You're the Admiral Sector Alpha.
 The Federation has a moral and ethical imperative to provide for the inhabitants of Sector Alpha the necessary Medical, Technical and Engineering knowledge to secure, protect and govern their region of Space from possible hostile forces. The Federation  needs to help these inhabitants of Sector Alpha mine and develop and share the resources for the benefits of all Sector Alpha’s peoples. The problem is all three civilizations are Space faring, but only one has warp capabilities. The question is should the Federation ignore the  Federation’s First Contact protocol of contacting or dealing with a civilization that hasn’t reached a certain level of development or interstellar travel in this case dealing with a civilization that was sufficiently advanced or had developed interstellar travel (via warp drive, for example).  The Kestu have Warp Technology, but the Tekanan and the Lysara only have sunlight travel. The question before the Federation Council is, does interplanetary travel within one’s home system qualify for Federation membership, or does the need to protect and develop Sector Alpha for the benefit of all its people make that a moot point?

The Federation's presence in Sector Alpha is at best  a Scientific, Trade and Diplomatic endeavor and at worst an intervention.  Though it is important to foster cooperation in Sector Alpha, The three Civilizations must also maintain a strong defensive posture until any external threat can be minimized, and they can stand on their own, or until they can reach a level of development to warrant full Federation membership.  Although (The Tekana and The Lysara) are Federation-aligned worlds the Kestu are undecided at this point.

Note: It is very curious that The Tekana and The Kestu have smaller  populations than the Lysara, this begs the question as to why?  The Lysara has a large commercial fleet. The Tekana have plentiful resources. The Kestu have 10 Cruisers, 20 warp-capable fighters, but poor resources and poor relationship with the others. So the question is how do the Lysara have a larger population and few resources; few resources usually mean poor nutrition and a lower fertility rate. So if you have few resources and rely on trade with your neighbors how do you get a population in the Billions? Could the Lysara been involved with the Species who subjugated the Tekana and in return for the Lysara’s cooperation the invaders may have given the Lysara technology, that would explain why their technology is at least one hundred year better that the Tekana and the Kestu, this question needs to be answered.

Our goal at this time is to establish friendly relations, our goal should be more than just to  "Fly the Flag of the UFP. "It’s imperative that we protect trade routes that are of paramount importance to trade and cooperation. It is of the utmost  importance to continue fostering goodwill towards the Federation in future. While it is of vital importance that Starfleet gives the Kestu IX  a wide latitude to prevent antagonizing their citizens, Kestu remains in the Coalition’s realm of influence and remains on good terms with Tekanan III and Lysara. However they should be monitored in case relationships between the three worlds deteriorate; in that eventuality, it is the Federation's responsibility to conciliate and mediate a Diplomatic solution.

Mapping of the Really Big Nebula must be at the forefront; we need to search for possible hidden planets or minerals within said Nebula, as well as surveying the Class L Worlds that are just to the Galactic North of the sector for things such as Hidden Bases or Mineral resources, or possible life forms As they as Class L Worlds they are suitable for Humanoid colonization.  

There should be a regular petrol of the Convoys and Trade routes,( The crew of these Patrols should include members of all three worlds) with sensor buoys and sensor relays covering as much of the sector asis capable. . The Federation should also look into establishing a Communications Station within the Sector to help improve both communications and social relations between the three planets, the Station being run by the same members. This would allow for greater cultural exchange and foster the spirit of trust and cooperation between the three worlds, allowing for a stronger regional alliance. 

The Federation should arrange for Technical and Engineering advisors to teach the respective Governments Engineering, Technology and Agricultural

* Note:  Lysara has a population of 5.2 Billion which poses the following questions.
  1. Why does the Lysara’s have such a large population , especially with few natural resources and must rely on commerce? It doesn't make sense. 
  2.  Did the Lysara’s have any connection to those who subjugated the Tekanan if they did that might explain the Kysara’s technological superiority over the Tekanan and the Kestu.
  3.  The Kestu also has a population in the million, could the mysterious invaders have possibly been subjugated. This might explain the Kestu poor relations with their neighboors

** Note: The Lysara is a  Monarchy most Monarchies are hereditary. There is a possibility that the Lysara Monarchs don’t want to give up their power, this could prove to be problematic, but could also explain their technological advantage and their larger population as they could have been in a conspiracy  with the mysterious invaders.

The mission ahead will be difficult and challenging, but I’m confident that the Fleet that I have assembled will be able to sort this all out and bring Peace, Security and Prosperity to Sector Alpha, as well as the Federation. 

The region primarily consists of three species, one with warp capabilities( Below is a Fleet break down). 

Tekanan III
Population: 340 million ( The smallest population of the three civilizations.)
Alignment/ Allies: Federation (non-member)
Government Type: Democratic (Peaceful, every citizen votes on every issue. A slow and confusing form of government, requiring a 51 Percent favorable vote to pass issues.)
Technological Abilities: 23rd-century level technology
Defense Capabilities: Roughly 30 sublight fighters. No orbital defense satellites of platform or shield technology
Resources: Plentiful raw materials and a  large industrial base.

Population: 5.2 billion
Alignment/ Allies: Federation (non-member)
Government Type: Monarchy
Technological Abilities: 24th century level of technology
Defense Capabilities: 3 Destroyers. Large commercial fleet. Minimum orbital defenses
Resources: Few natural resources, relies on commerce

Kestu IX
Population: 780 million
Alignment/ Allies: Neutral (undecided)
Government Type: Totalitarian, the government monitors the people closely.
Technological Abilities: 23rd century level
Defense Capabilities: 10 Cruisers, 20 warp-capable fighters. Heavy orbital defenses
Resources: Poor natural resources, poor relations with neighbors

The Tekanans: The Tekanans who requested Federation protection are at an incredible disadvantage to the Lysara and the Kestu due to a prior invasion which surprisingly left them with abundant resources and an industrial base to utilize these resources. Usually hostile forces invade for subjugation, or for resources, like what the Cardassians did to the Bajorians.  

The Lysarans: The Lysarans appear to be reasonable people who seem to depend on external resources from other worlds to augment their own limited resources. They are interested in Federation commerce, technology and trade.

The Kestu: The Kestu are not openly hostile to a Federation presence in the sector, and seem to lean toward a more warlike stance within the local area. Similar to the Klingons They are currently undecided about Federation membership

In the galactic North of Sector Alpha, are the borders of xenophobic people who do not,  at least at this time, wish to engage with either the people of this sector or the Federation. Will have to see if in the future they would be open to diplomatic contact.

To the galactic South of Sector Alpha, is a Large Nebula. The Nebula appears to be a standard unimpressive nebula but could have valuable resources asteroids, planetoids, or planets, further exploration is needed. 

Scans of the sector don't reveal the identity of the species or powers who originally subjugated the Tekanan, no alien technology has been discovered to indicate who invaded the Tekanan or why, at least not yet. 

Starbase Friendship – Alpha Sector
Located at the intersection of Tekanan, Lysara, and Kestu space allowing open access to all three systems but remaining outside of the space of the three races as to not show favoritism should the local political atmosphere in the Alpha Sector should change, but to allow the Federation easy trade, manufacturing and negotiation facilities

Ship: USS Churchill, NCC-97959
Type: Gagarin-class Battlecruisers 
Location: The Northern Border
Objective/ Function: Patrol. (Will swap duties with USS Black Elk, NCC-64321 ( Akira class every 4 months). To project strength to any potential forces looking to encroach into the Sector. 

Ship: USS Black Elk, NCC-64321 
Type: Akira Class Cruiser
Location: Currently performing a Diplomatic tour between the three species of  the Alpha sector.
Objective/ Function : To help the inhabitants get familiar and comfortable with the Federation, to determine their individual wants and needs, and to assess their respective strengths and weaknesses, but to also serve  as a secondary sector mobile back up to the Star Base, if necessary. (Will swap patrol and mission with USS Churchill, NCC-97959 every 4 months) This way anyone monitoring the Northern Border will see more than one ship and thick twice before starting any trouble. 

Ship: USS Barclay, NCC-97693, 
Type: A Pathfinder-class Science Vessels.
Location: Currently on the North East border
Objective/ FunctionTongueerform mineral and mapping survey.

Ship: USS Ariel, NCC-80114  
Type: Luna-class Science Vessels.
Location: Currently on the Southern border
Objective/ FunctionTongueerform mineral and mapping survey.

Ship: USS Sutherland, NCC-91800.
Type: A Sutherland-class Science Vessels.
Location: Currently on the Eastern Boarder.
Objective/ Function: Perform mineral and mapping survey.

Ship:USS Intrepid NCC-79520
Type: Duderstadt-class Light Cruisers 
Location:  – Permanent Patrol Starbase (6 month patrol duty. )
Objective/ Function:  To ensure the safety of the Star Base. 

Ship:USS Zantra, NCC-75441
Type: Duderstadt-class Light Cruisers 
Location:  – Permanent Patrol Starbase (6 month patrol duty Swapping with the Rhode Island. )
Objective/ Function:  To ensure the safety of the Star Base. 

Ship:USS Rhode Island, NCC-72701
Type: Nova-class Scout. 
Location:  – Permanent Patrol Starbase (6 month patrol duty. Swapping with the Zantra )
Objective/ Function:  To ensure the safety of the Star Base.To also scout for possible threats 

Ship:USS Nova, NCC-79636
Type:  Nova-class Scout.
Location:  – Permanent Patrol Starbase
Objective/ Function: Sector Support vessel. Cargo carrier.

Ship:USS Sioux, NCC-90247
Type: Reliant-class Frigates
Location: Currently on Eastern Sector Border Patrol.
Objective/ Function: Information gathering, monitoring system traffic, seeing who goes in the Nebula

Ship:USS Calgary, NCC-90238
Type: Reliant-class Frigates
Location: Currently on Western Sector Border Patrol.
Objective/ Function: ( A fill in, can be set to any location in the system,

I chose three Science Vessels as part of my Fleet for the following reasons
  1. All three planets need to work together to secure their region of Space, in order to do that they need to find and share the resources
  2.  While the  Tekanan’s were invaded it doesn’t mean that the others couldn’t fall victim to an invasion in the future.
  3.  If the Science vessels can find resources the three powers can mine them and build ships capable of defending themselves
  4. If the Science vessels can find evidence of who invaded the system, we might be able to develop a diplomatic dialogue.

I chose two battle cruiser for the following reason
1.The sheer power factor they project. People usually think twice about engaging a Federation Battle Cruiser

I ‘m using two Light Cruisers  for the following reason.
  1. They are fast and maneuverable and pack a good punch. 
  2. They have 12 Attack Fighters or additional Shuttles

I ‘m using Two Frigates on the Border for the following reason.
  1. Frigates are powerful, they project strength

I decided that two Scout ships would benefit the mission  for their obvious advantages. 
  1. They are basically mobile Sensor banks, 
  2. They are small enough to avoid easy detection
      3.  In a pinch they can be used as a cargo ship, shuttle or a fighter.

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