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Xenara did as instructed and when the holographic menu showed itself, she went to work asnwering the questions. She didn't realise there would be so many preliminary and qualifying questions, but trusted Alex to know what he was doing.

She wasn't worried about the type of fabric, as long as she didn't have to wear pants. She would mostly be in a Starfleet skirt uniform even if she opted for the invisibility option, which she wasn't sure she needed. She didn't want anything that would draw unecessary power. Although the nanites in her frame were basically under their own power supply, they were still linked, so if one or more got damaged and shorted out, the others could compensate. Unless of course, something hit just the right section or combination of sections like building debris falling on top of her like what happened on Elteban 3.

She flew through of the questionaire, which really was extensive, but with something this important, individual choices mattered. The only thing she took time on was the more technical aspects which she asked Alex for advice. The interface was indeed user friendly and intuitve, skipping sections when she answered a certain way, especially when it came to her medical history, which was an aspect she hadn't really considered outside of catastrophic malfunction.

"This is actually kind of fun," she said as she continued to experience the holographic questionaire, which shifted its size based on the section she was in. "Almost like a video game."

After she finished, she took several minutes to review her responses to make sure she didn't omit or input anything she didn't mean to.

"Alright," she said as she placed her hands on her hips. "What's next?"

==Tag Alex (And Shione and Coppola if you're coming)==
== Not sure who all is joining us, but going to leave as much of it open to those joining the upgrade session as I can. ==

Alex smiled and said, "Alright, now we get into the magic of the moment."

The menu vanished from in front of Xenara and she saw a holographic version of herself in front of her. She was facing herself and it was like a holographic mirror.

Alex began, "There are simple commands. You can turn the image off by simply saying for it to close image. You can have it in mirror mode, but telling it mirror on, or mirror off. Obviously the difference is that while looking at yourself, if you raise your right hand, it will change which hand the image raises and so on. Most people are familiar with looking into a mirror and it can be uncomfortable seeing their actual image at first. They are more comfortable with it though when they rotate the image and see how they look from behind and are not in mirror mode. Either way, feel free to change it is you feel the need. You can rotate it with small hand gestures from side to side, much like you might if you were touching a screen. It takes a moment to get used to, but I think that you'll find you get spoiled with it very quickly. You strike me as a woman who knows her way around basic control panels and this is based on that system, so that it remains intuitive."

he tapped on a few key on a menu floating in front of him. His was at a bit of an angle, much like a console. "Try not to move too much. This might tingle and I apologize in advance, if you're ticklish at all."

There was a soft version of a transporter sound and Xenara's clothing vanished, but she was still encased in her exoskeleton, It was highlighted and looking very shiny and metallic, not appearing normal to her, but she had seen it appear like that when her father was working on it. He had referred to it as a maintenance mode. There were sparkles showing up on the image of herself and they formed a pattern. The suit then covered every inch of her, from her chin down. She could even feel it on the back of her head.

"First of all, this is the reinforcement. Think of it as how using metal framework strengthens masonry. We're doing this on a molecular level though. I'm making it so that it supports your entire frame, even your fingers and toes. If you go into different environments, you're going to have the option to switch from wet to dry. I don't know if you have done any underwater work, but one form of protective suit allows water through, but provides more comfort. The dry version keeps all air and fluid away from your skin. If you end up not wanting to have your skin wet, it can keep your dry, however, if you're in a hot environment, it can allow your skin to breath and not trap your sweat under your clothing. The commands of wet or dry will cause it to shift."

As the image shifted, if went from a thick covering to thinner and thinner, until it looked like she had been spray painted with a material leaving nothing to the imagination, even though she was covered. It then began shifting through a wide color spectrum, as it calibrated.

"Alright, now it is adjusting you the lighting and your skin tone."

It suddenly began to go invisible, starting at her hands and feet and spreading quickly inwards. Just when Xenara was going to worry that she was about to be standing there completely stark naked in front of them, the image showed that she was wearing what appeared to be a bikini of some sort. It was only barely enough to remain modest, it nearly matched her skin tone and she couldn't actually feel it on her, but a glance down showed that there was part of the painted on image that looked like a swim suit anyway.

Alex spoke up again, "Xenara, it may not feel like it, but you still have the entire suit on. The key is that you shouldn't feel like it is there. If you move very rapidly, like if you shadow box of run in place, the rapid movement will let you feel just a tiny bit of resistance, like if you had on a pair of light stretch pants or the likes. The thing is though, you shouldn't normally feel any pressure or chaffing of any kind. Move around and let me know if you feel anything. If you do, I'll have it recalibrate."

He kept tapping and talking, "This suit will have more power, because it is going to use you as a power source. The nanites are going to use your body heat as part of their power grid. In extreme environments, you'll add a small power cell to your clothing to augment them and it will actually be able to keep you warm or cool as needed, much like a light environment suit might."

Finally locking eyes with ehr, he smiled warmly, "Try it out. Do a pushup or two, maybe some jumping jacks or whatever makes you feel active. I want to know if you are able to do some of those things you said might make you feel more 'average' than you did before walking in here. The artificial muscle augmentation should be able to compensate. You're not going to be able to beat up a Klingon, but you might be able to hold your own arm wrestling an average person of your size."He chuckled, "I don't suggest testing yourself again Shione, but you could deliver a punch to someone without hurting yourself."

== Tag Xenara...and whoever might be with us. ==
Xenara had to admit she had not been ready for the Ferengi-like attack against her modesty. Yet another reason she didn't entirely trust transporters. She never had experienced anything that...personal before, but she had read stories about how insidious the Ferengi were, at least the "traditionalists". On the other hand, it certainly beat having to undress manually, which was a chore in itself.

"I'm not privy to Betazoid culture," Xenara said, obviously teasing, but she layed it on thick,"but where I'm from, it's customary to get a lady drunk before humiliating her. For shame, chilvary is truly dead. Mirror on." She winked at Alex in case he didn't pick up her sarcasm. 

She hadn't payed much attention to her nanite frame, as it basically became part of her. But as the improvements to her frame morped into a sort of swim suit, then a bikini-like garment, which she never was comfortable wearing before. She turned herself a few times to look at her backside, but remembered the "mirror" was holographic, so she turned it instead. 

"Feels like I'm...viloating the dress code," she said. "But my main concern was behind my knees. The Starfleet uniforms always got caught there for some reason. But this is," she paused, doing as Alex instructed and found she was able to move more evenly and freely. "I can still feel the insane effect of gravity on my internal organs, but" she paused as she tried to do some yoga stretches. 

When Alex mentioned being able to throw a punch, she jabbed him in the shoulder with a half-attempt at one. "That's for attacking my modesty, you naughty boy...Sir. " she teased. She swung her arms a few times in the air, to see if she could feel the new upgraded attire, then lifted each leg, then to her surprise, was able to walk normally for the first time since leaving Gemworld. She only took a small lap around the area she was in, but it was enough. She had to compensate at first, as she was so used to walking with the awkward gait, but it only took a few seconds for the nanites to compensate the rest of the way.

She returned to her starting point and looked at herself in the mirror, and saw herself crying and smiling at the same time...

==Tag Alex and Shione and hopefully Coppala==
Alex continued to smile and nod with approval as Xenara moved around, testing the modifications. When she gave him a jab in the chest, he turned out to be surprisingly solid and took it in good humor, "Nice! The more you move, the more it will adapt."

"I think that's a good start. Cindy, if you would be so kind." He looked to Xenara, "You're about to meet my assistant."

A woman appeared next to Xenara She was wearing a version of a medical field uniform, but it was a light tactical design intended for field medics and normally part of a military unit. Xenara had typically only seen them as a comfortable option for certain Marine units and rarely seen one up close. The woman was bland and had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and displayed no rank. She was perhaps a couple of inches shorter than Xenara but seemed very friendly, not intimidating.

"Hi! I'm Cindy."

She moved her hand in front of Xenara and suddenly they were both dressed in the same kind of outfit Cindy had shown up in, complete with gloves, long sleeves, full length pants and boots. Cindy held up a hand to show Xenara, then made a very deliberate series of simple gestures and ran a finger down her other hand and the glove disappeared. She made a quicker and more casual version of the same gestures and the other disappeared. "Now you try."

After Xenara was able to perform the function, Cindy moved on to touching her chest with a finger and said, "Tank top...white." Suddenly the entire jacket was gone and Cindy was in a white cotton tank top that showed a tattoo on her shoulder with wings and a saying That Other May Live. She wasn't muscular, like Shione or Alex, but she was very fit while still appearing very feminine. "You can program any number of names and combinations for the system to recall on request. It is best if you keep it to simple clothing like undergarments and leave the bulk of your outfit to real clothing, but it allows a small amount of improvisation."

She touched her chest again and said, ""

Cindy was suddenly in a full length dinner dressed, complete with heels. SHe ran a finger up her thigh and a slit appeared, showing a flash of leg. "Don't worry, the suit will still be skin tight while displaying something like this for others to see. That's part of the idea for the holographic aspect." Cindy leaned in and added, in a conspiratorial tone, "Depending on how your evening goes, it will even dinner activities without any restrictions. Just don't get too athletic and you should be fine." She punctuated the statement with a wink.

A momen tlater, Cindy said, "Reset default." Just that quick, she was in her original uniform. "There is a manual in your files, but I'm happy to answer any questions you have."

== Tag Xenara...and company. ==
<<<< Tenforward<<<<<

Admitting to the fact he didn't know much about what was said, he wasn't in Science for a reason. He was smart enough to do it, just lacked the patients. There also seemed to be no tequila anywhere, fresh limes or a shaker of salt. It might be time to join Jimmy Buffet in the lost shaker of salt, they will call it the great search for salt. 

"Xardeen have been to a Batazoid wedding, unless my English is bad modesty isn't the word I would use. Add in an Itilian flare, and you have the best month possible." Right now everyone seemed to be too sober for this. It was time for a drinking game, one that helps get to know you phase if anyone remembers. "I can't speak for everyone but there was a promise of tequila, but I don't see any." He probably has it hidden somewhere, for scientific reasons naturally.

"I found that these uniforms are quite starchy, by adding static guard to certain ares it reduces that." He used that all the time with different clothes, suits were sometimes the worst.

Xenara chuckled at the Midshipman's remark. "Probably not wise to work while drunk. But if someone could procure some, it wouldn't go on their record." She added with a wink toward the young man.

When 'Cindy' appeared, things became much more interesting as Xenara's clothes changed. The Elaysian followed Cindy's intructions and was able to replicate the program's movements, and was quite impressed with the results. 

"I think you're the first personable A.I. I've ever met, Cindy," she said. 

After a few more changes, Cindy went back to her default look as did Xenara. But Xenara caught the tattoo on Cindy's shoulder and was curious. While she never indulged in that art, she did appreciate it, as it took a certain type of person to get one, but then Cindy wasn't exactly real...

"Understood," she said with a smirk. "But I was never one to play it safe. By the way, what is the meaning of that tattoo? As I understand, tattoos are rather personal, but I couldn't help but notice."

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Cindy actually gave a hint of a blush and smiled at Xenara's comment about being personable. Cindy gave a nod in return, "Thank you. I don't get much of a chance to directly interact with people anymore. Most people, especially Captains, tend to be uncomfortable around programs like mine or synthetics in general." Her expression became a little more serious, "Sadly, we've had to compensate and adjust for such realities. People want an EMH with a good bedside manner, yet if they seem too real, people tend to quickly take a dislike. It is what we call the creepy factor in such programming." She glanced at Alex with a touch of nostalgia in her eyes, "I've been with Alex in one form or another for more than 20 years now. It has been quite a journey."

When asked about her tattoo, Cindy's grin turned a bit more devilish and returned to the tank top look, "That?" She pointed to it briefly, "It's a unit that us girls formed. Sarah was the real leader of it, it was her passion. The Valkyrie. We trained to fly in a modified Marine Runabout Dropship and med-evac troops in hostile territory. Sometimes we would need to go in on foot and carry them out. We helped to train such units as well. The whole idea was to try and save lives. Alex encouraged us to be who we are and to develop our specialties. We all met or exceeded Star Fleet requirements and standards. We were required to pace the testing on all levels BEFORE it was revealed which of us was REAL and which were not."

Cindy gave a little sigh, "It can be strange how times change."

Taking a step back, hands on hips, Cindy looked Xenara up and down, nodding slowly in approval, "Yep, I think this is good work. Better than simple civilian options, but not quite getting into any of the combat grade stuff, so not really bending any rules on that aspect. It should serve you well. I hope you enjoy it. It looks nice on you."

Almost as an afterthought, "Oh! It also has a transportation mode. If you ever actually need to remove it, like if you went home or something, hold out your hand and tell it to prepare for transporting. It isn't to do with transporters, but it actually will remove itself from you and form itself into a small brick with rounded corners and edges where the harder material is on the outside to encase the other nanites. It is coded to your bio-signatures and can't be used for or by anyone else. Let me know if you ever have any other questions."

Cindy leaned in and gave a teasing side eye to Coppola as she nearly whispered to Xenara, "Keep on eye on that one. He reminds me of Skye. She likes to drink too."

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Xenara smiled. "Then again time doesn't care about our feelings."

She listened to Cindy and nodded. "Understood. And grateful. I don't suppose I could get my uniform back? I'd hate to walk around the ship wearing only this, as good as it looks. I'll play with it after my shift. Although my cat might have issues with it. He's not bad luck, but bad luck seems to follow him."

She turned to Alex. "Would a hug be considered unprofessional?"

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Cindy rolled her eyes playfully and snapped her fingers. The program ended and Xenara stood there in her uniform, still wearing her newly upgraded exoskeleton. Cindy added the comment, "You're going to want to try and work out a little. I know it has been hard before, but start slow and work up to it. The more fit you are, the more the suit can do for you and the less traumatic it will be if you take it off for any reason. I think you'll find it much easier to do now."

Alex smiled and replied to Xenara, "Not at all. I'm glad that you like it."
While listening to Cindy, Cologero knew that mankind did far worse to eachother. He also understood what she was saying about people being uncomfortable around them, it happens more than she thinks. People just can't help themselves, fear something they don't understand. He even had a small chuckle about the drinking, it was definitely true. Good food and Drinks go well together, the more company you have enhances the experience. 

"For what it's worth Cindy the Coppola family doesn't tolerate discrimination, we respect all life no matter what the origination. My Nonno and Nonna would say as children of God, you would be Nipotina. You would probably be the only one not scorn for being late for a meal, as you don't eat."

The story about the Valkyrie reminded him of stories he was told as a child, they were all Female. "Norse mythology Female figures that ferry the souls of the dead to Odens Hall in Valhalla." It was an interesting fact, there were other variations of the same thing. For all he knew all of them were true, or all were false. "History does state that in time people do change, but it takes time. It helps to be part of the change you want to inspire, or it will never happen." 

Soon he seen Xardeen so happy, it was a level of joy that he seldom sees. The smile was one of the most beautiful he has ever seen. Gaining or regaining the ability to do something was a beautiful thing, he knew that from personal experience.

Coppola's words made Cindy blush a bit more than before. She didn't think he was paying attention, but he was fair in calling her out on it and her smile reflected as much, "Well, that's good to hear, Mister Coppola. I appreciate the honesty. As for eating, I have been known to savor a delicious meal from time to time, but perhaps that's a topic for another time."

He then commented on the Valkyrie and she nodded to him, "Indeed, they were known to select the fallen warriors on the battlefield to raise them up. That's the most important part of why we used the name. We would fly in to pluck fallen warriors from battle. What few recall about those myths and legends is that half of those warriors didn't go to Odin. You see Freya was goddess of love, fertility, battle and death. The Valkyrie were her warriors and she was charged with this task of gathering the fallen warriors, but it was her privilege to select half of them for herself. Odin's went to Valhalla, while her warriors went to Fólkvangar. While everyone is familiar with the party Odin offered, few spoke of the other." Her expression turned a bit more devilishly playful, "Now, given that there were also women who fought in these cultures many a Shield Maiden found herself with their goddess and became Valkyrie. One has to consider, in all truth, if more had spoken about all the women in Freya's feasting hall, where do you think more of the men would want to spend eternity?" Cindy shrugged in an exaggerated way, "I'm just giving some food for thought, that's all. I mean, I'm sure there must have been SOME women at Odin's feasting, but likely more serving girls and the likes. In my experience, if a woman doesn't manage to scare the hell out of you a little once in a while, then she's not the one. It also turns out that most guys, especially the warrior types, they like a woman that can kick someone's backside now and then. How about you? Do you prefer a damsel in distress, or one who can fight with you against your enemies, back to back?" She held up a hand, "Don't feel compelled to answer that, by the way. You might say that it is rhetorically optional."

Cindy's smile widened, but it was clearly a playful and fun sort of smile and she was enjoying the little exchange. Alex watched with interest, but tried to make it look like he wasn't paying attention to their conversation.

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It was good food for thought that Cologero enjoyed, it was also a learning opportunity. There were a few things he did hear about that made it non appealing to Itilians, anything without flavor wasn't a thing. He also got the reference about where most men would want to go. "I know exactly where I want to spend eternity, but it's more than a valid point about most men."

She seemed to be funny with a level honesty that reminded him of home. Her question did spark an interesting thought process in his mind. "I get the question has multiple answers depending on who or what they are, most would answer they would prefer being the warrior hero. While others like me would say the truth, sometimes even the strongest hero needs saving. Life has taught me that even in weakness there is power, a lesson learned while I couldn't walk." In that brief part in his history it made Cologero rethink his life path, understand his calling better.

"If you met an women from Italy, Germany, Russia and Cuba, all of them equally as lovely as fierce. When both sides are equally strong they are unstoppable, and at times one needs to protect the other." It is the basic order of things.

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Xenara hugged Alex, and realized just how tall the man was. After she gently pushed herself away from the hug, she listened to the conversation about the Valkyrie, and she had to admit it was interesting, though she didn't have anything to contribute as she couldn't relate the way Coppala seemed to. But when he started to talk about his own family, it made Xenara think about her own.

"My family is similar to yours Cologero, assuming I pronounced it correctly," she said. "Well, aside from my mother who I seriously believe is a demon, we still protect each other when the need arises. Me, alas I'm no soldier, but if I have a phaser pistol I can certainly compensate with it."

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When Xenara walked over and hugged Alex, he didn't know what to say at first. Cindy suppressed a giggle as he awkwardly accepted the hug and briefly returned it. He had apparently misunderstood and thought she had meant to hug Cindy. In that brief moment, two things happened. The first was that for all of his size and strength, Alex was quite gentle. There was no doubt of how solid he was, but he was aware of his strength and took care to control his movements.

The second thing that happened was that for just a second, she felt a wave of emotion wash over her, like a wave lapping at the shore. As it surged up, there was a voice, very distant. It was the voice of a woman and had a very soft and musical quality to it. ~ Alex? ~

Then, just as quickly, it was gone. It didn't feel like someone talking to her, but the emotion was strong. It felt like a memory, a very fond one and a little sad. Then it was gone entirely.

Alex recovered himself and tried his best to hide the fact that it was his turn to blush a little. She was tall, almost as tall as he was. It was an uncommon thing for him to see almost eye to eye with a woman, but it was a surprisingly comfortable experience. His thoughts on the matter were well guarded though and he managed to force his brain to stay on track. For just a second, his hands had fallen to the small of Xenara's back and a memory had surfaced. He had not meant for his hands to be that low, but he wasn't accustomed to a taller woman hugging him. Fortunately, his touch had not been inappropriate, but his blushing was because he had come dangerously close enough that he felt a need to put those memories and emotions in check.

After hearing Coppola, Cindy's expression softened a little, "Well, I didn't take you for a renaissance man. I'm impressed, Mister Coppola. Very few people pick up on the depth of that. We like deep thinkers in this family. Alex used to like asking a question of people to evaluate them, the first time he met them." She glanced at Alex and then returned her eyes to those of Mister Coppola. "The question was a bit of a test, but few caught on that it was about more than the obvious. It was less about the actual answer and more about how they answered, because it revealed how they think." Her devilish grin returned, "Now you want to know what the question is...right?" She paused, "Imagine it as an essay question, but technically it is a task. Define the universe and give three examples."

Alex cautioned in a soft but fatherly tone, "Cindy, be nice."

She replied playfully, "Oh, don't worry. He seems like a nice guy. Too bad he isn't one of yours. Most of your people still have that nervous kid vibe that comes right out of the academy. Mister Coppola doesn't give off that kind of vibe at all. Rather refreshing, in many ways."  Cindy narrowed her eyes in a sort of mock interrogation, "Please tell me that you're at least a good pilot."

Suddenly turning back to Alex, Cindy excitedly began to ask, "Oh, thinking of piloting, did you..."

Alex interrupted her, "No...I didn't bring up the Iron Man thing, because that is not for deployment. That stays in the holodecks for entertainment purposes only. Can you imagine Star Fleet's reaction if...oh, why are we even discussing this."

Cindy chuckled, "Because Xenara grew up being able to fly!"

Alex seemed to think hard on this for a moment, then gave a little, "Perhaps another time. I'm not augmenting her suit that way, but we can another time."

Looking back at Coppola, Cindy continued, "For a really exciting piloting experience, you really have to try it. I know someone who really loves it, but you need to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie to do it in the first place."

Alex cautioned again, "Cindy?..."

Rolling her eyes, but surrendering with an amused look, she held up her hands and took a step back, "Just giving some input is all...but hint taken." She then got a little more serious and said to their guests, "It was really nice meeting you, but it is time for me to go. Maybe we'll talk again sometime."
Being not much of a warrior Cologero could handle himself, some of his moves as a Football player can come in handy. Some of the kicks that he used can be used for self defense. "It's alright my name is hard to pounce without the accent, my good friends call me C. Feel free to do the same thing. As for being a warrio, i believei would do well." 

He was surprised by Cindy's  "The universe itself is without definition, beautiful and most dangerous forces out there. A place where people can freeze and burn at the same time, a great place to explore." It seemed like she had a lot of questions, to him she was just curious.

"I can fly my dad wears his brown trousers when we fly together, because I scare him when I do. With my climbing, Squirrel wingsuit flying, and snow boarding adrenaline junkie doesn't come close. I am not sure what the Iron man thing I'd other than a triathlon."

This was one of the best conversations he had had in a while, if Cindy had a itilian accent she would pass as Italian. Most people hold back, but she didn't. It also seemed like her relationship with the Commander was like Father Daughter, and even loved each other the same way.

~ Alex? ~

Xenara blinked as she half listened to the continued conversation. She looked up at Alex as if she wanted to ask a question, but was unsure how, or if she even should. There was a split second where she had felt...something, but had no idea what it was. It felt...emotional...

Probably risiduals from my bond with Sothrick. Probably nothing... probably

She cleared her head as the wave of whatever that had been left as quickly as it had arrived, like a short summer breeze; you knew it was there, felt it, then it was gone and it made no sense to chase after it.

Xenara wasn't really focused on the conversation, as she wasn't exactly a 'deep thinker'. Her father and sister were, Cindy and Alex would love them. 

"How do you define something that's supposedly infinte and ever changing," she said. "I never had an affinity for science, but I know a thing or two. My sister is the real scientist in the family. My father just likes to build things." 

Then the conversation turned to Xenara and her literally growing up learning how to fly. "Well, technically that's a misnomer. There is so very little gravity on Gemworld that the entire population, not just Elaysians, - there are actually 6 species on Gemworld by the way- have learned to manipulate it to the point were we technically float with grace. But floating sounds pedantic. We could never attain speeds that would cause an adrenalin rush, but it really was the best way to get around."

She thought about what Coppala said about being an adrenaline junkie, and while Xenara had no delusions about becoming one, with her new upgraded nanosuit, she could experience some of it now. 

"I do need to use the suit more," she said. "But I think I should start small and work my way up to defying death. Wouldn't want to get on its bad side so early. Although I would love to go camping again. Definitely start exercising."

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Alex stepped forward and said n a tone that was casual, but matter of fact, "Like Cindy said, it is more about how you answer the question than the actual answers themselves. It is intended to display how you think and how well you can communicate those thoughts. For example, when you speak about the universe, what are you talking about? You have an idea in your head of what that word means, so that is how you define it. The trick is in how you describe that definition to others. Most consider it to be everything in existence, known and unknown, observable or not, encompassing all that space and time dwell within. As for the examples, that gets a bit more into the science and math fields, but the easy ones are an open universe, where it is infinite in all directions. A second obvious choice is then a closed one, where if you go in a straight line long and far enough, you eventually end up where you started. The third most common is called an inverse universe, which is a mathematical model in which the center is infinity and the outer edge is zero. It is used to test other math and physics concepts, as you technically can't disprove it, so the math should always work out the same, just inverted. There are other answers, but none are a wrong way to answer, even if the answers themselves might be technically of factually flawed."

He leaned against one of the lab tables and crossed his arms, grinning, "See what I mean? Don't try to think too hard about it though. I also am not going to tell you what it meant that you both tried to dodge the definition and didn't even try to give any examples. Just be glad that I'm not your Academy professor in Theoretical Physics."

He then said, "Display demo holo for India Mike Seven Six."

A holographic display appeared in the center of the room and Cindy stepped aside so the others could see. It showed a rotating image of a mechanical suit that then showed someone step up to it and become encased in it. The suit then lifted off the ground without using any thrusters, displaying a zero gravity field. There were then micro-thrusters in the hands, feet and back that propelled the person as a kind of flying suit.

He pointed, "THAT is the suit she as talking about. Personally, I enjoy using a kind of flying surfboard version, but everyone has their own version of silly toys, I suppose." He rolled his eyes, "End demo."

Looking at Xenara, Alex smiled and said, "I'm glad you like it. It should serve you well, but I'm always available for consultations, should you ever have any questions or further needs of my services." He gave an elaborate bow.

Cindy gave another small sigh, "I forgot how much I have missed this sort of stuff."

Alex chuckled and said, "Maybe I should open up a little repair shop on the Promenade..."
Alex and Cindy both had good points, but as Xenara hadn't been trained in those fields, her opinion was moot anyway, but she could see Alex's point of view. She had a sense that Alex a a bit disappointed in the Elaysian for trying to dodge the question, but in truth she couldn't even begin to think of examples other than what was taught in high school and the Academy. She had to take basic classes even at the Academy, but basic was a subjective term. She had to take Astronomy a few times before she was given a passing grade. 

And she had to have her sister tutor her.

I wish Nemara was here. She'd give Alex a run for his money.

"Well," Xenara said, "I did say it was infinite and ever changing. And I also asserted that I never really had an affinity for science. But I see where you're going. I do know about the increasingly large number of theories about the universe. You would adore my father and sister. Word of warning though; get her talking about science and she'll forget basic bodily functions like eating and sleeping. 

As to examples I remember three types of theoretical shapes the universe could have: Flat, which I never could wrap my head around, Spherical, which, again makes no real sense, and Hyperbolic, which I tend to subscribe to. I also think - actually my sister thinks that space and time aren't the separate entities but two halves of a whole. But, again, I have no real mind for science other than what I need to pilot a starship."

That gave Xenara an idea. More knowledge about astronomy would help her navigate better, then again, the computer would be able to tell her anything she needed about anything she encountered. Also she was worried whatever Alex taught her wouldn't sink in and he'd get frustrated to the point where he'd quit. But so far he had explained things with simple language and it was easy for her to absorb.

Already have a lot on my plate as it is. Best not to make it so heavy I can't carry it.

==Tag Boys==
Alex gave Cindy a brief look that had "I told you so" all over it, but instead said to Xenara, "Well, please take note that I did not toss that one out there to you all. Although I have used it in the past, it would not have been my choice to use it with this group. I'm just trying to explain it a little is all. As I would have predicted, it can make some people feel defensive or put on the spot. It is not intended to be used with everyone, and as with many things, timing can be very important."

He began to power things down as he added, "Cindy is many things, but perfect is not one of them. Like most of us, she is still learning."

Cindy's expression turned to one of mild embarrassment, which was almost comical in the childlike quality of it. She took it in good stride though, taking time to put her jacket back on and say her goodbyes before vanishing.

As they were all exiting the lab, Alex looked to the Midshipman, "Mister Coppola, let me know the next time you are going to run such a flying program. I would like to offer you an upgrade to your normal experience. I'm famous, or notorious, depending on your point of view, for my programs. As you may have noticed from your interaction with Cindy, it can be very hard to determine what is real and what is a simulation...which is usually the point. Some people think I depend too much on my toys, but I prefer to think of it as using the right tools to get the job done better and faster."
It has been a while since Cologero enjoyed a conversation this much, there was normally some kind of destruction. While with them there wasn't any destactions, just them. He was now considering that he met the most interesting people on the ship, hopefully they felt the same way.

"I definitely will talk to you before I do another trip like that, there is no better way to really feel alive." His Brothers always challenged him to live on the edge, seeing if Cologero would chicken out but he never did. "It also looks like we have a Birthday to go to, it should be fun. I will be sure that I have some real drinks with me. Xenara I look forward to seeing you there."


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