AQ/D99 - Other Locations
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== In the turbolift ==

Talion listened patiently, letting the young woman work through her moment without interrupting her. When she asked about one of the Houses of Betazed, he was a little unsure how it fit into her story, but he replied, "Well, I know of the House, in general terms, but I really don't pay them much attention. My mother is more interested in such things, but I really couldn't be much help, if you're looking for information there. You likely know more about them than I do."

He was picking up on her emotions, but most of which didn't require any empathic abilities, as she was certainly not hiding it well. He simply did what he could to make her feel safe and help her to calm down.

When she asked where they were going, he replied, "I'm taking you to the safest place on the ship that I know of right now. You need to be able to calm down, feel safe and be able to think clearly enough to help me understand how it is that I can help."

Just then, the lift stopped and the doors swished open. Talion ushered her out of the lift and onto Deck 6. He barely touched her, but used his arm to more or less nudge her in a subtle way to exit the lift. He then took the lead by a step or two and they quickly found themselves approaching a door that swished open automatically, picking up his biometrics.

== Next post in Crew Quarters ==
<<< Ten Forward <<<

After only a short walk, they arrived at one of the Science Labs. He quickly had the door signify that it was IN USE and to contact the CSO if access was required.

"There, that should give a degree of privacy. Cindy, interface and give me my standard display setup for holographics with replication remote targeting to highest resolution. I want freeform with diagnostic as well, please."

[Initiating...please stand by...]

A moment later, there was a beep and Alex made a motion in the air with one hand and a holographic display appeared in front of him, hovering and awaiting his input. He quickly tapped out selections and the he said, "Xenara, if you would please step into the open area, we can begin."

As soon as she did, a display appeared in front of her, asking various questions, like a sort of survey. It wanted to know favorite colors and fabrics, but had a button that aso would allow her to skip to fitting options or structural phase.

Alex commented, "As you can tell, this is something that I've had a bit of practice with, just not your specific style of materials. The interface is quite user friendly though."

== Tags Xenara and Shione ==
Xenara did as instructed and when the holographic menu showed itself, she went to work asnwering the questions. She didn't realise there would be so many preliminary and qualifying questions, but trusted Alex to know what he was doing. 

She wasn't worried about the type of fabric, as long as she didn't have to wear pants. She would mostly be in a Starfleet skirt uniform even if she opted for the invisibility option, which she wasn't sure she needed. She didn't want anything that would draw unecessary power. Although the nanites in her frame were basically under their own power supply, they were still linked, so if one or more got damaged and shorted out, the others could compensate. Unless of course, something hit just the right section or combination of sections like building debris falling on top of her like what happened on Elteban 3. 

She flew through of the questionaire, which really was extensive, but with something this important, individual choices mattered. The only thing she took time on was the more technical aspects which she asked Alex for advice. The interface was indeed user friendly and intuitve, skipping sections when she answered a certain way, especially when it came to her medical history, which was an aspect she hadn't really considered outside of catastrophic malfunction.

"This is actually kind of fun," she said as she continued to experience the holographic questionaire, which shifted its size based on the section she was in. "Almost like a video game."

After she finished, she took several minutes to review her responses to make sure she didn't omit or input anything she didn't mean to. 

"Alright," she said as she placed her hands on her hips. "What's next?"

==Tag Alex (And Shione and Coppola if you're coming)==
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