PH/D00 - Shipwide Announcements
[This is the Captain. All hands to departure stations.]
[All Officers report to the Officer's Lounge in ten minutes for a briefing. Master Chief Bartlett, report to the Bridge.]
[All Officers, report to the Bridge immediately.]
[Chief of the Boat. Please report to the bridge immediately.]
As the Philadelphia sat in its parking orbit, people going about their day-to-day lives mostly unaware of what had transpired on the Bridge only hours earlier, every communicator and communications panel came alive at once.

[Evacuation Drill. All Hands To Escape Pods. Evacuation Drill. All Hands To Escape Pods.]

The alert was accompanied by the two-tone sound of the evacuation alarm.
Every single crewmember would hear Jensen's voice come through their badge. His voice was tense.

[Jensen to all crew of the Philadelphia. Get back to ship immediately. That's a priority order!]
==Wrap-Up Post==

Mere minutes after the Philadelphia's hair-raising jump away from the exploding Entara, she was encircled by the remainder of the Task Force. Braggins and Jensen were both placed under Quarters Arrest for their breaches of the Uniform Code of Conduct, and the Philadelphia found herself being towed in ignominy to Deep Space Nine. The prisoners were transferred to the Kumari, as was the still-comatose Cardassian crewperson; they would be transferred to a Hospital Ship in time, where they would also be thoroughly "debriefed" by representatives from Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence during their recovery period.

The Philadelphia herself was towed to the Beta Antares Shipyards, birthplace of the famous USS Defiant, where she would be evaluated by a team of Engineers to determine whether she was worth repairing. Though she was a newer ship with modern systems, the design was still thirty years old, and the resources were needed elsewhere. While they awaited the decision, the crew were restricted to DS9 and neighboring Bajor.

At the inquiry held aboard DS9, Captain Braggins took full and sole responsibility for the actions of her crew. The fact she had saved the prisoners and downloaded a full copy of the Entara's logs meant that she avoided the Court Martial many would have assumed was coming. She did not, however, avoid the wrath of the superiors she had defied and embarrassed; she was once again reassigned to the Yeager, with the only alternative assignment available to her a Quartermaster's position on a Deep-Space Relay Station until her seperation date. The Cardassian government strongly protested Braggins' actions and demanded her extradition to stand trial for piracy; the Federation Council politely declined.

The Philadelphia crew would be redistributed about the fleet, pending review by Starfleet Personnel. 

The sudden cancellation of Operation Ursa Major would have far-reaching effects on those involved as it dissolved into scandal. There were investigations at Starfleet Command and within the Federation Foreign Office, and several ships were redeployed to backwater postings as a result of their involvement. The entire incident was quietly swept under the rug.

Ensign Ichika would eventually recover thanks in no small part to Doctor Ragarri's skill, but the extent of her injuries prevented her from spaceborne duty for at least a year.

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