AQ/D08 & 09 - Promenade
== NPC Lt Andromeda Tate ==

Lt Tate sat on a comfortable bench and watched as people came and went, preparing to get underway. A number of them were practically running, perhaps worrying about being late for some important function or other. In contrast to their near panic over whatever duty drove them from one place to another, she was in no hurry to get anywhere today.

Her first name was Andromeda, but only her mother ever used that name with her. Almost everyone called her by the more familiar nickname of Andrea. Her mother held to many Betazoid ideals that Andrea felt were too focused on pride and social standing. The name Andrea made her feel more like just a regular person, which would have bothered her mother. All the claims to the obligations that went with their wealth and status had only been a source of pain for her. She did enjoy all of the efforts that her family made to help others in so many places, but it cost them all dearly, sooner or later. With very little variation, most of her family eventually would die as a result of their kindness. Some were trying to help broker peace on worlds in conflict. Some were guilty of trying to simply bring aid of food and medicine to those in great need, but someone else objected and did so with force. Sometimes it was political, others it was because of some personal issue where some criminal was trying to exploit people and one of her family members had tried to help those being exploited. It was always something.

In her past, she had been a trauma surgeon. She had tried to do as her mother and use her gifts to help heal people. Being good at her job wasn't good enough though, because she would become too emotionally invested in her patients and over time she lost too many patients to be able to bring herself to do it anymore. In her mind, she knew that no doctor can save everybody, but her heart couldn't take being broken like that anymore. She had become a Counselor, which allowed her to still make a difference, but the people who needed her most were those on ships. Time and again, she found herself needing to assist in a Sickbay, her hands up to her elbows inside some crewman that needed to be kept alive. Finally, there had been just one mission too many. SO many lives lost that it still brought her to tears to think about it. She now did more specific work for Star Feet and the Federation, but she tried to avoid the sort of situations of her past.

Today, Andrea was in civilian clothing. She was on Federation business, but it didn't require her to wear her uniform. Sometimes things were easier that way. She worried a little bit about being on a ship, but this was a ship that was meant to have civilians on it, so perhaps they were less likely to find themselves in great danger. Still, space was a dangerous place. She would hope that things remained quiet. Quiet was good.
Coming from the meeting with Talion and her newest Ensign, the Aquila Security Chief had been made aware of the arrival of an old friend from her time aboard the Copernicus and the briefing information that came with the arrival of Dr Tate was both hopeful as well as concerning.

The situation on Gravesworld had apparently been quite a challenge for divided away team and some extraordinary and questionable decisions had been made. As it turned out the solution to the crisis had come before anything potentially terrible could occur.

Shione spotted Andromeda sitting all alone in the middle of a hectic promenade deck, and paused to note that she appeared to be almost enjoying the chaos, But she knew that Andrea had work to do, and to be truthful she was glad that it was an old friend come to deal with the situation.

Andrea was distracted as Shione approached, and only after clearing her throat did Doctor Tate noticed her.
"Taking a pause before the storm Andrea? And she then stepped up to offer a hug.

Taking a step back, the concern Shione had been carrying would have been momentarily evident on her face. "I am so pleased that they sent you, my Friend."

Gathering some of her things Shione nodded towards a lift. "I have arranged quarters for you, we can talk while we walk, and the Jelaya and I will have you over for supper, if that suits your schedule?"

==Tag Tate==
== NPC Lt Andromeda Tate ==

Andrea had been lost in thought, daydreaming about her past when an old friend came up and pulled her out of her stroll down memory lane. They embraced for a warm hug and Andrea, as always offered a soft and maternal smile.

"Oh, I certainly hope there is no storm on the horizon. My visit is more for peace of mind, I think. We can talk about it over dinner."

She then inquired about the family as Shione lead the way to her quarters where she could get more hugs and smiles.

== Tag Kurasa ==
== Moving to Crew Quarters at your convenience. ==

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