AQ/D02 - CO & FO Quarters
==CO Quarters== Later the day of the ceremony==

Captain Brooks entered his quarters and was surprised how much larger it was compared to the Charon.

Dan went over to his desk, he then placed the PADD on it before walking around behind and sitting down. He noticed there was a message on his terminal from Doctor Lim in regards to Ensign Mala, it was an invite to a meeting at the CMO Office the next day. It seemed at this moment his days were full of meetings and nothing that exciting. Dan hoped this wouldn't be the long term future of being on such a big ship.

On the other hand, it was very exciting being in command of such a vessel.

He had given the order to the helm to take them back to the starbase at warp 4 as there was no rush and Command hadn't given them any orders yet.

Dan knew the first meeting tomorrow was to be with Commander Velaul as they would have sorted and doubled checked the rosters. The DH's would of had chance to get to know their departments and crew.

Brooks confirmed his attendance to Lim before he then decided to pick up another PADD, moved over to the couch and put his feet up to have a rest.

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