AT/E00 - USS Callisto - Deck 1

Calleja, Miller, and Crawford materialised on the Bridge. Emergency lighting cast long shadows in the dim red light, and far from finding a startled Cardassian, they found it empty. The hum of the turbolift behind them indicated that they had missed their quarry by mere seconds - had they transported in any earlier, one of them may have materialised inside the unfortunate soul with very messy consequences.

Every console except that on the Captain's armrest was dark; either powered down or burned out by power surges. The helm and engineering consoles appeared to be intact, and would be easy to reactivate and provide control the entire ship from the Bridge.

Curiously, the Cardassian PADD was still connected to the Captain's chair by a cable. It appeared to be compiling data and compressing it ready for transmission, retaining a two-way datalink with the Cardassian station. It was possible, to anyone with sufficient clearance to know such things, that the Cardassians had been unable to totally bypass the ship's computer security and therefore had to transfer any data to the PADD prior to transmission.

Why they hadn't simply taken the PADD with them was anyone's guess.

The viewscreen, thankfully active, showed the Callisto's course; she was currently locked on a parabolic trajectory towards the sun. It would slingshot past Parhelia I and then launch itself into the primary star's gravitational field where the intense heat would melt her alloys and leave little trace that she was ever there. 

==Ready Room==

Arriving with so many people in the Ready Room at the same time made for an uncomfortably cramped experience. Deveraux actually materialised in the Captain's Head rather than the Ready Room itself. The lights were off, so the assembled members of the group would have to use flashlights to see that the room had been thoroughly trashed - scavengers and trophy hunters had ripped most of the fittings away; a discarded picture of Admiral Jal and her family, surrounded by glass from the frame that someone had pilfered, was the only evidence that this had once been an orderly Ready Room. 

Given the lack of weapons fire, profanity, or explosions from the Bridge, it seemed that maybe they'd all made it in one piece.
<< Computer Core <<

== Bridge ==

The moment that Aeryn materialised on the bridge alongside Calleja and the Captain, the Security Chief instantly began assessing the situation. Everything around them was cast in shadows thanks to the dim red light of the emergency lighting while confirming that they were all alone. The lone Cardassian that Robin had mentioned was nowhere to be seen, although it didn't take a genius to realise that they had made their escape mere seconds before the initial team's arrival. " They've gone" she announced, knowing that the others would have heard the familiar tone of the turbolift engaging.

Aeryn wasn't going to be too cut up about missing the opportunity of catching the Cardassian and startling them in the process. No, they had more important things to worry about as the COS looked over the darkened consoles, noting that the Captain's armrest was still functional. Her gaze then swept over the helm and engineering consoles, which, thankfully, appeared to be intact. Those in theory should be easy to reactivate for their purpose before she settled on the PADD that had been left behind.

'Odd' was one word to describe it, but that was quickly replaced by either the Cardassians forgetting it or them being too lazy to unhook it from the cable that it had been connected to. " The PADD's still here" she pointed out, still uncertain why it was left behind but then figured that it was a blessing in some way, allowing them to find out what they had been doing with it.

Aeryn's attention then turned to the active viewscreen, immortalising their intended fate if they didn't act quickly, and for the first time, the redhead felt scared, more than she had before all of this. Taking a deep breath, Aeryn looked away and awaited further orders and the arrival of the second part of the team.

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As the 3 materialised, Mara finished letting out the breath she’d drawn in. Dark eyes took in the otherwise empty Bridge and she holstered her weapons again.

“Turbolift is still going,” she reported, having heard the mechanism in the background. “We didn’t miss ‘em by much.”

[The PADD's still here] Aeryn said.

“What PADD?” Calleja asked. “Why do they have a PADD here anyway? Surely they’ve already nicked what they need?” She was so focused she hadn’t caught herself slipping into slang again, although ‘nicked’ meaning stolen wasn’t exactly obscure.

She switched to the channel used for all team communications so that she could be heard by anyone who cared to listen.

“Calleja to Coleman and Elias. The Cardies are gone, it’s just us here. I’m gonna sweep now for any hidden surprises.” She looked around and frowned at the dark consoles. “Looks like everything is powered down here except the viewscreeen and the Captain’s chair,” she added, hoping to give Elias that little bit of extra time to prepare.

“Hey boss,” Mara added, addressing Aeryn. “Do those consoles power up? Can we get in and do anything, or have we got to go via the Captain’s chair?”

The Bandaran drew her tricorder. For a moment, she nearly left it in passive mode, but if the massive energy spike of a transport hadn’t raised the alarm then her scanning for anything nasty was going to be a drop in the ocean. Mara’s instincts for spotting traps had been honed from a ridiculously early age, and between those and her tricorder she was confident she could at least confirm or deny that the Bridge was safe.

== Tags to Coleman and Elias!

GM input please. Does the tricorder pick up anything that might indicate booby traps? Can Mara see anything that would give her cause for concern? ==
== Deck 1 – Ready Room – Captain’s Head ==

Lucy materialised into darkness. It wasn’t the darkness of space as she couldn’t feel a pressure on the suit. If there hadn’t been an urgency to reclaim the Callisto she would have been happy to remain where she was until someone enquired as to where she was. She replaced the phaser at her hip and felt for her wrist-torch. She recalled that her half of the Away Team was to arrive in the Ready Room, yet she was alone.

Once Lucy had activated her writst-torch she took in her surroundings. A little small, but she did recall some called it the smallest room in the house. Somehow she had materialised in the Captain’s Head, Certainly a part of any ship she hadn’t expected to see. There were cosmic pranksters in the universe, so Lucy reluctantly ruled out blind chance. She liked the idea that she had given some powerful being a moment of amusement.

Lucy cautiously approached the door. She couldn’t remember who had been in her half of the Away Team, so kept her wrist-torch pointed down as she opened the door. They hadn’t been on a shoot to stun policy with this mission, so getting shot was best to be avoided.

The Ready Room was a sad sight. The previous Captain’s personal items that hadn’t been taken were scattered and smashed. A sight that certainly moved Lucy. It was a little crowded, but there were no sounds of violent action from outside. It was a little curious, but she decided to speak up, so the group could move onto the Bridge.

“Somebody wanne get the door. I think we’re in the clear, this time.”

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Miles soon found himself in what he believed to be the Callisto's Ready Room, if the layout was correct. Right where they were supposed to be. It was trashed, that much was true, and it felt more cramped. Understandable, given that it was smaller than the Artemis' Ready Room.

Doing a quick head check, he noted they were missing someone from this current team. At first, a mild panic set in, fear that something bad had happened to Lieutenant Devereux.

That fear was quickly eased as the Science Lieutenant came out from the Captain's Head moments later. Miles breathed a sigh of relief that their group hadn't lost anyone. With that, he focused his attention on any sounds coming from the other side of the doors that led to the Bridge.

When he heard nothing, he began to approach, right at the time Devereux made the comment about getting the door and being clear at this time.

Miles did take precaution as he readied to open the door, eyes out for anything that might be a trap or trigger.

==Tag. GM input: Anything that would keep the Ready Room group from entering the Bridge? Are they able to leave the Ready Room?==
There were no booby traps, or anything preventing people moving about Deck One normally. It seemed as though, with typical Cardassian arrogance, things had been left alone once the occupying troops had vacated the premises.
== Bridge ==

Mara soon confirmed what Aeryn had heard, but there were other things to focus on as her fellow security officer queried the PADD that the COS had indicated, and raised a very good question. " No idea, but it meant something to them, especially if they couldn't access everything that they needed" Aeryn theorised, which was all either of them could do until someone accessed the device. As Mara made contact with the second team led by Coleman and gave them an update about what they had seen so far, Aeryn took another look around the bridge.

It was a little strange to be standing on the bridge of a ship that everyone didn't think they would see again, a ship that once was full of life and people going about their duties without knowing what lay ahead. Some of those people had now become prisoners, and there was little that the strike team could do about it. Her attention moved to Mara again as the Bandaran spoke to her directly. " That's a good question and something worth trying out, because if we can get them activated then it'll be easier to retake control of the ship".

Aeryn might not be a qualified pilot but hopefully, those who could, would be with them soon enough. Which left the engineering console, meaning that she and Mara could check both and report back. " You take the helm, and I'll check the engineering console".

Until the Captain said otherwise, Aeryn wanted to continue being proactive as she moved to the engineering console and, to her delight, activated it without any issues. " Engineering is working".

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== GM input. Can Aeryn glean any information that might be useful? ==
Mara’s sweep of the Bridge came up clear and she was quickly back on the open channel.

“Calleja to away team, Bridge secure. Come on out. Doesn’t look like the Cardies even considered the possibility of hostile forces comin’ aboard.”

With the all clear given to the rest of the team, the Amazonian Security officer looked over as Aeryn answered her questions.

[That's a good question and something worth trying out, because if we can get them activated then it'll be easier to retake control of the ship.] There was a moment’s pause. [You take the helm, and I'll check the engineering console.]

“Got it,” Mara answered.

The helm console switched on easy enough, and seemed to confirm what they were seeing on the viewscreen.

“OK, helm station appears to be functional, but I’m gonna leave it to the 2 actual experts to start messin’ with it,” Calleja replied. “Matches what we’re seein’ on the viewscreen. They’ve locked the ship on a long course towards the sun.”

As the rest of the away team started to emerge from the Ready Room, she looked over at the Captain.

“I remember from the briefin’ material, the Cardies got the jump on Callisto in the first place because they hid the ship in interference caused by the binary stars. You think we could use the same effect to get clear? I don’t know how close we’d need to get, but that might be a play we could use.”

She was speaking to the team in general, not just Tyra. Calleja was no Tactical officer and if her suggestion was a viable plan, it would need better minds than the Bandaran’s to make it work.

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Couple of very quick GM input requests please. How long do we have before the Callisto gets close enough to the suns to put us in danger? And is the air clear enough on the Bridge to lose the helmets? ==
>> Ancillary Location >>

As they materialized on an empty, desolate bridge, Tyra didn't immediately move as the other sprang into action. Maybe it was the almost undeniable urge to slam her boot into the nearest console in sheer frustration or maybe, it was the pounding of blood in her ears as her blood pressure no doubt hit an all time high as the situation sank in.

Not only had they been sent on this errand based on terrible Intel but it has ultimately been for nothing. She and Elias' careers were likely over for the sake of reacquiring a ship that was so demolished and torn apart it likely would be scuttled by the Fleet anyway. Despite the presence of the PADD downloading information, she couldn't help but suspect even without that information, the Cardassians no doubt had gotten enough information to still do them harm. And the hostages were who the Hell knew where.

Essentially, her crew had and continued to risk their lives to reacquire a ship that the Cardassians would have scuttled for them. It was a fucking waste and all Tyra could think about was how much she wanted to absolutely beat the living shit out of the first admiral she encountered.

Her feet carried her on auto-pilot towards the command chair, formerly belonging to someone just as worthless as the idiots that had sent them here. Hell, if she hadn't been worthless in the first place, they wouldn't have been sent on this wild goose chase.

Her fingers tapped over the console to try to determine what she could access from there under the ship's current operations. She could hear Calleja calling for the rest of the team and for that she was grateful.

“I remember from the briefin’ material, the Cardies got the jump on Callisto in the first place because they hid the ship in interference caused by the binary stars. You think we could use the same effect to get clear? I don’t know how close we’d need to get, but that might be a play we could use.”

Tyra paused, the pounding in her ears subsiding. "Possibly if we come up with a way to simulate the necessary debris. We'd also need to go ahead and have our escape route mapped out because we can only hide for so long."

As the second team came out of the ready room, she started to direct people to assignments. "Grant, grab helm. I need to know how long we've got before we hit the point of no return. And whether we can bring weapons and engines online when needed."

"Calleja, talk to Elias and find out how we can sever that PADD's connection without triggering every alarm possible."

"Miller and Star, we need to figure out what hostages were kept here and where they went. If they're somewhere accessible, we might have to go fix that issue," she ordered, trying to ignore her surprise that it seemed the team had gotten a little mixed up. Something must have gone wrong with the transporters.

"Everyone else, find some work," she said as she took her own orders and began working on the command console once more. She began to work through Calleja's idea, knowing if it had been done once, it could be done again. They just needed the correct details to make it work because she couldn't very well cram her boot up anyone's ass if she died on this rust bucket.

== GM Input: How close would they need to get to the stars to hide in the interference? How long could the ship remain? And what is the travel time from that hiding place to the edge of the system? ==
Benjamin materialized on the bridge and went to the engineering console, nodding at Aeryn as he moved in. "Lieutenant Deveraux," he called to the scientist, "the slipstream was beamed to a transport a day or two ago, at coordinates I'm sending to the science console now." He suited actions to words, and the coordinates appeared on the console. "See if you can find it again?"

That done, he turned his mind back towards the padd. He waved Calleja over as he started enacting his plan. "I'm isolating the padd by starting a level 2 diagnostic," he told her. "That isolates the system in a test environment, so it can't access any of the files it's trying to download, which should leave them incomplete and corrupted wherever they're being sent. If I'm right, though, the link to their system should still be active." He indicated the nearest console, inviting the tall woman to take a seat. "You should be able to get into the padd's software and storage from there; see if you can figure out anything useful from it. I'm going to try and invade their system and do the same."

Minimizing the diagnostic window, Benjamin opened a console and started trying to burrow into the Cardassian file system. He knew that it would be difficult going, since it was very different from Starfleet LCARS, but at its root it was still just files and folders. He looked for anything, anything at all, that could be useful.

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==GM Input: Can I even get into the Cardassian system? I'll dig better if I can==
[Possibly if we come up with a way to simulate the necessary debris. We'd also need to go ahead and have our escape route mapped out because we can only hide for so long.]

There was a thin smile on Mara’s lips as she listened to Tyra. The CO’s frustrations were no doubt bubbling away just below the surface again but she seemed in a slightly better place now the team actually had something they could be doing.

[Calleja, talk to Elias and find out how we can sever that PADD's connection without triggering every alarm possible.]

The Bandaran nodded and moved to the centre chair as the engineer waved her over. Mara had to immediately focus so that she could follow as he outlined his plan. She could do a passable impression of a gold shirt with some handholding, and had done recently with the booby-trapped transporter on the last mission, but it took a lot of concentration.

[I'm isolating the padd by starting a level 2 diagnostic. That isolates the system in a test environment, so it can't access any of the files it's trying to download, which should leave them incomplete and corrupted wherever they're being sent. If I'm right, though, the link to their system should still be active.]

He indicated the nearest console, inviting the tall woman to take a seat. She was only too happy to oblige.

[You should be able to get into the PADD's software and storage from there; see if you can figure out anything useful from it. I'm going to try and invade their system and do the same.]

“OK, got it,” Mara replied. She snuck a glance at the readout on her suit’s forearm, keen to see if the air was clear enough up here to let her lose the helmet.

I mean, there might not be enough of Callisto to rescue. I don’t know, I ain’t a tactical officer or engineer. I can’t do the damage assessment. But it seems like we got the core of a functionin’ ship here, and I’d rather we took this back home than get crammed on the Waverunner or that bunk room again.

Oh shit. Waverunner!

“Hey boss,” Calleja said, looking over at Crawford. “About that necessary debris. We got the Waverunner sat in the dock, and plenty of junk in the corridors. Between all that, there’s enough to simulate a decent wreck, right? It doesn’t have to survive a clear scan ‘cause the Cardies are expectin’ it all to melt anyway. Means we gotta make a call on which ship we leave on though.”

She turned back to the console, waiting until Elias had set the PADD into diagnostic mode before working through a list of queries if she was able to.

OK. Focus on this.

How did they gain access to the PADD and the computer system in general? If we can identify the back door they used we can better protect our systems in the future. What files did they access from here? What were they trying to download? Have they uploaded anything into Callisto’s computer that might come back to bite us? We know they took the slipstream drive. Did they go for anything else?

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Sorry GM, more input requests please in addition to the one about whether the air is clear. 

Assuming Mara is able to follow Elias’ instructions and access the PADD, what can she tell from it? Specifically, will it tell us:
- How did the Cardassians gain access to the PADD and the computer system in general?
- What files did they access?
- What were they trying to download?
- Did they upload anything into Callisto’s computer?
- Did they try to remove anything else other than the slipstream drive?

Thank you! Big Grin ==
Once Miles had done his initial sweep and determined there was nothing preventing them from entering the Bridge, he made motioned for the rest of his team to join, activating the door to open...just as Calleja called out for them to join. As he entered he took a look around, noting how dark everything was, with only two noticeable things active: the Captain's chair and the viewscreen.

Miles could tell their current trajectory was not promising, especially with the earlier report. It would still fall on Miles or Harriman to take over and try to get them out of their current situation. Though, he listened to the ends of a discussion regarding creating a debris field and finding an escape route. Crawford then indicated for Miles to take the helm and check on their timetable until the point of no return as well as status of weapons and shields.

Miles quickly went about following the Captain's orders, taking the Helm and booting up the diagnostics and helm control. He would need to try to take control while seeming like they were drifting towards the initial trajectory, but needed to make sure he would have time for a plan to form.

He overheard Calleja bring up the Waverider and other objects that could possibly be used for the necessary debris, and asking the question of which ship they would prefer to keep.

Miles wasn't sure if they were at the point of sacrificing either ship to make their escape, but also understood that it could still come to that. As he mulled it over awaiting the results, his initial response would have been the Callisto. It had already caused them enough trouble as it was, and the Cardassians were already expecting it to be destroyed. He wasn't quite at the point of butting into the conversation between Calleja and Crawford, as he had more important things to focus on at the moment.

==GM input: Is Miles able to retake control of the helm? What is the ETA before the Callisto reaches a point of no return and are weapons and shields available?==
==Sincere apologies for the delay, folks! Life started lifeing, and that meant no hobby time for poor old GM-01!==


The air was breathable so they didn't need the helmets. The PADD was of Cardassian design, and had been connected to the computer via an adapter. Whether this had been done by a Cardassian or Prisoner was unknown, but whoever had linked the two had to have been a competent systems architect to mate the usually-incompatible technologies.

The Cardassians had accessed virtually every file using some form of worm; it had scoured the databases, identifying and downloading things that might be of interest to a second-rate military power looking to return to glory: the Slipstream specifications, all logs pertaining to the Callisto's Delta Quadrant voyage, and Starfleet Intelligence's best guesses about where the fleeing Planet Killers from the Megasphere battle had disappeared to.

Nothing else of value had been removed apart from the Slipstream Drive. The Luna-class was a 20 year old design, and Obsidian Order agents had likely already stolen anything else of interest - the Callisto being one of only two outfitted with Slipstream Drive had made her special.


The Callisto was already entering an area of radiation that would mask their position, but they would need to dive deeper if they were to take the time to hide. With shields up and relevant innoculations passed among the crew, assuming Sickbay was still operational, they could hide in the radiation field for a few hours before they started to suffer from radiation exposure. Without operational shields, that would be reduced to mere minutes as they entered higher density radiation areas. At Impulse, it would take an hour for the Luna to transit out of the system with her damaged engines. An intra-system warp jump, plotted extremely carefully as to avoid any stellar objects that might be in their way, would take only minutes.


It took a moment, but with their plans almost at an end it seemed like the Cardassians had gotten sloppy, and he was able to access the system.


The helm wasn't locked out, the Cardassian seemingly hadn't figured that was a priority, so he could quite easily disengage the autopilot. At their current velocity, the Callisto would plunge into the star's gravity well within five minutes if the course wasn't adjusted. Power would need to be routed to the relevant generators would require charging, but diagnostics indicated weapons and shields were available.
Remaining where she was for the time being, Aeryn listened as Mara gave the rest of the team the all-clear before confirming what they were seeing on the viewscreen. Hopefully, they could stop the Callisto from being incinerated, otherwise it meant trying to get to the Waverider before it was too late. Trying not to think about being burned to a crisp, Aeryn focused on what she could do, as Mara spoke directly to the Captain and offered a suggestion. Tyra was quick to answer about how it could work and what they needed to do to make that happen as the others entered the bridge.

Orders were then issued, and Aeryn would be working alongside Star to find out more information about the hostages, specifically who had been kept and where they had been taken. Easy enough to do, if there was an available console other than where she was currently standing. " Acknowledged Captain" she replied, gesturing for Star to join her just as the rest of the consoles sprung to life. To some, it may seem like a miracle. Still, Aeryn didn't have to figure out who was responsible for making things a little easier as Commander Elias materialised on the Bridge. Aeryn immediately stepped aside to allow the CE access to Engineering.

Returning his nod with a smile, Aeryn moved to an available console while Elias spoke to Lucy and Mara with specific instructions, so they could try and locate the slipstream drive and stop the Cardassians from gaining access to the information that they were downloading. A smirk crossed Aeryn's pale features briefly, imagining the chaos it would cause. That'll teach them she thought amusingly, before speaking to Star.

" It should be easy enough to access the files about the hostages," she remarked, as she began to search the database. It was then that Aeryn overheard Mara's next idea and, again the notion of getting one up on the Cardassians, appealed to the security officer regardless of which ship they ended up using for their escape.

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== GM input, are we able to find out what hostages were kept on Callisto, how many, and where they went? ==
With the readout on her suit indicating the air was clear, Mara didn’t hesitate. There was a faint hiss as she disengaged the helmet and took it off, clipping it to her belt. She blinked a couple of times as her eyes adjusted. It was a relief to be able to rely fully on her own senses again, instead of what the suit fed her. She knew how good the equipment was but she still preferred to see and hear for herself.

All data slates looked so alike that Calleja didn’t realise this one was Cardassian until she started to see alerts and overlays in their language. She had taken a couple of courses in Cardassian but she was a long way from being able to translate anything remotely technical. Luckily though, it was still connected to the Callisto’s computer and showing the Federation standard interface, which she could read.

As she worked, Mara was finding it hard to stay focused. This mission was bringing out the bitterly cynical part of her and it was really starting to bother her. She had worked hard to appreciate the sanctity of life. That had meant spending time around spiritual and religious people, reading all sorts of writing on the subject, getting lectures from tutors back at the Academy. All of it to undo what her home world had done to her perspectives.

And yet. Here I am, still proposin’ what amounts to a fuckin’ war crime executin’ a bunch of unconscious prisoners. The worst part of it all is, I’m still not convinced I was wrong. Cuttin’ their throats would make our escape so much easier. And they’re soldiers. Part of the job is knowin’ that if the enemy gets you at blade’s end, you probably ain’t comin’ back.

She let out the breath she’d been holding in an irritated hiss. Once she got back to Artemis - and there was no doubt whatsoever in her mind that she was going to get back - this whole mission was going to need a lot of mental and emotional unpacking. Until then, she buried it all deep deep down within herself so she could get her mind back on the job at hand.

It looked like the Cardassians had been through the entire computer. Calleja knew a worm program from cyber-security lessons, and this was a particularly crude example. She wasn’t remotely surprised to see that it had really focused on anything connected to the Slipstream Drive and the Delta Quadrant. According to the data, that’s all they were after - nothing else had been taken from Callisto except the drive itself and the fuel.

“They figured out how to link their systems to ours,” Mara said aloud, tapping the adaptor at the base of the PADD as she gave her report. “As for the rest, about what you’d expect. They went through the whole computer but most of what they took was Slipstream Drive and Delta Quadrant related. Doesn’t look like they took anything else off the ship, it was just the drive they were after.”

She looked around to see how everyone else was getting on. And more importantly to her, how they were going with the whole not-crashing-into-a-star thing.

“You get much?” Calleja asked Elias.
It didn't take long for Miles get the necessary information on what he needed. It was helpful, though definitely not all great news. Fixable, but very time sensitive. Luckily, he wasn't locked out of the Helm, so was quickly able to gain control of the ship. He reviewed everything before giving his update to Captain Crawford.

"I have control of the Helm," he reported. "We've got about five minutes before we get into the star's gravity well. The generator's need to charge, but we've got access to weapons and shields. Shields should help us avoid radiation for a few hours if need be. If someone can confirm, I believe we should have enough interference now to be able to stay out of the gravity well and get what we need done to make it out of system."

As he gave his report, he did what he could to ensure they avoided the gravity well while not making it obvious they were avoiding the gravity well until he got his confirmation that they had the interference needed to avoid detection.

While Aeryn was hopeful that accessing the information would be relatively straightforward, the security chief was also mindful of the time that they had left. She couldn't be lackadaisical about her task, not when the Captain was relying on them to get answers as quickly as possible. The familiar hiss of a helmet being disengaged, provided some reassurance to the redhead, telling her that it was safe to take hers off, which would make things a lot easier when it came to communicating with those on the bridge. 

" That's better," she remarked, enjoying the sensation of the relief that came with removing the very thing that had kept her safe thus far. Everything seemed a little clearer as she refocused on the console, before hearing Mara's report which was quickly followed by Grant giving them an update regarding the helm.

Five minutes was all it was going to take, but they had also been given an additional lifeline if they chose to stay on the Callisto with a few hours of protection from the inevitable radiation poisoning. Not exactly the way that Aeryn would want to go, but at least they had an option. Better than nothing she thought to herself as she and Star awaited the results of the database search. Her mind ticked back to earlier before the team had engaged the Cardassians, specifically Robin, and how the CMO had been scanning since they had left the Waverider. Trying to remember what was said about the hostages, and surely it wouldn't hurt to check in with her friend to see if any of the data she collected was relevant to what Aeryn needed.

" Robin might be able to give us a hand with the information that the Captain wanted, while we wait for the search results to come back" she suggested, tapping the comm to speak to the CMO.

" Miller to Mayfair, can you send me the data that you collected about the prisoners that were beamed away when we first got here? The Captain has asked me, and Star to find some additional information about them, and I remembered that you picked them up on your scans".

It was worth a shot, and it was a chance that Aeryn was willing to take if it helped her and Emily. 

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Robin's voice came back in quick reply.

[Understood, Lieutenant. Transmitting the data now.]

Moments later the requested information uploaded into Aeryn's tricorder.

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After the other half of the Away Team had exited the Ready Room the Captain gave instructions to some and basically told the remainder including Lucy to find some work, preferably out of the way. At least that was how Lucy interpreted her tone. Ben had requested that Lucy try and track down the last known location of the slipstream drive. He’d sent what he’d found from his time rooting in the Computer Core to the Science Console for Lucy to track. It was curious that the drive had been removed only a day or two before they had arrived.

It wasn’t like the Cardassians had been expecting them, so the timing was quite strange. Depending on the vessel used to transport the trail shouldn’t have dissipated much. The issue would be if the trail left the system. With the usually capricious nature of the Cardassians what they could have done with it was anyone’s guess.

Lucy started a diagnostic of the sensor array. She was hopeful that the Cardassians hadn’t shown any interest in the sensor palettes. The risk was she’d need to run an active scan of the where the drive had been transported to. It kept her occupied.

“Captain, requesting permission to run an active sensor sweep of the last known location of the slipstream drive. Not certain if it has been taken out of the system.”

I hate probability.

== GM input request, are the sensors in working order for scientific purposes? ==
Attempting to gain access to a hostile system isn't exactly difficult. But it's also not a simple process, either. He had learned some about the process at the Academy, and having to make disparate parts from disparate cultures all work together while in independent service also helped, particularly since he was working his way into a Cardassian system. Different cultures all had different ways of making their systems work, and sometimes a xenopsychology degree was of more use than one in computer engineering. You had to know how they thought, how they viewed the world, in order to make heads or tails of their systems - Federation systems were fairly open and easy to navigate, for instance, while Ferengi systems hid much of their capability behind paywalls. It wasn't difficult, if you knew how computers work, but it wasn't simple.

Of course, the fact that they had left their only-slightly-metaphorical back door open with this link made matters a lot easier.

Still, he was surprised whenever he got in and saw just how accessible the Cardassian system was. His hands came up from the console just a bit as he watched the file system propagate and fill his screen, and considered where he should go next.

[You get much?] Calleja asked Elias from nearby.

"Yeah," he said a little breathlessly, a smile on his face. "It looks like I've got everything. Or at least can get it."

His fingers hit the console again as he pulled up a couple of data mining protocols from the engineering toolkit. They were normally used for forensic diagnostics on broken equipment, but he thought they'd be useful here. He tasked them with searching the databanks for specific items. 

The first, he sent looking for anything that looked like it was limited-access. If there were files that could only be accessed from certain locations, he wanted to know because that likely meant they were doing something at that location he wanted to know about. 

A second one was tasked with finding any files that seemed to have Federation origin. He wasn't sure if they would have converted any files they stole from Callisto to Cardassian file types, but the old ones were likely lurking on the network still, somewhere. He gave another dataminer the task of looking for anything that looked like a schematic. For a moment, Benjamin considered giving it the Slipstream schematic to compare against, but he didn't want to expose that to potential Cardassian scrutiny any more than it already had been. He'd just have to sort them out himself on this side.

The last dataminer he programmed, he set to crawl for any delivery or shipment records from the past two weeks. It was going to be a large dataset, but he fed the results of that one back to an analysis program that would look for anything that was out of the ordinary in it: things that were going by military vessel rather than a cargo ship, consignments that seemed strange for what they were stated to be, or anything else peculiar.

It was going to be a lot, but he knew if they could find where the Cardassians were researching the drive - particularly if it was in-system - then it could mean the difference between keeping the drive out of the enemy's hands, or this mission being yet another fiasco.

==GM Input:

1) Do I find anything like a location that has a lot of sealed-off files related to it?
2) Can I locate the Slipstream plans, either the original Federation files or Cardassian copies, or maybe both?
3) Are there any shipments that seem out of place (e.g., not food or regular supplies)?==

==Tag Calleja==

The hostages had been kept in the enlisted barracks, packed in like sardines. According to the logs, anyone who had survived outside of the Engineering department had been moved elsewhere. Only engineers had been kept aboard.


Yes, but short-range only. Long-range sensors would be suitable for navigation but little else.


Any classified files appeared to have already been erased from the system; there were partitions where files had been, but they were empty.

The slipstream files and their Cardassian copies were easy enough to locate simply by tracing the outgoing communication link back to the source file.

Most of the shipments to the area had been made by freighters, but two had been made by warships. One had been personnel, not long after the Callisto's capture, and the destination had been a penal colony deep within Cardassian space. The second had been listed only as "hardware", with the destination listed as the Kelvas System.
[Mayfair to Crawford. I've found where the Starfleet hostages were kept, Enlisted Quarters Deck 7, and I'm going to investigate since the internal sensors aren't working there. Harriman is going to guard the prisoners. D'Mar's beamed to Engineering.]
Aeryn quickly thanked Robin and then returned to the task that had been given to her and Star. " There were about two dozen human life signs when we first arrived," she remarked to Emily as the information from Robin came through. So much had happened since then, that she could be forgiven for not remembering the exact number, but this was why you had other members of the crew to assist when needed. That number of people didn't seem like a lot considering the crew compliment for Callisto. However, where the other survivors had gone, was soon answered by their search of the database.

At first, Aeryn wanted to curse out loudly about the way the crew had been treated but forced herself to bite back the expletive as she processed what she was seeing. The lack of a destination as to where the hostages were taken was equally frustrating, ruling out the possibility of them launching a rescue attempt. Whether that would be a blessing or a curse she didn't know, but at least she had something to tell the Captain, even if it wasn't pleasant.

Then again considering everything, it shouldn't have come as a surprise as she turned to face Tyra, speaking loud enough for the entire team to hear. " They kept the hostages in the enlisted barracks, packed them in like they were sardines" she began, ignoring the bad taste in her mouth.

" All engineers, according to the logs and anyone else who survived outside of engineering were moved elsewhere. When we first arrived, about two dozen people were beamed away, which suggests that they were the engineers. What we haven't been able to find is where they were all taken".[/color]

Logic dictated who they were, thanks to the data that had been provided by both Robin and the logs, so Aeryn had no issue with relaying that to the Captain and the rest of the team.

== Tags ==
Tyra's brow furrowed as she worked through information on the command console. They were currently hidden in radiation, which they could borrow deeper into to hide for a few hours of they could get shields online and hope Mayfair and Star could work their magic. But what did they gain by hiding? They might be able to get systems online that they didn't have time to mess with now but there was a taskforce out there ready to smite the system, which meant they either needed to sneak out quickly before the Cardassians truly became alert or they could wait and hope the taskforce took the brunt of their attention.

What she did know was that limping out on impulse power want an option. They either hide long enough to get engines online more fully or go all in on a gamble with their lives and the structural integrity of this stupid ship

"I have control of the Helm," Miles reported. "We've got about five minutes before we get into the star's gravity well. The generator's need to charge, but we've got access to weapons and shields. Shields should help us avoid radiation for a few hours if need be. If someone can confirm, I believe we should have enough interference now to be able to stay out of the gravity well and get what we need done to make it out of system."

"How proficient are you at intra-system jumps?" She asked, weighing her faith in her rather young CTO. She would have had no doubts in Jenny or Eli but they were both pilots in the strictest terms. Miles was a bit more of a jack of all trades and with FUBAR experience.

“Captain, requesting permission to run an active sensor sweep of the last known location of the slipstream drive. Not certain if it has been taken out of the system," Devereaux asked, drawing her attention momentarily away from Grant.

The redhead paused for a moment before shrugging. It was likely a toss up on whether the scan would register through the radiation but she also didn't like the idea of blasting out of the sun blindly.

"Granted. While you're at it, tag any obstacles between us and safety and give me an idea on the taskforce position."

Her blue eyes shifted back to Grant but before she could say anything further, her helmet relayed a message from Mayfair

[Mayfair to Crawford. I've found where the Starfleet hostages were kept, Enlisted Quarters Deck 7, and I'm going to investigate since the internal sensors aren't working there. Harriman is going to guard the prisoners. D'Mar's beamed to Engineering.]

She wanted to order one of her security officers down to her but a quick glance told her everyone was occupied trying to get this **** show under control.

"If you need back up, holler. Report what you find," she answered, her tone grim and set. She didn't suspect there would be anything pleasant found in the search and wondered if Mayfair would rethink her opposition to their handling of the Cardassians after seeing what they were capable of.

Miller's following report just piled onto her suspicions, leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. They'd been too late to save the hostages and too late to stop the drive from being ripped out. They'd taken this risk for nothing, it seemed.

What a way to flush a career down the toilet...

"Understood. I doubt this ship is in shape to go chasing anyone down but if we can find a location, maybe someone else can locate them. Same with the drive if it's not nearby."

"Right now, we need to focus on getting out of here. The faster the better...Grant, intra-system jump. Doable?"

== Tag everyone! ==
"Yeah," Benjamin replied, a little breathlessly, a smile on his face. "It looks like I've got everything. Or at least can get it."

“Go you,” Mara said with a wicked grin. “Maybe we can get enough intel back off them to make this catastrofuck of a mission worth the effort.”

The Bandaran looked around again, taking in the comm chatter and the exchanges amongst the rest of the team. She held the image of the Callisto in her mind, slotting in where the team was and what they were up to. They were starting to spread too thin and that was a worry. If there were Cardassians still on board it would be way too easy to sabotage what was left.

"Right now, we need to focus on getting out of here. The faster the better...Grant, intra-system jump. Doable?" The Captain asked.

“Alternative suggestion?” Calleja said, speaking up. “It really sticks in my fuckin’ throat to make it. I would really, really like to ride this wreck back to DS9 with our middle fingers raised out the starboard windows. But I’ve been listenin’ to the same reports you have. It’s junk. The Cardassians got what was worth anything. Let Elias get everything he can outta their system, then we retreat back to the Waverunner, use Callisto to cover our escape and get outta here. Hell, maybe we got enough time to dump anythin’ incriminatin’ into the bay before we go.”

I wasn’t kiddin’. That did hurt to say. But we gotta evaluate all our options right now and that to me is the best way of keepin’ us all breathin’. However much I fuckin’ hate it.

== Tags! ==
== Opps did it again, doh! ==

The calm voice of D'Mar came over the comms, [Acknowledged, captain.]
== You must be punished. Your agonizer, please. ==

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