki. Medals are typically awarded to players who go above and beyond what is expected on the site.

While we do have a points system in place, it is suggested you don’t play for the sole reason of collecting points or positions.  Your enjoyment will be more if you write and take part in things for the fun of it, and not an attempt to ‘win’.  This community is about writing, growing your character, and being a part of the Fed Space family.

As mentioned above, there are several ranks you can achieve over time. The abbreviated forms and names are listed below.
  • Mid – Midshipman
  • Ens – Ensign
  • Lt (JG) – Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
  • Lt – Lieutenant
  • LCdr – Lieutenant Commander
  • Cdr – Commander
  • Capt – Captain
  • Cmdr – Commodore
  • RAdm – Rear Admiral
  • VAdm – Vice Admiral
  • Adm – Admiral
  • FAdm – Fleet Admiral

Chain of Command:
The Chain of Command is the order in which you should follow should you require any assistance with an issue or have any questions or concerns in or out of game. There are explanations of each rank provided in our Constitution

We’ll start with the first person you would contact and continue from there:
  1. Department Head (DH)
  2. First Officer (FO)
  3. Commanding Officer (CO)
  4. Fleet Commander (FC)
  5. Commander in Chief (CinC)
  6. President

Posting Rates and Leave of Absence:
Fed Space is an RPG that is made of players from all over the world. Because of this, we ask you to have patience with other players, realizing it might take a few days for a reply. As in our Constitution, you should post a minimum of twice a week. 

If you find you can’t make that posting rate, email your DH, FO, and CO and request a Leave of Absence (LOA).  In your email, request your need an LOA, letting them know the reason and when you expect to return. Doing this can avoid players wondering where you’ve gone to, or you wondering where another player has gone to. It can also keep you from being considered Absent Without Leave (AWOL), which will cause your account to be suspended.

More questions for you to answer:
1. What is the chain of command for the security department on the USS Philadelphia?
2. How many points would you need to reach the rank of Ensign?
3. Where would you find the Observation Lounge on the USS Artemis ?
4. Have a look at the active starships on the site. List your top three ship assignment preferences. This doesn’t mean you will be assigned to one of those you list as another ship might be in need of an officer in your department.

== Results of the GM Input ==

Maura's scans would show that there were approximately nine life signs on the other side of the door, although it would be difficult to determine what race they belonged to unless they got closer. Not that the team had to wait for very long before the door slid open to reveal for want of a better word, zombies. If the team had checked the database before leaving the ship, they would recognise them as being some of the scientists who called the research station home, however, they had been altered somehow, and they were determined for the away team to join them, as they rushed forward as a predator would when going in for the kill. 

== Tag Elder ==
== Answer to the questions:
1)  Artemis d'Tor'an -> Peter Jensen -> Jennifer Braggins
2) 1500
3) Deck 10
4) USS Charon, USS Philadelphia, USS Artemis ==

“Cadet there are nine life signs on the other side of the door, but…”

Maura’s voice was cut off as the door opened and the life forms began to force their way through. What was coming through the door Jaxson has only read about and seen in old movies, Zombies. The people coming through the door seem to have a hunger in their eye that Jaxson had never seen before. Jaxson pointed his phaser at the first one coming trough the door and turned towards Maura.

God help us

“Fire!” Jaxson yelled as he fired his phaser at the lead creature.

==GM Input: Does Jaxson hit his target, and what effect does it have? ==
== Final Lesson:

Hello Cadet, Welcome to your final lesson. For this lesson, we will not be continuing the story. Instead, you will write a practice introductory post.  This assignment is to write a post as if it were your very first day reporting to your ship assignment. Choose a ship on our forums and report to the Commanding Officer on the bridge. Make sure to do your research about the ship you choose (who the Commanding Officer is and other details about the ship).  Include a description of your character in the post. 

Your first post on your assigned ship is a very important post. It will be the very first impression your new crew will have of your character so they can interact with you. Use the techniques learned throughout the past lessons in your post.  There is no need to include an NRC in your post.

If you have any questions, ask - and have fun! ==

== Tag Elder ==
==Sorry I didn't know there was a reply to the post will get a post up in the next couple of days.==

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