AQ/D10 - Ten Forward
== Point of order, the people in Sickbay are in a "tomorrow morning" time frame... ==

Talion had hesitated a heartbeat of two, but recovered well, "Hmmm...wild stories. I'm not sure how good of an idea that might be. I don't want to be responsible for anyone losing their grasp on their sanity. No, some things might be best left unknown. Unfortunately, I'm not responsible how some people interpret some briefings or if I might get talkative over drinks. In that case, I doubt that even your resident Counselor and her pets will help much. However, I make a habit of never telling a Captain no in advance, so we'll take this up another time."

As he turned to depart, Shione caught his attention. He gave Xardeen a look over and a sympathetic smile slid onto his face, "Lieutenant Xenara Xardeen, I'm pleased to meet you. An Elaysian? It's been a while since I met one. So, a consultation?" He glanced to Shione and then back to Xenara, "Very well then, I'm intrigued. Just how is it that I might be of service, Miss Xardeen?"

== Tag all around, but especially to Xenara ==
Xenara blinked as she wasn't exactly ready for such a discussion, which she had hoped to perform in a more professional setting, but then remembered that Shione was half Betazoid, the CoS probably either read her thoughts, - which was unlikely given the rules she had to follow - used Vulcan logic, or simply had really good instincts; which is probably how she got to be Chief of Security. 

All in all, a great way to break the ice. 

A first impression made Xenara think Commander Talion was a bit annoyed at the intrusion, but he was professional and kind in his demeanor, so she quickly fired the thought from her mind. 

"Likewise as pleased, Commander," she said. "Although I have to admit, I feel a touch intimidated not having earned my next rank yet." She shrugged as she looked around at the ones with more pips. "I was hoping you had experience with nanotechnology and might want a challenge. I've been considering possible upgrades to my exoskeleton. My frame helps with mobility, but can't fully combat the effects of gravity. At the very least you could get a paper out of me." She teased the last part, but was serious with her request.

She paused, and let the Science Chief take in her request. She was ready for him to look her up and down and notice her frame snaking around the exposed parts of her legs above her boots and below her skirt. Also on the back of her hands. So she stood at a relaxed attention, as well as an Elaysian could anyway.

==Tag Talion==
As Xenara began about rank, Alex's smile widened and he shook his head, "Let's get something out of the way. Unless we're standing in front of the Captain and you feel the need to the formality, my rank shouldn't enter the conversation. If it does, it typically means someone is in trouble. So please, whenever the situation will allow it, call me Alex. If you want to annoy the CMO, Doctor Talion is technically accurate, but Medical hates it when you do that. No, I value competence above labels."

He considered the idea and held out a hand to her, palm up, Gently inviting her to place her hand in his, "If I may?"

== Presuming she lets him examine her wrist and such... ==

Alex looked closely, his big hands gentle as if her were examining an infant. He mumbled, "High resolution, narrow beam, all vectors, full spectrum..." A second later there was a beep from his wrist, but there didn't appear to be anything there.

He released her hand and with a tap of his finger to his forearm, a device materialized there and his expression appeared impressed, "Well, that certainly isn't Star Fleet issue, but someone knew what they were doing." He was looking at the screen of a PADD that was worn on his arm. "I would need to take this up in the lab and we could discuss details in private, but I can work with this. I can certainly give you some field upgrade, but I want to be clear up front, I am not in the business of super soldiers and weapons of great violence. You don't strike me as the soldier type though. The closest I come to that is in training assistance for military actions that are fitting of Security Teams, like Shione might make use of. In your case, I anticipate that you're interested in more mobility and enough power augmentation to at least be able to pass a normal physical training course without injuring yourself, am I right? A tiny bit of reinforcement, a little software upgrade and a little bit of anti-grav assistance might go a long way."

His smile was warm and friendly as he asked, "How am I doing so far?"

He glanced to his device again and said in a low tone, "Give full workup with preliminary simulations for my review." He then tapped it again and it vanished once more. Alex waited for Xenara to respond.

== Tag Xenara and Shione ==
Xenara allowed Alex to examine her and he was very direct, yet personable, taking care not to offend or insult her. He reminded her of Arwen Qi, though Arwen had been a little shy around her, but still confident enough to assert himself when needed. 

She held her PADD down at her other side as she would a book in her other hand, loose, but ready to utilize it if called for. Alex had his own PADD it seemed, able to summon it when needed much like a hologram, but it looked real.

Science gets all the cool toys. But I get to play with guns and torpedos. And fly of course... 

When he gave his preliminary assessment, she smiled. "Thought you might kiss my hand for a minute there," she teased. "I'm no soldier, for sure, nor do I have the aptitude for science like my twin sister or my father, who by the way, was the one who invented my frame. He's an astrophysicist and somewhat of an engineer. Unfortunately he's too far away to effect any kind of change, though he did give me all the specs. I don't wish to become a target for some clandestine operation, simply to be more...independent."

She thought back to the first few missions she had, where being able to run would have come in handy. She hated having to rely on others, especially during emergencies, though Petty Officer Davis, whom she had caught out of the corner of her eye, would always be willing to help. 

"On a side note, it's never wise to annoy someone that knows how drugs work. Unless it's for a good cause." She smiled, and got the feeling that Alex Talion was a bit like her, but it was way too soon to find out to what extent. 

==Tag Talion and Shione(?)==
Alex chuckled at the mention of kissing her hand, "Although quite tempting, I always felt that for a gentleman to do so when they have only just been introduced...well, it never seemed appropriate to me. I pride myself on my bedside manner and professional approach, but if you wish anyone else to be present for the process, I welcome it. You're going to need to feel comfortable, but I will say up front that part of this will involve both with and without clothing. Obviously they can adapt to either situation, but for it to fit correctly, calibrations will need to be made for the software. The upside is that I can almost promise you that running and jumping will be available. You might not want to run a marathon, and it won't count as light tactical armor, but it will serve the function it was designed for."

Trying to put her mind a bit at ease, he continued, "I assure you that I have spent many years researching a vast variety of prosthetic augmentations. They were almost all intended to replace limbs and organs, but I have dealt with a few of them that were required as an external augmentation, like yours. Your father did very nice work. All I really intend to do is to give it some upgrades. For instance, it will be able to handle more stress, will increase power output and will be able to use a holographic feature that will allow it to appear invisible or blend in with your clothing. The idea is often that to really feel like themselves, people don't want to be reminded that they're wearing something at all. I focus on making people comfortable in their equipment, to the point where they sometimes forget that they have it. The touch can also be as soft as your skin. In theory, you would be able to enjoy a bikini day at the beach, play some volleyball and nobody ever even know you were wearing your augmentation."

He brought his hand up to his chin and gave his goatee a stroke or two in concentrated thought, "Since you won't need to be weightless most of the time, we can go with a fashionable variant or a zero gravity training belt. You would be able to have a variable setting. The higher the setting, the more energy it would use and the sooner it would run out of power, but I think we can find a nice compromise that will give you options for compensating for most Away Team situations. Anything beyond that the entire group would be using specialized suits in any case. The only caution is that you won't be able to use it too close to active warp cores. By default, the fields generated in those areas will negate your anti-gravity devices. Beyond that, your equipment should be able to handle anything that wouldn't harm any other average person. If this appeals to you, I would be glad to lend a hand."

The entire time, Alex made a point to be gentle and honest in his tone. He also liked looking people in the eye when talking to them. He didn't like talking down to people, but was aware that he could get too into the details, so he tried his best not to bore people. In his experience, people with any kind of disability tended to be very self conscious about it and any behavior that treated them as inherently weaker or less than anyone else might be considered offensive. People were people to him and all deserved respect. He was in the business of helping people and it came across in how he tried to treat people. He didn't always succeed, but he did try.

He had mentioned the ability to hide her augmentation because of how she presented herself. She was still young, active and attractive, so it would be natural to consider her appearance from time to time. Like anyone else, having options was almost always prefered. He didn't want to ruin the surprises he had in mind for her, but he wanted to be sure that he was listening to what she wanted first. The patient's desires and concerns were always of extreme importance for a pleasurable outcome.
Shione paused for a moment before replying; remembering a similar request from the First Officer "Of course Captain; perhaps it might prove convenient for you both if the Commander Velaul attended as she also requested a meeting with her for a similar timeline?"

Brooks raised an eyebrow as he was indeed going to have Commander Velaul at the meeting as well.

Noticing that Xenara was ready she smiled for the CO's benefit; "If you could excuse me for the moment I promised to introduce Lieutenant Xardeen to Commander Talion; I believe she is looking to consult with him on a project."

Brooks replied, "I'm sure it will be very interesting project. I will leave you to it and catch you in a couple of hours."

Dan moved off and took one last look around Ten Forward. It seemed as if this crew will get on just fine, he headed to the exit to take a brief tour of the ship before heading to the Bridge.

Xenara smiled as she listened to Alex...nerd out for a bit. She didn't mind when people did that in front of her; that usually meant they were comfortable enough around her to do so. Her sister used to do it just to annoy her, but Xenara learned to appreciate when others did. At least he didn't bombard her with unusually long and meaningless - at least to her - words and explanations that flew over her head. He used simple language without being condescending and made Xenara even more relaxed. 

She shrugged. "Not planning on visiting engineering anytime soon, but I like where you're heading. I actually don't mind the nanoexoskeleton to be visible, but the less physically intrusive the better. My father doesn't have any fashion sense, so that would be interesting to incorporate. Starfleet does allow for personal taste with uniforms. Now I'm intrigued. But I didn't meant to monopolize your time." 

Even though it was a social gathering, she understood he had other obligations, but she really was enjoying herself and excited at the prospect of becoming a more useful officer. 

At least I might finally be able to exercise and go on Away Missions.

==Tag Alex==
Talion waved a hand at Xenara's comment about his time, "Not at all. The process itself won't take long at all, maybe 30 minutes total. The most time consuming part will involve you making choices. You'll get to decide what variants you're most fond of. Think of it as going to try an a number of outfits to decide which one you like best. It's really going to be that simple."

Alex could see that she was interested in what he was saying, so he became even more casual about it, "Listen, at your convenience, we can do this anywhere you want. If we do it in one of the labs, there is a complete record of it, it is recorded on sensors and if you even have any issue with the system, or fear I might not be delivering on what I promise, I will never fault a lady for being too cautious. On the other hand, if you're looking for privacy I would at least require an environment that has holographics and replicator access, I need to stay inside the lines for this, I'm betazoid, so I don't think much about the privacy issues, but I do understand that you might want to keep as many people out of your...uh...fitting room possible. Most other cultures can be quite immature about such matters. Naturally, you'll be able to preview the appearances ahead of time, using holographics. Most of it is quite routine these days, at least from my perspective."

== Tag Xenara ==
Xenara chuckled at the Commander's privacy comment. She wasn't exactly prudish, but she didn't feel comfortable undressing in front of anyone that wasn't her sister or doctor. Of course, Sothrick would be an exception since he practiclly knew everything about her, but it would still feel weird. Of course, Betazoids didn't have the issues with nudity that other races had, but it was still an uncomfortable thought even though it was something she could overcome with time if she needed to.

"I prefer to have a record I can send to my father," she said. "His birthday is coming up and it would be the perfect gift. But from my perspective, nothing about my condition screams routine. I can suffer some...mental discomfort if it helps me become more proficient. As long as it doesn't turn into a show." She said.

Although...nah, wouldn't want to tarnish my reputation that way.

==Tag Alex==
Alex nodded understanding, "No matter what environment you select, we can send a recording to your father. I also give you my word that I will keep it professional and conduct myself in a manner that will be appropriate for a recording to your father. I will also not need to touch you at all, unless you feel any sort of discomfort that you request that I inspect for adjustment, but that tends to be vary rare, as the sensors are able to prevent most of that. I only tend to encounter it when someone has a very sensitive area that the sensors did not compensate for. You haven't had any surgeries or trauma that might have injured or altered any of your neural pathways, have you? If so, we can do a neural mapping as well, just to be sure." His grin widened, "I can also promise you that there will be no 'show' involved. For that sake of a lady's modesty, I can engage a holographic setting that will make it appear to an observer that there is something that appears as a fashionable bathing garment, but will have no actual material or field that will interfere with the process. I have no desire to cause a lady to feel compromised." He held up a finger and added, "In fact, if there is any doubt in your mind, I offer the option that my own daughter can attend as a chapperone, as I most certainly would not allow her to see me doing anything I would not wish her to witness."

Alex realized that some people were more shy than others and she was an attractive young woman, so he was glad to see that there was at least an appropriate degree of hesitation to be disrobed in front of someone she had never met before. It was a simple fact though, that this was something akin to a visit to the doctor combined with a fitting with a tailor that was going to see you naked while adjusting some form of intimate garment. He could admit that if life had been different, he might appreciate her youthful femanine attributes on a less professional level, but he took care to keep such thoughts well guarded. A gentleman did not allow himself to fall down such rabbit holes in life...well, at least not anymore. To help him remain focused, he thought about his daughter, Reyna, and how she would enjoy the technical aspects of the project.

==Tag Xardeen ==
Alex had been completely professional during their entire conversation, and had made Xenara almost forget they were in a public setting. When he mentioned using his daughter as a sort of chaparone, the Elaysian chuckled. Something made her trust Alex, but she wasn't sure why. Perhaps living with a wife and daughter and possibly other women made him more chivlarous?

Or cautious?

"I would like to meet her," Xenara said. "But I doubt a chaperone would be necessary. The holographic curtain should suffice. We're both professionals and besides, I'll have a record," she teased. "Any ideas for defensive layers? In case the frame becomes damaged or rendered unusable?"

==Tag Alex==
His brow furrowed in concentration before he responded, "Well, if it isn't already established, I would have a failure state default to the main framework becoming rigid and the power assist features would become completely inert. That would provide a shell of protection while leaving the joints and such completely mobile. Fortunately, it weighs almost nothing. I minor mass reduction belt will make you lighter on you feet, but if that loses power, you would be able to simply remove it to lighten your load on your weakened legs. A personal shield would give you protection against a couple of shots from a phaser or disruptor, but after that they become useless. I'm afraid that other than some redundancies in your power systems, there's not a great deal we can do while keeping it on this scale. Stepping up into a light tactical armor frame allows lots of options, but then you start looking like you're a Security Officer going into a fight. I can even make one look like the lightly armored outfit that Engineering tends to use sometimes, as it uses composite plates to keep it light weight and discrete, but..."

He let it trail off and shook his head, "That sort of thing is a very different approach to what we're working with here. What you have now and what we're looking to upgrade, is more elegant and subtle. Then again, you might consider the environments and prepare accordingly. Think of it as armoring up a bit for working in the field, while using this current configuration for more light duty as well as for play. Fashion comes with a price. If you want more safety and power in your toys, you're going to sacrifice a little in the fashion department, but it is a worthy tradeoff."

His smile returned, "As for meeting Reyna, she is not your typical kid, but I would gladly introduce you. We call her Rain for short, because she can be like a force of nature. She was quite upset that the reading list suggested by the teacher was for kids her age and she had been looking forward to some Shakespeare with perhaps some debates and comparing it to the Klingon versions. I didn't dare tell her yet that I myself have never read the Klingon versions of anything, and I'm not even sure her teacher reads Klingon. Fortunately, she doesn't like trying to speak Klingon, as it is rather hard for her to pronounce well, given that she is only six. She tried it once and could barely speak for two days after. It was a quiet two days though, so I can't really complain."

== Tag Xenara ==
Lois listened as Julie explained about her animals, a cat and dog. That they helped with her counselling, and she had them from when they were very young and had trained them herself. Julie stated that they would only be in her quarters, and the counselling rooms.

"It is a pleasure to meet both of you Dr Lim and midshipmen." Dr Troy said, as Mid Coppola exited the group.

"Thank you," Lois replied, "Julie, I don't have any worries about the animals in the Main Sickbay area, in fact, I think it could be helpful, only the surgical bay area, intensive care and the morgue would be off limits, as far as I'm concerned. That's all."

"Oh, and Julie you will hear this at the full medical staff meeting tomorrow. I don't mind you calling me Lois on social occasions like this and private conversation but I prefer Dr Lim in professional conversation with patients. I hope that's not too confusing. I'm going to grab something to eat and sit at a table. would you like to join me?" she asked Julie.

== Tag Lt Troy, and sorry about the delay in posting. ==
Alex had brought up a good point. She was getting ahead of herself and starting a rabbit hole she wasn't sure she's be able to climb out of. A separate frame for Away Missions she knew would be dangerous would most likely require the Captain's approval - for the mission, not necessarily the frame. She didn't want to be a soildier, she just wanted to survive.

"Fair points," she said. "As I said I have no interest in becoming a walking tank. I prefer being more discreet and fashionable, within Starfleet guidelines of course. I just want to be more...normal without taking drastic measures. If I'm not mistaken, Commander Shione has engineering expertise we could utilize. I'm sure she'd enjoy the process."

She chuckled again as Alex talked about his daughter, who seemed quite the toddler already. And with a name like 'Rain', there were plenty of opportunities for puns.

"Klingon? AND Shakespeare? Have you thought about signing her up for the Academy? I doubt she'd find me entertaining. Although I'm not bad at chess and tactical stratagy games. She would most likely bond with my twin sister. Nemara was a lot like Rain at that age."

==Tag Alex==

Xenara tapped her comm badge.

"Commander Shione, at your convenience, would you please join Commander Talion and I in Ten Forward?"

==Tag Shione==
It was only when Xenara tried to contact Shione that Alex realized that she had wandered off. As he was often so guilty of, he had hyper-focused on his conversation (or whatever else he was doing) and had not noticed what else was going on around him. He felt a little bad about that, but fortunately Shione knew him well and would understand that he had not done so intentionally.

The smile on Alex's face and the look in his eye reflected the love of a father as he spoke, "Reyna is undeniably very smart for her age, but she is still a kid. It can be hard at times to remember that and try to find a balance of some sort. Nothing prepared me for that part of parenthood. She initially grew up in a rather unique environment, but I have managed to be a strong influence over the last few years. Being a single parent has turned out to be far more challenging than I would have imagined it to be. I shudder when I think of what I have ahead of me when she eventually hits her teen years."

Realizing he was wandering off topic, he tried to return to the matter at hand, "Anyway, whenever you decide that you want to open this Pandora's Box, let me know and we will customize your device as you see fit. You now have the benefit of the experience of using your current version, so let that guide your decisions. Think about the small things that you would like to change or improve upon, but also the things that you love and want to make sure NOT to change. We want to only make things better, not lose the things your really like about what your father created for you. I feel it is important that you be able to feel in your heart that you're not losing what he gave you, so that it is always there as a sort of reminder. In that way, your father is always with you as you wander the universe, literally still holding your hand, even if he is no longer leading the way." Alex playfully narrowed his eyes, "Something tells me that you're not the sort to follow easily. You have the spirit of an adventurer in you and want to see what's out there for yourself, not have someone else show it to you. I have to say that there is something special about standing somewhere and seeing something that no other person has ever seen. It's very hard to put into words and certainly is rarely reflected in a mission log, but it is often a key element in many of the people on this ship right now."

== Tag, bring me that horizon... ==
The response to Xenara's hail was delivered a few minutes later by the subject of that message walking up.

She smiled for them both and then addressed Xenara. "I see you have Alex's undivided attention, which I will warn you can be quite the dramatic experience", she added with a wry grin for Talion's benefit.

"I could see Alex extolling something as I approached, so apparently he has accepted the challenge regarding your exo-skeleton." and then shifting her attention fully to the CSO she added;
"Perhaps in a thousand words or less you could tell me what have you come up with so far;" He would hear the satire in her tone; "Commander Talion?"

==Tag both of these crazies==
==I am NOT crazy! I think...My mommie had me tested so...  Tongue ==

As Commander Shione walked over, Xenara realized the Vulcan/Betazoid carbon copy of her new brother's wife hadn't actually left Ten Forward. But there were quite a few people in a vast area, so yelling wouldn't have been prudent, which made Xenara feel a bit less awkward about using her comm badge. She was about to respond to Alex when her new friend made her self visible.

Alex certainly is a smooth talker...but he's easy on the ears...and the eyes...Oh stop it, Xenara! He's married with a child!

She quickly exorcised the thought as she turned to Shione and smiled. 

"Dramatic isn't quite the word I'd use," she teased. "We just have some preliminary ideas that should combine comfort and function without compromising either." she said, addressing Shione's statement. "My father originally created my frame, but he doesn't have the imagination Alex does. Mostly I just want to be able to move more efficiently and be able to actually do things. Simple things like exercise and be able to actually pass a physical."

She sighed at the last part, but being able to do things others took for granted would be a huge confidence boost that she could use. Granted, she did have survival, diplomatic and administrative skills, and was decent with a hand phaser, but she felt like those were cop outs. But the prospect of doing more physical activity was something she always dreamed of. 

And it might just become reality.

"I miss going on Away Missions, exploring, doing things. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to whine. Just the thought of this becoming a reality is quite intoxicating. And since you were an engineer, I was hoping you would assist? I imagine this would be like a playground for you."

She turned to Alex, "Before I get lost in this rabbit hole, thank you Alex. Sincerely."

==Tag Alex and m-m-m-my Shione==
Alex's smile and body language showed him being very genuine and sincere about his desire to help Xenara. he simply gave a nod to her thanking him. He took a moment to recount some of the minor details of his plans to upgrade the mano-tech with some additional subroutines to the software as well. He had a number of ideas in mind for added structural and augmentation specifications while his extensive knowledge from his research with prosthetics offered some increases in comfort and fashion options.

Once he had caught up Shione on the idea, he looked to Xenara and said, "If you have the time, we could drop by one of the labs right now."

Alex tilted his head ever so slightly and said, "Cindy, are those simulations ready?"

[Yes, I'm running the battery of testing for optional subroutines now. Preliminaries are all available and by the time you reach a facility, we should be in excess of the 10k range.]

Hihs smile widened and he exclaimed, "Excellent!" Returning his eyes to those of Xenara, "I always like to run various simulation on variants and I like to have at least ten thousand simulations or more to be sure I have good data to work with. We're running the simulations on the top thousand or so options and then we'll take our pick of the best hundred or so to find the cream of the crop from there and so on."

He lifted his arm and tapped at it, causing the PADD device there to materialize. He looked at the screen and with a tap confirmed, "Ah yes, and as luck would have it, some of my labs are even on this deck, how convenient."

He stopped and suddenly realized that he may have misunderstood something, "Wait, I sometimes get carried away in the moment. Did you WANT to do this now? I try to be careful not to presume such things."

Alex glanced to Shione, "Help me out here. You know how I can get. Don't let me embarrass myself too badly in front of this young lady. I've not even had a proper drink yet."

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Aanil didn’t respond to his question. It appeared to Niels that she was finished with any conversation even tangentially related to engineering, even if it was in her field of expertise. Without warning, she suddenly steered the conversation to Gravesworld.

Niels remembered the mission well, and was glad to hear Kalli’s update that they had been able to rectify the situation. The Charon’s crew had been pulled away from the site before they could give any substantial help. It was nice to know that Starfleet hadn’t abandoned the colony completely.

For a moment, Niels wondered how B’lai and his son were doing. Though he only met them briefly, they had left an impact. He thought to ask if Kalli had any updates on them specifically, but feared doing so might bring up engineering topics that would anger Aanil, so he remained quiet. He thought to ask about the spiced drink he had encountered at one of the market stalls. However, by the time it crossed his mind, the conversation had moved on, as it always seemed to do.

Kalli spoke of the new ship, referencing the difference in its vibrations and harmonics. Niels had felt it too, as he figured any other engineer worth their salt would have. The ship was massive in comparison to the old one he and Aanil had served on.

“I could be mistaken,” Niels said, turning towards Aanil, trying to give his other half a bit more attention, “I don’t think either of us have served on a ship this large before. I bet the medical facilities here are quite advanced in comparison. The recreational facilities too.”

== Tag Aanil and Kalli ==
Julia was about to answer Lois when her padd went off with an invite to a party. Troy knew that this would be another opportunity to wear one of her dresses that she made for an event like this again. She had a thought pop into her head and had to ask a question about it.

"Of course I'll join you and we can go to the table that my imazdi is sitting at. Have you worn a unique one of a kind dress for an event on the holodeck that is set in Camelot? I've made several dresses from that time period that you can choose from."

Troy enjoyed parties and such that she didn't have an opportunity to attend them very often like she used to. Julia would have to try not to pull off what she did before joining the crew of the Charon. She would get to bring both Spike and Dot along for the fun.

==Tag Lt commander Lim==
His first introduction was a complete bust, but this was only a setback. All of the confusion in the room with new friends meeting, and then there was him. Fresh from Earth and in his element, the young Tactical Officer was going to start to go to work. The conversation was a good one that Cologero was learning without saying anything at all, sometimes it was the best way to learn about people around them. The Captain left because he was busy with something, probably ships business that didn't include him at this second.

Now that the conversation was over about her technology, or so he thinks at this time. Now was that time for attempt two, or a strategic retreat would be in order if it failed. He guessed by making a formal introduction might work where his personal one didn't, it was all just a product of timing he put behind him. "Lieutenant Xardeen I am Midshipman Coppola, I even have that new Officer smell and everything. Commander Talion I would suggest a good Campari or a Prosecco, both are pretty popular where I come from." His Itilian accent could be heard and understood perfectly. After the new Commander came back again, Cologero looked at the door for a possible escape somewhere possibly the Bridge.

==Tag attempt two ==
A new Midshipman came over and introduced himself. Having overheard a comment about beverages, the young man made a suggestion.

With a chuckle, Talion nodded, "I do admit that those are rather enjoyable at times, but when I'm in the mood for a serious drink, I'm afraid that I tend to be a tequila man. Don't let that scare you off though. When in the mood for a casual drink Campari is a nice flavor and goes well after a dinner, or so I find."

Looking back over to Xenara and Shione, they seemed to be waiting on him, "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to head over to the lab now? That's the thing about so many people around, I get distracted. Let's go see what we can accomplish in one of the labs, just down the hall. You know, it's going to take me at least a week to find where all my labs are scattered throughout this ship."

Turning back to Mid Coppola, he excused himself, "It was very nice meeting you. If you'll excuse me though, these fine ladies appear to require my attention at the moment." He paused and glanced at them both, blushing a little, "Wait, that didn't sound quite right. Maybe it's just as well that I've not had anything to drink yet." Gesturing with an exaggerated sweep of his arm, "Please, right this way and we'll see if we can find a science lab."

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Xenara shrugged at Alex's question. "I could use another drink. But I suppose It's not a very good idea to fly while intoxicated; not that I haven't don't that since the Academy," she said. "But since I've already had a few, I could use some activity to douse the effects."

It was then a young midshipman came over and introduced himself as she was about to leave with Alex.

"Welcome aboard, my minion," she teased. "I should probably warn you about the insidious nature of our waiters. I can't prove it, but I think they may have given me synthohol in lieu of the real thing. How dare they assume I can't fly while inebreated!"

She playfully scoffed, as she could almost swear she could sense the young midshipman's sense of humor...

It could just be that obvious.

"If you ever need anything, Midshipman, my door is always open. Unless I'm asleep then that would just be creepy. Apologies, but I have an appointment I should really keep. Would you like to join us? Might be informative."

She turned to Alex, "You and my twin sister would make quite the pair," she said. "Lead on, just don't get us lost?"

She smiled as she walked with the awkard gait that made people question her ability to do anything. 

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The trio of senior officers was also apparently entertaining the new Tactical Midshipman, a human of Italian descent if Shione's memory served. There were times when an eidetic memory was useful and having heard that Xenara was going to have an update to her exo skeleton it seemed appropriate to have her new officer tag along.

Turning to Cologero and speaking in her rarely practiced Italian she greeted him in his native tongue "Benvenuto all'Aquila Signor Coppola. Spero che vi piaccia servire qui. Vuoi unirti a noi?." He would realize that her Italian was decent if not perfect.

Returning to English the Security Commander continued. "It's not every day that a new Midshipman gets to spend time with three Department heads, so do tag along if you would?"

==Tag Coppola==
>> AQ/D99 - Other Locations>>
==Translation in case PC doesn't speak it "Welcome to the Aquila Mr Coppola. I hope you enjoy serving here. Would you like to join us?"
Kalli did not appear to be making a good impression on Niel's girlfriend. She had never been very good in social situations and it showed. When the Medical Officer didn't reply to the topics that gave an opportunity to do so, Kalli tried to take a step back in the conversation, "I've served on an Einstein Class, a Luna Class and a Phoenix Class. The Copernicus was about 650 meters in length. That's almost as long, but this ship has way more mass to it. Lots of decks and lots of room. It only had 23 decks and this one has 42. That's quite a difference and almost twice as much ship to have to run around and repair."

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It was possible that the staff could be confused by the fact there are so many people there, no one drinking in a place  where the alcohol lives. Plus this synthetic alcohol might as well be flavored water, it also tasted real bad. Talion was right about the fact real drinks didn't live here, wrong about the tequila but that's a matter of taste. Tequila was more of a drinking experience where memory fails after three, the best time no one remembers. Second thought, it sounded fun. "I guess it's time to make an offer he can not refuse." Quoting the Godfather a little.

After Kurasa spoke great Itilian he knew that swearing in Itilian would be noticed, at least two people spoke it well. He was definitely in the right place. They seemed to be fun when the time was right, now he was curious about what they were going to do in the labs. "I would love to see what trouble we can make there, plus I love your Itilian." People were really friendly outgoing possibly a little crazy, definitely the right crew.

>>>Other Locations >>>
==Coppola, actually we moved to Science Labs Smile Had to twist the Captain's arm until he said "uncle" for it... Smile==
== apologies for the slow posting with you. ==

"Of course, I'll join you and we can go to the table that my imazdi is sitting at. Have you worn a unique one of a kind dress for an event on the holodeck that is set in Camelot? I've made several dresses from that time period that you can choose from," asked Julie.

"Well, that sounds interesting. As long as it's not long. I have a very difficult situation in the morning, Other than that I'd love to. Lead the way." and as they began to walk together Lois said, "No, I don't look good in dresses. My dad told me I was the wrong shape for dresses. Besides my parents are agricultural scientists on Till, I became used to wearing slacks, and getting dirty. Julie, tell me a little about yourself, where are you from etc., the usual details, and no I haven't read your file, yet."

Lois changed the subject to be about Julie, she didn't like talking about herself and her family relationships much.

== Tag Lt Troy ==
Aanil didn't need to be an empath to sense the temperature change at the table and realized that she had miscalculated.

Turning to Neils momentarily before addressing Kalli she gave what she hoped would be seen as a self-conscious smile and addressed the *other* engineer at the table, "I am so sorry Kalli. Living with a Chief Engineer does mean that I do get more than normal exposure to engineering topics. It is not that I have no interest in medical scanning technology, "and she squeezed Neils's arm in support, "at least not anymore than any other Medical tech, but this is supposed to be a party and I know that the two of you once you two start delving into all of the amazing technological wonders of this amazing ship, that you will have that chance to have those conversations. "

Picking up on the new topic, Aanil decided to run with it. "My first posting was aboard the Nightingale, which is a hospital ship, but after a close call with the Romulan empire we got rescued by the Nikola Tesla and the ship went into dry dock. Wanting a more defensible ship under foot I asked for a transfer to the Charon and that's where Neils and I met; best move I ever made,"

She winked conspiratorially to Kalli , and moved on after a quick buss to Neils cheek. "I am really looking forward to the Aquila. My new DH is Dr Lois Lim", and she pointed to the brunette speaking with Dr. Troy. "She seems like a total professional and I am looking forward to working with her, but I guess you know the lady, Kalli. May I ask what occurred to have so many of the Geronimo crew to be reassigned here? It has to be a shock for you all, but the Charon crew who you are essentially blending with are fantastic people too.

We're glad to have you all."

==Tag Neils and Kalli==
Lt Thorn listened to Lt O'Shea and understood the situation in her own way. This woman had no information to go on and had only met Kalli, so they were strangers. Kalli was very unlikely to "get to know" people while working. She often worked alone or was so engrossed in whatever was being done that it rarely offered much time for distractions like idle chatter. There were too many things that could get you killed if you weren't focused on the task at hand. It was these sort of social situations that allowed such cross-talk and let people be themselves.

This woman apparently didn't like her job or anyone else's enough to want to discuss such things. It also reflected certain insecurities, but Kalli wouldn't fault her for those things, she just made a mental note of them. everyone had a right to be who they were and when someone decides to show you who they are, you should pay attention. This was one of the very reasons that Kalli avoided such social interactions, as they rarely seemed to work out. What had happened with her boyfriend had been a strange fluke and Kalli suspected that it would not likely happen again. Thinking about that only made this conversation that much more frustrating.

Listening in silence, Kalli only nodded and sipped at her drink until there was mention of the CMO. "Yes, I served with Doctor Lim on a couple of previous ships. She is very professional. I can highly recommend her. She was quite discreet about a few of my visits to her in the past. At the time, I was embarrassed to go to Sickbay to have certain superficial injuries attended to, related to off duty activities." She paused and then added, "My boyfriend at the time was a Mirak." She left it at that and punctuated it with a shrug, leaving the rest to their imaginations."

After another pause, Kalli changed to the subject of the ship, "As for the crew, I suspect it was something like with your crew. The plans for the ships is something beyond my knowledge, but most of us are here. Some went to other ships, but that's Star Fleet for you." She gestured vaguely with one hand, "THIS is our life. THIS is what we chose. This is my fourth ship in four years, so it has kind of set a pattern. I'm hoping that things change with this ship, but so far I have nothing new to go on, so I just keep doing what I do."

There was a small beep from the device on her belt. Glancing at it, Kalli gave a sigh, looked around and pulled out what looked like a marble with a coin attached to it to keep it from rolling around. She set it on the table and then said in a hushed tone, "Give me a complete structural analysis of this entire facility with a filed report. I want it time stamped as well. Start now."

Kalli returned her attention to Aanil and simply gave a weak smile, "Sorry. We were discussing the crew. Um...well...given that we all came to this ship at the same time, I guess we're glad to have you all as well. I guess your previous crew is bigger than my previous crew, but neither of us are those crews anymore. Now we're all Aquila crew, just one big dysfunctional family." Kalli raised her glass in a mock toast, "Brother...sister...wait...hmmm...I guess that doesn't work for you two. Oh well, cheers all the same."

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Julia thought of where to start with the details about herself. Troy knew that she had to start somewhere with it. She also knew that it wouldn't be easy to talk about herself without telling to much detail.

"The details which I won't go to deep into right off. I was born back on Betazed with both the telepathic and empathetic abilities switched on since birth. My family has been in the 5th house for at least 10 generations. I had a younger sister who had passed away at the age of 5 when I was only 8 years old. I gotten Spike and Dot right before my senior year in highschool which I trained and had multiple articles in medical journals back home. After I graduated from the academy I was assigned to the oskai during the battle against the Borg which was destroyed and got transferred to the Nikola Tesla before the whole crew got transferred to the Philadelphia where I met Surik my imazdi. Both of us got transferred to the Charon where I had got permission from the caption to have both Spike and Dot on board to work with me and my counselling patients. After this last mission some the crew of the Charon came here along with my imazdi and both of my animals. Spike and Dot are well behaved and are calm, and friendly towards everyone that they meet. Oh the bottom half of the dresses that I make and be turned into pants which makes them unique anywhere in this galaxy."

Troy hoped that it is enough for the moment till more questions is asked. Julia had Surik there to keep her grounded in a setting like this when Spike and Dot weren't there with her.

==Tag Lt. Commander Lim==
<< Crew Quarters.<<

Jez was tired of sitting in her quarters, the letter to her parents just couldn’t seem to come together, she felt that kind of news should be delivered in person until she could come up with the right words. Right now Jez wanted some company, she had been an emotional wreck, but after an hour of meditation, she felt good, she was confident. Now she just wanted some light conversation and maybe make a few new friends among the Aquila crew.

She entered Ten Forward,  it wasn’t crowded, but it wasn’t empty either. Jez spotted Lt. Thorn and Dr. Lom speaking with a woman who was in Sick Bay the other day, a Lt O'Shea, from what she recalled, they appeared to be in a lengthy conversation.  Jez looked at them, debating if she should join them. Jez hated just interrupting a conversation in the middle, it’s not that she didn’t have anything to contribute to a conversation, it’s just that she felt like she might be intruding. Besides, they probably didn’t even notice her.

Jez walked to a table near the windows and waited to see who might be willing to engage her in a conversation. That was when Jez realized it was not that she wanted company, it was that she just wanted to be around people. To hear conversations and laughter.  Yes there is a fine line between the two notions, but still, she just wanted to be around people, maybe play a few rounds of darts or a game of pool.

“What can I get you?” Said a Server.

Jez sat there a moment to consider her choices. “I’ll have mineral water, with a lemon twist and a Dragon Fruit, Please.” Said Jez.  The server nodded and said, “Coming right up.”

Jez waited looking out the window, she enjoyed looking at the Stars, she often wondered what the Ancient people thought the stars were. Some of them thought the Stars were their gods, others thought they were portals to the afterlife. Each culture had mythology built around the Stars and constellations.  She recalled one Summer she was on a dig with her parents near Gorn Space, and they found a primitive culture that had gone extinct. One of the other Archeologists, a Betazoid, had a theory that these people thought the Stars and constellations were people's emotions. Jez could understand that as Stars had different Hue’s Red Giants, Red, Blue, White, and Brown Dwarf. White and Yellow it made sense when people are sad, they say the person is blue, if they are mad it’s said that they see red, or if someone is scared they are yellow, and so on. Yes, it was a facile analogy, at least to modern people, but to a primitive society it was possible.

Jez kept looking over toward Lt. Thor’s table. Longing to be part of the conversation, Jez couldn’t help but think that perhaps, they would think less of her for having become pregnant and didn’t know how to handle it; that they were adults and this ..this child dares to converse with mature adults.

You don’t know that, everyone makes mistakes, it's how you handle them that determines one's maturity and level of responsibility

“Here you go one Mineral water with a Lemon twist and a Dragon Fruit.” Said the Server. Jez looked at her order, it looked amazing. “Oh, Thank you.” Replied Jez, her tone less than enthusiastic.

Well it doesn’t look like anyone is coming to socialize with you. You're here to make new friends with the Aquila crew, now go over and mingle.

Jez took a deep breath, stood up, and made her way over to Lt. Thorn’s table.
She didn’t approach them too quickly as she didn’t want to startle them. 

“Hello Lt. Thorn, Dr, Lim and Lt. O’Shea, there was a third woman, a very young woman with dark curly hair, if she was twenty years old she was a day, but she held the rank of Lieutenant, maybe she is one of those genius types, early admittance to the Academy and all, thought Jez. “May I join you?” Said Jez, hoping that she didn’t sound too pushy.

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== Hmmm...not sure how to roll with this one. We're still posting from the gathering about the time of the Change of Command, days prior to your return. We also aren't all at the same table. I'll give it a try though... ==

Thorn looked up and replied, "Hi Jez. Grab a seat."

== Rolling with it... ==
Niels maintained a professional, upright posture, as he listened to the conversation around him. Aanil described her previous assignments, which led to Kalli sharing the same. He was the least experienced of them when it came to changing ships, having only served aboard the Charon. It reminded him of his experiences in the restaurant industry. Some new chefs bounced between kitchens, others stuck with a single mentor. Regardless of how they came up through the ranks, the only thing that mattered at the end of the day was how well they cooked.

The conversation moved on to the merging of the two crews. Niels knew that Star Fleet had transferred a large portion of both the Charon and Geronimo crews. He expected the transition to go smoothly. However, he also knew that it might take some time for the two crews to get used to working with each other. So far, Kalli was the only one he had met from the Geronimo. She seemed to have a strong work ethic. Yet, she also appeared okay with pushing the limits of acceptable behavior. Given their interactions, he figured her to be something of an outlier though.

Lost in thought, Niels returned to the present when a young security officer joined the table. Kalli called the dark-haired woman "Jez" in a casual manner that suggested some familiarity. This led him to deduce that she was also from the Geronimo. With the casual tone already set, Niels took the rare initiative to introduce himself.

"Jez, was it?" Niels said with a warm smile, "I don't believe we've met. I am Niels Hoekstra."

"And this," he added, nodding his head toward the readheaded woman sitting beside him, "is Aanil O'Shea."

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== I am confused Are we all at the same event still? I am going to try and slide in as if this was still during the celebration.==

T'Kol had moved to the bag of the room. She was not one for big celebrations all though most of her career she either had to deal with being apart of them or having to be at them. As an assistant for a Diplomat to being an assistant to the command staff until most recently she was usually involved in the planning of such events. 

Now she was simply guest to the event like the others. She understood the logic that such events held for most the other species. They craved the social interaction and group celebration of achievements. She still was not that social but she had resolved after a conversation recently with her 'brother' that she needed to interject herself more in these type of events.

As she sat a little more hidden sipping on a small glass of ice water with a lemon twist, a specialty she allowed herself. She realized that she was doing what she typically does during these events and blend into the room.

At that point she had seen the young woman she was told to reach out too. She debated for a moment on whether or not she should bother the young woman now.

She was not sure but she figured on a new ship of this size and such that she would be vastly more busy, or at least she hoped to be. As well as the young woman may as well. She felt it was best to introduce herself now rather than later.

She stood up leaving her glass at the table and made her way over to the table of young officers that Jez had just joined.

"Grettings." she began only pausing to get the attention of all at the table. Once eyes from this table were on her she continued.

"My apologies to interrupt. I wanted to introduce myself. I am Chief of the Boat, T'Kol I will be coordinating duty shifts as well as bunking assignments of the entire crew. If any of you need any assistance in these areas particularly please feel free to come see me. I will be working with all of your department heads to work out assignments and such. If you have any requirements please let me know as well." She said then seemed to zero in on Mala.

"If I may Ensign, May I speak with you briefly?" She said as she backed from the table a sept indicating she would like to pull the woman away for a moment.

== Tag Jez, Thorn, Aanil, Hoekestra ==
Jez was relieved that she didn’t appear to be interrupting anything too personal.  Jez was feeling better, and took a seat and smiled. “Thank you.” Said JEzm to everyone gathered at the table.

Just then a Lieutenant dressed in Engineering colors spoke, "Jez, was it?" Jes noticed that he had a warm smile, "I don't believe we've met. I am Niels Hoekstra."

"And this," he added, nodding his head toward the redheaded woman sitting beside him, "is Aanil O'Shea."

Jez looked at the engineer, he was a very good-looking man, a bit thinner than she liked, but handsome nonetheless. Jez had memorized the crew manifest before she transferred to the Aquila,  the only  Hoekstra that she recalled was  Cornelius Hoekstra, the Chief Engineer.

He must go by “Nelius” as opposed to Cornelius, but Cornelius sounds so regal and majestic.

Jez smiled at  Lt. O’Shea,  and said, “Hello, how are you?”  Jez couldn’t get over how beautiful O’Shea was. Her hair shined so brightly, it was clear she takes good care of it. Jez wanted to hate her because she had never seen a woman with more perfect hair, Jez couldn’t see one split end, and her complexion was flawless.

I’ll have to ask her for her beauty tips, she looks like a fashion model.

"Greetings." Said a Vulcan female that she had met on the Bridge earlier, again she had a familiarity about her, Jez looked at her for a few moments to see if she could recall ever meeting her someplace else.

Have I met her someplace else? Maybe she is a friend or an associate of my parents?

"My apologies for interrupting. I wanted to introduce myself. I am Chief of the Boat, T'Kol I will be coordinating duty shifts as well as bunking assignments of the entire crew. If any of you need any assistance in these areas particularly please feel free to come see me. I will be working with all of your department heads to work out assignments and such. If you have any requirements please let me know as well." She said,

Jez then got the feeling that  T’Kol seemed to zero in on her.

"If I may Ensign, May I speak with you briefly?" She said as she backed from the table a sept indicating she would like to pull the woman away for a moment.

Jez turned to Lt. Hoekstra and said, “ If you’ll excuse me, lieutenant.” and Jez followed T’Kol.

“Yes, Chief, why do you want to speak with me?” Said Jez, her voice filled with curiosity.

== Tag T'Kol, Thorn, Aanil, Hoekestra ==
Kalli took advantage of the moment and while everyone was talking and making introductions, she picked up her PADD and checked the current crew manifest. A hint of a grin found its way onto her face as she then put it down. As T'Kol politely pulled Jez aside, Kalli then turned her attention to Niels.

Kalli appeared only a little embarrassed as she said to him, "'re actually my new boss. This is NOT how I imagined introducing myself to you, but I guess that's what I get for not doing my homework in advance. I guess that I also didn't anticipate that we would be of the same rank. Don't worry, I don't have any authority issues or anything. I also have no trouble following the rules and coloring inside the lines. If anything I am tighter on scheduled maintenance than what Star Fleet tends to think is necessary. I don't like taking chances when we don't need to. However, as our conversation may have indicated, I excel at the unconventional. That's why Damage Control is one of my specialties. Emergency situations where you often don't have the right equipment or the time to do things the way you would like to, that's where I tend to shine. I can think and work INSIDE the box, but I live and breathe OUTSIDE the box, if you get my meaning. With any luck, it will never matter. However, if we find ourselves needing to find a way to do the impossible, that's when you're likely to want to know that I'm on the job. I wish to take nothing away from the many good people we have working with us. They are amazing people and we need every one of them doing the awesome jobs they do. We've got a Warp Specialist that goes by the nickname Kitkat, a Caitian, who is amazing and she's only enlisted, but her and I have done some of the impossible in the past. You'll want to meet her."

Kalli gave a sigh and a shrug, "Anyway, here we are."

== Tag Niels, though all would have been able to hear ==
As they stepped away from the table the lithe petite Vulcan lowered her voice a bit as they continued to walk across the room.

"I do apologize I hope to not bother you and allow you to get right back to your friends. I was asked to particularly reach out to you and offer... well I guess offer my experiences for you to call on when you need." She said knowing that, that problem only sounded more confusing

She began again before the Ensign could ask in an attempt to explain her meaning.

"My former...Chief of Security, Mentor I suppose, and I had worked together for a very long time as I also worked with his father but, Commander Sothrick had reached out to me and asked that I personally...'look out' for you." She stated

"He said that he had wished to mentor you but as you had to be separated he asked that I take up such mantle." She added still.

"He also wished me to let you know that he attempted to have you transfer with him but it was impressed on him that he had to make a choice between two officers and he felt the other officer needed more direct guidance and he had faith in you being the stronger choice." 

"However, he did move things so that you could be transferred with a one Xardeen and with me." She finished

It was clear that she was not sure who Xardeen was personally. "It would seem that I am to reach out to this officer as well." She added

"I know it seems strange that an NCO would be able to help or mentor an officer however I have worked along side and Admiral, Ambassador three Chief of Securities and closely with three Captains. I have been in starfleet longer than most seasoned officers." She qualified herself.

"I have also known, Commander Sothrick,... intimately for most of my life." 

"While I do not know directly the difficulties of being Vulcan and Betazoid I am closely familiar." She finalized

She paused and searched the reaction of the young woman.

==Tag Jez ==
Jez and T’Kpl walked to a table in the corner, well out of earshot of the others. She motioned for T’Kol to sit. Jez listened closely to what the Chief had to say, her ears perked up when T’Kol mentioned Commander Sothrick. Jez truly missed her brother, Jez was a little uncomfortable at first with the way Commander Sothrick referred to her and Xenara as sisters and they referred to him as a brother, but Jez knew that Sothrick was significantly older than they were, to Jez he was more like a father figure.

Jez felt excited, here was someone familiar with Sothrick, she could finally learn his age and maybe understand some of Sothrick’s idiosyncrasies like his propensity for practical jokes.

“Excuse me, he wanted me to be transferred with him? I… I .. don’t even know where he is? Is he alright? He thought I was the stronger choice in what respect?” Said Jez.

Jez was surprised, she hadn’t expected to hear such praise. She loved Sothrick, he was kind and considerate, Especially considering she had called him a pervert the time he was speaking to her through the Ladies' room door, but that was a simple mistake she had been crying and the music was loud, she didn’t recognize his voice through the door.

"I know it seems strange that an NCO would be able to help or mentor an officer, however, I have worked alongside an Admiral, Ambassador, three Chief of Securities, and closely with three Captains. I have been in starfleet longer than most seasoned officers." Stated T’Kol.

“Oh no it’s not that uncommon for High-ranking officers to seek advice from NCO’s, as NCOs usually have the pulse of the crew, but Why didn’t pursue a commission and become an officer?” Said Jez, her voice filled with curiosity.

It took a lot to impress Jez and she was impressed by the trust that T’Kol seemed to invoke in such powerful and influential people, a testament to her skills and abilities.

What T’Kol said next surprised Jez, "I have also known Commander Sothrick,... intimately for most of my life."

Jez remembered Sothrick saying he had a mate, she looked at T’Kolm she was very attractive. “So, how long have you two been married?” Said Jez.

Jez was so surprised by this conversation that she really enjoyed the time she spent with Xenara and Commander Sothrick. “I’m honored that Commander Sothrick asked you to provide me with insight and advice. I really appreciate that.” Said Jez, with a warm smile on her face.

== Tag T'Kol.==
== Just FYI T'Kol looks a good 30 to maybe 35 years younger than Sothrick == 

T'Kol took a seat as the two conversed.

“Excuse me, he wanted me to be transferred with him? I… I .. don’t even know where he is? Is he alright? He thought I was the stronger choice in what respect?” Said Jez.

T'Kol nodded and gestured with a slight raise of the hand for the Ensign to calm down a bit.

"Yes, I am sure he is, alright. He was transferred to the Titania. A satisfactory ship however he did loose command. 
Not due to anything he had done but as the Geronimo was a smaller ship they had need of him on the Titania." She paused and looked about as the sight of the, thicker, and older human engineer had joined the party and was milling around. As usual near the drinks.

"It would seem that, all the people he, Commander Sothrick, considers close friends or..." she said bringing her eyes back to the woman before her. ", are on this ship." She noted then returned.

"Sothrick and I spoke at length on his flight. It would seem that the only other Security that transferred with him he felt needed a touch more training and guidance from him." She gave

Then Jez retorted about T'Kol's career. She seemed to consider her answer a bit.
"My...adoptive father, preferred me at his side for long, then it was because of him that I was transferred to my first ship as an Enlisted. I did work my way through the ranks and I am the highest ranked Enlisted. It was Captain Brooks that has first offered to help me further my career. Actually it was Sothrick that first helped me raise through the ranks and suggested I become more than his Security Assistant." She gave

Then the young Ensign said something that surprised and even for a moment seemed to confuse the Vulcan.

“So, how long have you two been married?”

Her eyes went wide obviously startled by the question and for a moment she seemed a bit flustered which for the two moments Jez had known the Chief of the Boat, she seemed unlikely to be the type to easily fluster.

"I, um what, no I..." She stammered. "I am not his wife, His father took me in when I was quite young, we have grown together and worked together for a long time. If there was anyone that I was not actually related but would consider, family, it would definitely be him. He has been like a little brother to me." She said with a hint of a joke buried in it.

"However, You have met his wife's twin sister. Our new Chief of Security Commander Kurasa." She said gesturing to the woman across the room. The way she said it seemed to have a slight twinge of... something, behind it. Not contempt but not fondness.

"They are identical twins. Both, were, in the field of Security, like yourself." she said

==Tag Jez ==
Shione was about to head up to the labs to assist with the work that Talion was going to do, when she noticed that Ensign Mala was in Ten Forward.

Shione had been told that she was going to rest after the medical procedure, but it appeared that the Ensign was feeling better and chatting with the COB.
Turning to the others she begged off assisting and headed over with table where her Ensign was. Stepping up to the table she addressed the Security officer.
"Greetings Ensign I am Lieutenant Commander Shione Kurasa and it is good to see you back on your feet. Congratulations on the successful medical procedure, it was a relief to hear from Dr. Lim as to how well it went. I am pleased to see you back on your feet."

At that point Shione turned to address T'Kol "Greetings Chief; I am grateful for you keeping Ensign Mala company, until I noticed her; but I would like to have some time to get to know her on a one to one basis. I am sure there will be opportunities for the two of you to speak in the future, and I apologize for interrupting your chat, but I am afraid I must insist."

The smile Shione gave T'Kol was friendly, but firm "Thank you for keeping her company til I could get time with her one on one myself."

Shione took a half step back giving the COB room to stand and leave.

==Tags Mala and T'Kol==
Jez was glad that Sothrick was safe, she had heard that the senior officers from the Geronimo had been sent on a highly classified and dangerous mission on the Gamma Quadrant, one rumor was there were militant rouge Jem’Hadar and Cardassians who were unhappy with the peace treaty and were looking to invade the Alpha Quadrant and Star Fleet sent in a task force to investigate. The other rumor was that a huge Star Shio had arrived on the edge of Federation Space, that it supposedly came from The Andromeda Galaxy, Jez heard that the ship was unlike anything the Federation had ever seen and they needed specialists to investigate. But knowing that Sothrick was safe and serving on the Titania was a great relief.

Jez was so happy, because she knew that there was a chance that she would see him again. There was so much she wanted to tell him.

When T’Kol said that Commander Kurasa was the twin sister of Sothrick’s wife. Jez did a double take, It’s not that Commander Kurasa was a bad person, it’s just that if Commander Kurasa was the twin sister of Sothrick’s wife and assuming they are exact twins right down to their personalities then Jez just couldn’t see the attraction. It just didn’t seem like Commander Sothrick was her type, but as they say to each their own.

Jez was surprised even more when T’Kol revealed that she was Sothricks older sister and not his wife.

“Oh…!!!....oh, you’re his sister. I never would have guessed, you are so different, but when T’Kol said, "My...adoptive father,” that made everything clear.

Jez was about to speak when commander Kurasa spoke, "Greetings Ensign I am Lieutenant Commander Shione Kurasa and it is good to see you back on your feet. Congratulations on the successful medical procedure, it was a relief to hear from Dr. Lim as to how well it went. I am pleased to see you back on your feet."

Jez was a bit puzzled why Commander Kurasa introduced herself in such a formal manner, as they had met before. Jez assumed that she was in for a reprimand or some other less than desirable conversation. Jez wasn’t in the mood for a lecture, she just wanted some company, some light conversation. She wanted to get to know her new crew mates, because the Aquila was so big and had so many people, as opposed to the size of the Geronimo. The Geronimo was a small intimate environment, but the Aquila was a little overwhelming.

Just then T’Kol’s words came back to Jez. However, You have met his wife's twin sister. Our new Chief of Security Commander Kurasa.

Jez looked up at Commander Kurasa, trying to imagine Commander Sothrick and his wife. Jez had to admit that Commander Kurasa was a very attractive woman, strong and confident, she radiated a vibe that seemed to say, “ Be careful, tread lightly; I’m a force to be reckoned with.” Commander Kurasa was someone that Jez could relate to, a strong confident woman.

“Oh No Commander, The Chief and I were just making small talk, won’t you join us?” Said Jez, as she smiled and motioned to an empty chair.

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"Thank you, Julie, for that brief introduction of yourself, I appreciate it. And you're a seamstress as well, I'm hopeless at making dresses and things, that's why I always wear replicated clothing as you can probably see," Lois said trying to make social conversation as they a approached a table, where some else was sitting.

"Tell me Julie what are your medical specialities and where did you train? I assume that you will mainly be stationed in the counselor's offices. Is your doctorate in counseling or are you medicine as well?" Lois really hadn't had time, yet, to become familiar with all the medical staff or read their files.

== Dr Julie Troy ==
Ensign Mala replied to Shione's greeting and she could see that the Ensign was giving her the once over, “Oh No Commander, The Chief and I were just making small talk, won’t you join us?” Said Jez, as she smiled and motioned to an empty chair.

"Thank you, Ensign, but now that you have been cleared for duty, we have some protocols that need to be followed to ensure you are read in on all that you need to know about working as a Security officer on such a large ship. The number of security personnel alone; almost equals the entire crew of the Geronimo, and in addition the ship has a higher-than-normal number of civilians and children aboard; both of which can complicate our job."

Turning to T'Kol she offered a smile. "I hear your brother is serving with my former team. He should find them to be up to expected standards, but if you would excuse us Chief, I would like to take Ensign Mala to the Security department where I will be able to bring her up to speed on how things work on such a huge vessel; I am sure you understand." She gave a bow of respect to the COB and then turned to her officer.

"If you would follow me, please Ensign, I would like to give you the tour, and we have a tradition in the Aquila Security department that I started the last time I served aboard, and I am a big believer in tradition."

>>Deck 8 Security>>

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<<<<Science Labs<<<<<<

Coming back to Ten Forward Cologero just wanted to stay social, it was just he wanted a drink first. There were a few familiar faces there, and wanted to talk to two of them. "Doctors." He said while giving them a chance to answer.

"Would you mind if I joined in again?" He didn't want to be pushy or rude when returning. It wasn't his way to be like that, but sometimes came across that way. The amount of people seemed to get a little smaller by the minute, and he hadno idea how much longer this will go.

==Tag Doctors==
Jez waited for Commander Kurasa to sit, she was a bit surprised when Commander Kurasa said, "Thank you, Ensign, but now that you have been cleared for duty, we have some protocols that need to be followed to ensure you are read in on all that you need to know about working as a Security officer on such a large ship. The number of security personnel alone; almost equals the entire crew of the Geronimo, and in addition, the ship has a higher-than-normal number of civilians and children aboard; both of which can complicate our job."

Jez couldn’t argue with that, the Aquila was huge compared to the Geronimo. Jez was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of such a large ship the Geronimo was small and intimate, everyone knew everyone else, and the communal feel of everyone dining in the mess hall made them all feel like family, here on the Aquila she would be one face among many.

Commander Kurasa said, "I hear your brother is serving with my former team. He should find them to be up to expected standards, but if you would excuse us Chief, I would like to take Ensign Mala to the Security department where I will be able to bring her up to speed on how things work on such a huge vessel; I am sure you understand."

Jez watched to see T’Kol’s reaction, seeing her reaction would help her to see if she was Commander Sothrick’s sister or not. Commander Sothrick, had such a placid response any time a person gave him any news. It was kind of unsettling, you didn’t know if he was happy, sad, upset, amused, in other words a Vulcan’s Vulcan.

Jez was surprised and interested when Commander Kurasa stated, "If you would follow me, please Ensign, I would like to give you the tour, and we have a tradition in the Aquila Security department that I started the last time I served aboard, and I am a big believer in tradition."

A tradition…Hmmmm, this could prove to be interesting.

Jez liked Traditions, they gave continuity to life, it helped to reassure people that all was right in the Universe. It helps people feel a sense of identity and belonging and can bring predictability to a space. Traditions can provide comfort and security and can be a source of comfort during times of change or uncertainty, they provide a Connection to the past. Traditions can reinforce Family Values, instill a sense of Community and it can help in healing.

“Yes, Commander.” Said Jez, her tone a little quizzical. “Chief, it was nice meeting you. Maybe later on we can meet and have a drink and we can talk some more.?” Jez said.

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Before the ensign had a chance to settle in, the COB pulled her aside. T'Kol's position gave her a fair amount of responsibility aboard the Aquila. Given the larger size of the ship, they were all going to have an increased workload until they settled in. He figured that the interruption was due to an aspect of these responsibilities. In any case, it most likely didn't concern him and he settled back into his chair.

As he leaned back, Kalli started to address him. She seemed intent on making clear that she was more than capable of following rules. Yet, she also emphasized that she was unconventional. As he listened, Niels let out a long, quiet breath and sat up straighter, assuming a more serious demeanor more fitting a department head. He had no intention of making this social gathering a work-related thing, and given Aanil’s previous objection to shoptalk, he didn’t think it wise to dive back into engineering topics. Niels thought back to his time at Rosie’s, to how Timo would have handled the situation.

“Before I joined Starfleet,” Niels said in a professional tone. “I spent many years working in the kitchen at my family's diner. My mentor once told me that a great chef doesn't just follow recipes; they understand them, respect them, and know when to improvise without compromising the integrity of the dish.”

Niels paused, allowing time for the words to for reflection before continuing.

“I believe that the same applies to engineering,” Niels continued, “and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m sure that you’ll be a welcome addition to the team.”

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