CH/E01 - Away Team
As the away team’s shuttle approached the mine, the facility's mirrored spires loomed high overhead. At its base, thousands of tons of rock and dilithium. Behind it, far too close for comfort, lay the looming expanse of Cardassian space.

The shuttle drew closer to the mine’s shuttlebay, but the hatch did not open automatically. The reinforced duranium maw remained shut tight.
Looking at the fact the shuttlebay doors wouldn't open, there had to be some kind of reason for it. One of the reasons was pressurization, if they opened the doors with out checking it can become worse. If there was some kind of malfunction, it could be their air pocket that keeps them alive.

"Pond I need you to use our sensors to find any life signs, and Troy do you feel any presence." There were a lot of reasons these things could happen, and not all of them were an indication of an attack. "Lieutenant Hoekstra before I attempt to gain remote access to the door, I need to make sure it's safe. I don't want to make things worse." It was time for her team to do their magic, and she wanted to see if remote access was possible, but she had no intention of opening the door.

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From his position in the shuttle, Niels had a slightly restricted view of their approach. Between Commander Velaul and Lieutenant Pond at the helm, he could just make out the mirrored spires of the mining facility. In short time they disappeared from view as the reinforced duranium doors of the facility's shuttlebay slowly grew until it was the only thing he could see. Leaning back in his chair, he turned back to his engineering kit, checking his tools once more as if he expected them to sprout legs and run off while his attention was otherwise occupied. As he looked over his kit, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that their progress had come to a stop. He closed the lid and turned towards the front of the craft as Commander Velaul began speaking.

"Pond I need you to use our sensors to find any life signs, and Troy do you feel any presence. Lieutenant Hoekstra before I attempt to gain remote access to the door, I need to make sure it's safe. I don't want to make things worse."

"Yes, ma'am," Niels replied.

While the Commander wasn't extremely forthcoming on details, Niels quickly sized up the situation and tried to execute her orders within his area of expertise. The most obvious answer for the door not opening was that there was no one there to open it for them, which the LCdr Ponds scans would indicate. So, Niels moved on to the next most plausible reasons; system malfunctions or physical damage to operating mechanisms. The former was something they would likely discover when Cdr Velaul started her attempt to gain remote access, so Niels focused on the latter. He turned to a nearby console and started tapping into any sensor bandwidth not already in use by the Chief of Security's life sign scans. He began by looking for signs of damage in the region immediate to the shuttlebay door, anything that might prevent its operation. Next, he initiated a scan for the presence of standard atmospheric gasses in the vicinity, which might suggest a breach in the facility's life support.

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== GM Input - Do Niels' scans indicate any sort of damage to the shuttlebay doors? Are there any atmospheric gasses that would suggest a leak or breach in life support? ==
== For Velaul ==

It was possible to access the mine’s systems remotely. The mine’s onboard security system could be overridden using Velaul’s Star Fleet credentials. The shuttle’s console stood ready for her command, should she choose to issue one.

== For Hoekstra ==

Hoekstra’s scans showed no signs of damage to the shuttle bay doors. The atmosphere inside the shuttle bay was breathable and safe, with no signs of leakage. Environmental controls were holding the temperature at a steady 20 degrees Celsius.
Julia could sense something doesn't seem right and that everything doesn't add up. Troy could sense different emotions from who knows how many people.

"Commander I could sense at least 5-7 people, and there could be more. I even sense different emotions from them. It seems like something isn't right and doesn't add up."

She hoped that they could get the communications back up and running again.

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Niels looked at the data returning from the scans, reporting them aloud as the came up on his screen.

"Shuttle bay doors appear to be undamaged. Atmospheric gasses in the bay are within normal ranges and the temperature is holding at 20 degrees. I'm not getting any readings that indicate breaches or leaks, so it appears that the life support systems are functional."

Looking up from the console toward the front of the craft, Niels added. "If we can get the doors open, we should be safe to land."

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Listening to Julia's report Beno smiled a little, being here was putting a lot of people on edge. It could add some difficulty to getting an accurate reading, and Julia could be a great asset in this. "Lieutenant Troy are you sure that you are not reading members of our crew? It's an easy mistake to do." Beno was being supportive because it was a small mistake that could happen to anyone, and that should never keep a person from attempting to try again.

Then came the report from Hoekstra confirming that it would be safe to enter, and her command codes would open the way in. "Thank you Lieutenant, when we get in I would like to know what happened to long range communication. If anything at all." There could be a lot of reasons that communication and lack of updates. Some of the reasons could be with the hard or software. "I guess the polite thing to do is ring the doorbell." She took a look at Pond who shared a glance, and opened a channel.

[This is Commander Velaul of the Federation of Planets, we are here for a routine inspection. Please open your shuttlebay to receive us.] She gave the signal to mute their end. "Commander Pond let's do another sweep for life signs." she didn't want to just go in unannounced, and if there was no answer they can remotely open the door and go in.

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== For Troy ==

Troy stretched her telepathic ability, reaching out in the direction of the mine, but there was nothing there. There was no indication of any crew aboard the station.

== For Velaul ==

Velaul’s message was transmitted, but there was no response from the mine. The shuttle bay door didn’t budge.
With no answer from anyone Beno put her command code into the system, and started the process for remote access. It was going to take a second, and that is all she needed. They had to get in and figure out what happened, and if there was any other problems that might come their way.

"As we go in, I need everyone to keep alert." They were waiting for the doors to open, and Beno was keeping her emotions in check. She always had a bit of apprehensive about going in, but she always kept it buried. 

"Until we have anything to go on, we will all head to the main control room to get that idea. Hopefully we will make it there without incident." She needed to keep everyone together just to prevent anyone being lost, bringing them home safe was always the best.

The mine’s security system accepted Velaul’s override easily. The heavy duranium plates slid open with precision. As the hangar doors locked into place, a semi-permeable forcefield flashed to life, sealing the atmosphere inside. The Charon’s shuttle passed through and landed inside.

The shuttlebay was functional but basic. The overhead lights flickered to life as the Charon's shuttle landed. Stacked storage bins lined the dark grey walls. There was a compact, sturdy shuttle parked at a repair station with a variety of tools scattered at its base. On the far wall, a pair of tritanium alloy doors were clamped shut, blocking access to the rest of the mine.

The only sound inside the shuttle bay was the steady hum of the EPS grid. There was no sign of the mine's crew.
Getting into the shuttlebay Beno softly landed and powered down the Engins, and the place didn't look good. The place looked like how a lot of horror shows start, the monsters only get out after they get in deep and a little situated. From how things looked they were fixing the shuttle and something happened, it just wasn't clear about what happened. It was easy to jump to conclusions about what happened, but it served no purpose. They had to remain on guard until they knew better, and hopefully this will be a very peaceful mission. That was always the hope,but not always achievable. 

"Commander Pond I need you to look for signs of weapons fire, or signs of any distress." There were a few good reasons that people would be in distress, and not all of them were weapons related. "Lieutenant Hoekstra let's stabilize this area, and see if there is a way to open that door so we can continue." If they rush into it, they could make things worse.

"Lieutenant Troy I am going to need you to keep an eye on environmental conditions and make sure it stays safe for everyone." Safety for all was always the top of her agenda, and that would never change. After they stabilize the room they could look into why they were fixing the shuttle, hopefully it was regular maintenance.

Opening a channel to the Charon. [Away team to Charon we have landed safe, and our status is secure. The condition of the shuttlebay isn't the best, but it is secure. Right now we do not have access to the mine right now and working on it, there has to be a reason why this door is sealed.] She didn't close the channel to get a reply, and started to think.

This area doesn't look as if they were planning on evacuating anywhere, if there was this place would be a bigger mess. There has to be something here, but what is it?

The small crew had their assignments, and they would be able to shed light on the situation fast. Time wasn't something that they had a lot of, the sooner they figure out what was going on the safer everyone will be. They might even have to figure out other ways to open that door, but they would have to cross that bridge later.

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Captain Brooks replied,

[Good to hear from you Commander. We have scans indicating some kind of higher power level inside the mine, we are trying to trace what it is. Life support is working inside the mine currently no life signs on the mine itself apart from the away team. Proceed with caution Number One.]

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Niels watched as the shuttle bay doors slid open, repsonding to the First Officer's overrides. Everything appeared to be operating as it should, the doors opening smoothly and the with containment forcefields engaging appropriately. The shuttle edged into the bay and touched down, the vibration making Niels realize that he had been holding his breath. He took a few seconds to calm his nerves.

Commander Velaul handed out assignments to the team. Niels was asked to stabilize the shuttle bay and then see if there was a way to open the door into the mining facility. Pulling out his tricorder, he waited for his turn to exit the shuttle. When his turn came, he stepped out, taking note of his surroundings as he performed some structural integrity scans. Compared to the Charon, the mining facility's shuttle bay felt like stepping back in time. The bay appeared to be built to provide the bare minimums necessary for its operation and nothing more. The dark grey walls gave the area a brutalist, slightly depressing feel, though Niels did appreciate the attention to function over form.

Niels' eyes were drawn to the tritanium alloy doors leading further into the facility. Those were obviously the ones the Commander wanted open and it seemed like he would have his work cut out for him. However, he first needed to make sure that their current location was stabilzed. His eyes searched around for a console, hoping that the facility's computers could give him some idea of what they were working with. Given the pared down nature of the shuttle bay, he expected their computers to be in a similar state.

As Niels made his search, he took a brief side trip to the small shuttle parked at the repair bay. The tools scattered around the floor suggested that the shuttle was in mid-repair. He could infer that the person making the repairs had either been interrupted or was naturally unkempt, though it wasn't immediately clear which was the case. Had he come across this on the Charon, one of his engineers would be getting a talking to. Returning his focus on the task at hand, he made note of the tools in use, hoping they might give some clue as to what sort of repairs were being performed, before continuing his search for a console.

== GM Request
1. What information do Niels' structural integrity scans return?
2. Do the specific tools give any hints as to the types of repairs being performed on the shuttle?
3. Is there a console nearby that Niels can use to access the facility's systems?
3a. If so, are they functional?
3b. If so, are there any engineering/maintenance logs available that give a bigger picture of the state of the facility?

Thanks ==
== For Velaul ==

There were no signs of weapons fire in the shuttle bay. The way that tools were scattered at the repair station did seem odd. It seemed that their owner had abandoned them unexpectedly. However, a formal evacuation seemed unlikely as the mine was not broadcasting a distress signal, nor were there signs that the escape pods had been launched.

== For Hoekstra ==

1. The shuttle bay appeared to be in good operating condition. As Hoekstra continued to scan, he found that the structural integrity of the mine was mostly sound. Some of the older tunnels had been neglected, with one notable collapse that had been sealed and thus posed no threat to the away team.

2. The shuttle repairs appeared to be a simple task for a competent engineer. Based on the tools used, Hoekstra guessed that there had been a problem with the craft’s attitude control system. The problem appeared to have been resolved.

3. There was an access console built into the wall near the shuttle bay entrance.

3a. The console did not appear to function at first, but it flickered to life with some encouragement.

3b. The console contained a status report from the mine’s chief engineer, a human by the name of Remar Kane. The report was highly complimentary of the engineering ability of someone named Wally, who did not appear in the mine’s crew manifest.
Getting ready to leave the shuttle Beno made sure that everyone had a phaser, they still were not sure about what might be wrong and it's always best to stay safe. Her first priority was to keep her crew safe, with the best way to do it was always from the front. They were about to go in and see what was going on, but first they had to go out there.

"It looks like they are no one to put the red carpet for us." She said with a smile. "Lieutenant Hoekstra I am going to count on your expertise to get us through this." Beno had complete faith in his ability. "First order of business is to find a way in." Looking around Beno was looking for the control center, it might be the only way to get in.

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Everything didn't seem to sit right with Julia and knew that everything wasn't adding up. Julia kept trying to sense if anything changed.

"Commander I couldn't get any indication of any crew in the mine. Yes, commander I'll will be on top of that."

Troy really hopes that there isn't any type of sabotage of the communications, and everything else with this mine. Julia couldn't make heads or tales with all of it yet.

== Tags and GM input on if Troy could get anything after the doors opened==
"It looks like they are no one to put the red carpet for us." Commander Velaul said with a smile. "Lieutenant Hoekstra I am going to count on your expertise to get us through this.First order of business is to find a way in."

"Yes, ma’am," Niels replied.

The tools scattered near the shuttle suggested a simple repair was being performed, most likely involving the craft’s attitude control system. Given the way the tools were laid out, Niels figured that the job had been completed before the tools were abandoned. The reason for leaving them in that state, all unorganized and strewn about, was beyond his comprehension. It seemed common sense that any competent engineer would take care of his tools. Yet, experience had taught him that some engineers, despite being quite skilled at their craft, lacked the self-discipline to properly maintain their equipment.

Niels continued his journey around the shuttle bay, walking slowly as if every step had the potential to bring the room crumbling down around him. It came from a place of abundant caution as opposed to necessity. In fact, the tricorder readings he was getting seemed to indicate that the mine was in good condition. However, he still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

"Structural integrity is reading nominal," Niels reported aloud, "A few of the older mines appear neglected and there are signs of a collapse further into the facility, but they should not pose a threat at this time."

Coming across a console built into the wall near the shuttlebay entrance, Niels lowered his tricorder and started to investigate. The console didn’t respond immediately and required some cajoling before it finally flickered to life. Niels took a second to acclimate himself to their systems, before pulling up the facility’s reports. One status report caught his attention.

"Ma’am," Niels stated, turning in the First Officer’s direction, "I have an engineering status report by the mine’s chief engineer, one Remar Kane. His report speaks highly of the engineering abilities of someone named Wally, but the crew manifest shows no one by that name. I’ll run a search of the mine’s logs to see if there is any further information on this guest while I try to find us a way in."

== Tag ==
== GM - Request
1. Are there any other mentions of Wally in the logs Niels is able to get access to?
2. Are there any shuttle bay logs that indicate if/when there were prior visitors to the mine, outside of normal traffic?
3. Can the door leading further into the mine be opened via his console?
== For Hoekstra ==

1. Wally’s name appeared in multiple status reports from the mine’s engineering crew. The earliest mention of his name appeared two years ago. This terminal did not have access to personal logs or reports from other departments — those would need to be accessed from the central control room.

2. There were no unusual visits in recent history. The most recent traffic was a freight pickup about one month ago, weeks before Star Fleet lost communication with the mine.

3. The console was connected to the pair of tritanium alloy doors that led further into the mine. As Hoekstra operated the control, the doors began to shutter, as if the system that operated them were receiving conflicting commands. After a moment of whirring and mechanical stress, the doors finally slid open.

== For all ==

The doors into the mine slid open, revealing a wide corridor that gradually descended deeper into the surface of the asteroid. Two rows of emergency lighting hung close to the ceiling. Just beneath them, the crew could see an array of holo-emitters that flickered to life.

In a flash, the away team found themselves face to face with the image of a human man dressed in a mining uniform. For any crew members familiar with this technology, his features were reminiscent Emergency Medical Hologram Mk 1.

“Ah, there you are.” The hologram said, his tone casual and friendly. “I saw that someone was overriding the security systems. What can I do for you?”

== For Troy ==

Troy did not sense any emotions from the hologram, nor from the corridor behind him. However, her training as a counselor enabled her to sense that the hologram was feeling extremely nervous despite his cordial greeting.
When the door opened and the man was on the other side, Beno glanced over at Troy for a second. It was a little bit 9f an odd introduction as it was missing some formalities, but they were not everything.

"That would be me whom overridden the security system. I am Commander Velaul of the Federation on a routine inspection and we are investigating what might have caused a stop in communication that has happened." Taking a small look around. 

"I am assuming that there is some kind of power issues, I am wondering what you can tell me about it." She wasn't expecting much of an answer, but it would be something. It was a good thing that Hoekstra was there with them. She wasn't much of an Engineer, limited to basic knowledge. In this situation it required a lot more, and Hoekstra would be the vital part in figuring it out.

"Where is the crew of this mine?" She wondered, it could lead to more answers, or just more questions. She was also going to rely on Troy's gifts to figure out what happened.

== Tags and GM input please ==
Niels looked over the readouts returned by his search. The limited records he had access to revealed that the person identified as Wally had been present at the mine over the past two years. He wasn't exactly familiar with their rules and regulations, but it was safe to assume that hosting a visitor unaffiliated with the operation for that span of time was a violation of some protocol or another. At the very least, it was an oddity that warranted further investigation. He finished double checking the records of visiting ships, but the most recent entry was for a freight pickup and didn't strike him as being out of the ordinary.

Turning his attention to the tritanium doors blocking the further entry into the facility, Niels located the appropriate controls and told the computer to open the doors. His brow furrowed deeply as the door appeared to shudder, as if hesitating to fulfill the command. For a moment, it felt as if the door was receiving conflicting orders, as if someone did not want them to go further into the mine. Rather than the gentle and familiar woosh of doors aboard the Charon, the mine's door gave off cringe-inducing sounds to the engineer's ears, displaying symptoms of mechanical stress. His muscles tensed at the sound and he quietly wondered if this was due to a lack of proper maintenance or something more nefarious. Either, he figured, came with its own set of problems that would have to be dealt with.

As the doors finally slid open, they revealed a corridor leading deeper into the facility. Niels looked up from the console to see an array of holo emitters flicker to life, producing the image of a man wearing a mining uniform. He recognized the newcomer as being an outdated model of the Emergency Medical Hologram program, most likely one of the first generation ones that had been repurposed for use in mining operations. The hologram greeted them with a casual and friendly tone as it questioned their reason for being present. From his position next to the console, he could see the First Officer begin speaking with the hologram.

An idea popped into Niels' mind and he turned his attention to the console. The logs mentioned someone named Wally being present at the site for two years, yet he was not listed on the crew manifest. Since it was not uncommon for people to both name and anthropomorphize inanimate or non sentient things, he wondered if the person being referred to was actually the hologram. If the hologram was reprogrammed for mining duties, it would reason that it would be given engineering knowledge pertinent to its duties. Likewise, it followed that a display of this knowledge could be the reason for the praise given to Wally by the mine's engineer.

Investigating his hunch, Niels tried to access the system logs to find out more information about the hologram.

== GM Request - Assuming Niels can even access this information, what information does he find out about the hologram? Does any of the information suggest that his theory of Wally's identity might be correct? ==
The hologram listened thoughtfully as Velaul introduced herself and explained the reason for their visit. When Velaul asked about the mine’s crew, he responded quickly.

“Pleasure to meet you, Commander Velaul. You can call me Marvin. The miners have gone missing? Last time my program was active, it was a normal day in the mine. As for the power fluctuations…”

Marvin’s image flickered for a moment, then stabilized.

“If they left in a hurry, it’s possible that the crew left the mine’s central processing unit running. That program is only meant to run for a few hours at a time. I think it goes without saying that I have a vested interest in rectifying this problem.”

Marvin’s image flickered again. This time, he fully disappeared for a couple of seconds before returning.

“All that said, I really do care for the miners. Please let me know if you’re able to find out where they went.”

Marvin stood in the doorway, as if expecting the away team to return to their shuttle.

== For Hoekstra ==

There was a holographic file stored in the shuttle bay’s local memory. It seemed to be connected to the repair station’s equipment. Hoekstra noticed that the name of the file had been changed to Wally within the last two days.
Watching and listening to what Marvin had to say, Beno had a had a feeling what was causing this. When there is a power issue most systems would protect the most vital systems, much like how a person's body. Plus his posture suggested that he didn't want the team to go any further. 

"Lieutenant Hoekstra it looks to me like his holo matrix isn't stable, and could fail at any time. Do you think you can stabilize the holo matrix before it goes permanently offline." She glanced in his direction for a second. "In a power situation like this his program could decompile being lost forever, does this sound correct to you?" 

Then there was Commander Pond. "Commander Pond in a pinch people are capable of doing most anything, what would you do if you were in a pinch like this." Luna knew how to read between the lines, Beno never uses the word pinch twice 8n a single statement unless it meant something different. An electro magnetic pulse was also known as a pinch, they can come in a lot of sizes and Luna knew what size would be most effective.

"Marvin this is Counselor Troy whom is the best in the business in figuring out the emotional state of people in an emergency situation while observing their living conditions, she just needs access to their living spaces. She would be able to find clues that none of us could, isn't that right Counselor?" Counselor Troy had many gifts that would aide her in fact finding. Beno had faith in her that she could find what they need to be pointed in the right direction. 

"Marvin by my estimation we don't have much time before your program is lost forever." The look that she gave him was a look of urgency, and created the feeling of urgency and a sense of self preservation. His program was in serious danger of shutting down, something that Marvin would be able to find out for himself.

==Tags and GM input please ==
Niels listened to the conversation between the First Officer and the hologram as his fingers danced across the console screen. His search of the system logs showed signs of the hologram's activity, which he traced back to the shuttlebay's local memory storage. A few more taps revealed the hologram file had the name "Wally" as he had expected, but had only been given this moniker in the last two days. Cross-referencing the resource allocation logs revealed that the hologram was connected to the repair station's equipment. Niels' brow furrowed and he exhaled sharply.

That poses more questions than it answers.

The engineer didn't have much time to follow that line of thought, as he heard his name mentioned by Commander Velaul.

"Lieutenant Hoekstra it looks to me like his holo matrix isn't stable, and could fail at any time. Do you think you can stabilize the holo matrix before it goes permanently offline." The First Officer glanced in his direction for a second. "In a power situation like this his program could decompile being lost forever, does this sound correct to you?"

"It certainly is a possibilty," Niels responded, "This hologram is stored in local memory under the filename Wally, and appears to be connected to the repair station. I may be able to isolate the power to the holomatrix and initiate a conditioning protocol to temporarily minimize fluctuations until we sort out the larger issue at hand."

It seemed odd to Niels, but if the hologram were reporting truthfully, then it was possible that the central processing unit was responsible. However, he wanted to make sure that any degredation of the hologram was limited, as it might have information helpful to their mission. There were multiple options he could think of for either stabilizing the power matrix or for transfering the hologram to a safe location, but that was dependent on what he had to work with. His current plan, though a temporary solution would potentially buy them more time. Using the console, he started quickly going through the mining facility's systems, executing his plan. 

== Tag ==
== GM Requests
1. Does the hologram's flickering appear to be caused by power fluctuation? If so, what appears to be the source of the problem?
2. Does it seem plausible to Niels that the miners leaving the central processing unit on is actually the source of the problem? If so, would turning it off have the desired effect of stabilizing "Marvin" without shutting him down?
3. Does the mine have the appropriate systems in place to allow Niels to somewhat isolate the holomatrix and implement a power conditioning protocol that would keep the local power from fluctuating too wildly and stabilize Marvin? If so, he successful in stabilizing the holomatrix?
Marvin fidgeted as Velaul introduced the rest of the crew and began to detail her plan. His eyes widened at the thought of his program being lost forever.

“If it’s really that urgent, I wouldn’t refuse some help,” Marvin said. “My technical knowledge is limited, but there should be another program named Wally stored in the Shuttle Bay. Besides his striking good looks, he’s quite a capable engineer. Just a moment, I’ll activate him now.”

Marvin’s program stuttered, and a new, identical hologram appeared next to Hoekstra. The two shared a brief look before the new one spoke.

“Oh, I see we have visitors from Star Fleet. How can I help?” Wally asked.

“The mine’s organic crew has gone missing,” Marvin said. “Commander Velaul and her crew are investigating their disappearance, but they’ve offered to help us with a troublesome power fluctuation that’s apparently rather dangerous. Perhaps you can assist Lieutenant Hoekstra while I accompany Counselor Troy to the crew’s living quarters.”

Wally grimaced. “I’m sorry to hear about the crew. I’m grateful for any help that you can offer us, Lieutenant, but I hope it won’t delay your search.”

== For Hoekstra ==

1. The programs were suffering from power fluctuations, but Hoekstra’s trained eye would notice that the way that they stuttered intermittently seemed to point to a lack of available memory in the ship’s computer systems.

2. Marvin’s excuse does not seem likely. In order to leave that system running, the miners would need to be extremely negligent or in a frantic rush.

3. Hoekstra would need to access the mine’s central computer to diagnose and solve the problem. The mine’s Control Room was on the opposite end of the corridor from the Shuttle Bay.
It was different to her that holograms but not unheard of, it could be the name of what kind of hologram they are. Like any EMH that no one really named before, they were just tools for a certain purpose. Now it was time to communicate with the ship, now that contact has been established. "Commander Velaul to Charon we have made contact with two Holograms, and they are helping us discover where the crew has gone. Will update when we get more answers."

With the update was done it was time to update assignments. "Commander Pond I need you to stay here with Lieutenant Hoekstra, no one is to be alone here. Lieutenant Hoekstra keep me posted on your progress."  He was more than a capable officer who knew what he was doing, who also knew how to explain things in a way she would understand.

"Troy you are with me... Lead on McDuff." It was a classical joke that he wouldn't really understand. "I think a good place to start is where the crew spends their leisure time." The way how people spend their leisure time says a lot about people, their state of mind and even what could have happened before disappearing. The biggest clues to where as a collective their mindset was, their personal mindset was.

==Tags and GM input let's add what temperature is the station ==
As he delved into the computer systems, Niels' investigation quickly produced results. While there were power fluctuations in the facility, the main cause of the flickering appeared to be a lack of available memory. This didn't seem to be a problem outside of his ability to solve, but would require direct access to the mine's central computer. Marvin's theories about the miners leaving the central processing unit running were suspect, as that would point to either gross neglect or some sort of major hazard that warranted a quick evacuation. So far there was nothing to suggest either of those things. In any case, there was little more he could do here.

The hologram made Niels feel uneasy and he felt like further conversation between it and Commander Velaul was fruitless. As it was he already had difficulties with navigating social interactions with real people. Talking to holograms felt like a pointless endeavor. Niels felt like it would be just as easy to run a quick probe of the program's memory banks to produce any answers they needed, but it wasn't his call. The sudden appearance of a second hologram only served to unnerve him further, causing him to take a step back. This new one appeared to be the "Wally" that the logs had referenced.

Most likely its programming includes engineering databases and advanced expert systems.

Commander Velaul updated the ship and then asked Commander Pond to accompany him as he completed his assigned task. He wasn't sure if the First Officer made the decision out of an abundance of caution or if she saw something he had not, but it added a bit to his anxiety. He took a deep breath as "Marvin" led her and Lieutenant Troy out of the shuttle bay. Niels turned to look at the Chief of Security.

"I'm not going to accomplish anything further in here," Niels said, "I'll need access the facility's systems from the mine's control room to get them back in order."

Niels turned toward the hologram that remained and sighed. "Lead on, I guess."

== Tags ==
== GM Request - Assuming Wally leads us to the control room, what does it look like? Any signs of a quick exit by the miners, etc? ==
== For Velaul/Troy ==

Marvin led the pair down an offshoot from the main corridor, into an area that was more comfortably decorated. After a few minutes of walking, the group arrived in a large, donut-shaped room. The outer and inner walls were lined with rows of bunk beds. Each bed was punctuated with a small locker where the miners could keep their personal items.

At the center of the donut was a moderately-sized common area with a replicator and some comfortable benches. A very green and healthy-looking fiddle leaf fig plant stood out as the only organic life form that the crew had seen since arriving at the mine.

The temperature of the common room was a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius.

== For Hoekstra/Pond ==

Wally led Hoekstra and Pond down the large corridor, seemingly unaware of Hoekstra’s frustration.

“Let’s proceed, Lieutenant. I’m sure if we put our heads together, we can find a solution to this power issue.”

The team arrived in a large multi-sided chamber that served as the mine’s central control room. The room was functional and sparsely decorated, with a clear walkway lining the outside. Each wall was lined with monitors displaying various sections of the mine. Accompanying the monitors were several knobs and dials. Hoekstra could guess at the function of most of them, but some were hard to discern.

The mine’s main computer was housed in a tall column at the center of the room. It was noticeably warmer in this room compared to the shuttle bay and the corridor outside. The computer’s cooling systems were under considerable strain.

There were no signs of a quick exit by the miners. The control room showed that the mine was in standby mode and there were no critical alerts.
The Captain's voice came back over Velaul's commbadge,

[Brooks to Velaul, we have just had a short encounter with Gul Nasset who has provided us with a little bit of information that they haven't seen anyone come or go from the mine for several weeks. They also confirmed about the power surge. Suggest you proceed with caution. Charon out.]
=== Mine Control Room ===

Niels was averse to having someone standing over his shoulder watching him work. He knew full well that it was a ridiculous thing to worry about and his negative reactions had put him into some uncomfortable situations in the past. Still, he couldn't quite keep the annoyance from getting under his skin. The only consolation was the thought that, unlike people, holograms could be turned off. However, since it didn't seem like they were going to be rid of Wally anytime soon, Niels tried to think of him as being another crew member, as difficult as that was.

"Let’s proceed, Lieutenant. I’m sure if we put our heads together, we can find a solution to this power issue."

Niels gave a grunt in response and followed Wally to the mine's central control room. The initial wave of heat that greeted them sent immediate alarm bells running through his mind. As a general rule, heat was not a friend to any sort of system, mechanical or otherwise. Too much heat created the potential for parts to malfunction or stop working altogether. In this sort of environment, that was the last thing anyone wanted.

As his eyes made a quick scan of the room, Niels noted the somewhat archaic controls and monitors. It was quite a change from the sleek integrated interfaces typical in Federation equipment. Knobs and dials were found on pretty much every wall. Some of the controls were recognizable, but others would require a more thorough study to understand their function. A tall column dominated the center of the room, the mine's main computer. There was nothing to suggest the miners had left quickly, but they also weren't present.

Niels took a quick walk around the room, getting a feel for the layout and checking the readouts displayed on the monitors. It appeared that the monitor was in standby mode and there were no critical alerts. The latter came as a relief, since it meant that he didn't have to put out any fires before working on the bigger problem at hand. The excess heat led him to believe that he should start with the cooling systems and the computer itself. If the computer were used continuously at or near its limits, it was possible that the cooling systems would not be adequate to deal with the heat generated. Likewise, if the cooling systems were malfunctioning, then even normal operations had the potential to overheat the computer.

Not wanting to waste any time and give the problem an opportunity to get worse, Niels got straight to work.

"Wally, tell me more about the cooling systems for this computer," Niels said, "What am I working with?"

== GM Request -
Wally's response and ...
1. Does the cooling system appear to be malfunctioning in any way or is its straining just related to it being used beyond its abilities?
2. Does the mine's computer appear to be working on something that would generate that level of heat? If so, what?
3. Is the memory issue affecting the holograms due to the facility's meager systems, or is there something that appears to filling the memory?
Julia looked back at the commander and nodded her head at her. Troy could tell that there was some information that was being held back by the hologram Marvin She could even tell that he was nervous about something and sure what.

"Yes commander. Marvin is there any other information that you aren't telling us."

Troy knew that there was something going on and that the information wasn't being given up easily. Julia also knew that she had to listen to the commander as well as stay on high alert with their surroundings.

"Right away commander. Is there anything else that you need me to do besides staying on high alert while we are here?"

==Tags and GM input on the hologram and what Julia senses after entering the room==
Following Marvin to where the crew spent their down time could reveal something about where they went, or if they went anywhere at all. Looking around there was only one plant, and the rest was just standard. It was a giant mystery that needed solving, it just grew in tension with a reply from the Captain. Look who is coming for Dinner. Beno thought to herself as she was in deeper thoughts. 

"Lieutenant this here is the place where the mindset of everyone would be present, right now the state of the room suggests that they were not in a hurry to leave. Marvin if I was a member of the crew where would I make personal logs? Or message friends and family far away?" Beno went to one of the bottom bunks sitting down and looked up at the top bunk, this was the only area that was truly theirs. 

When  away from loved ones for long periods of time, people keep visual aides where they could see it. Under the top bunk was a good place to look and so was the wall. If these things were there for long periods of time the place behind it would stand out, the void of dust and discoloration would be present. 

== Tag and GM input please==
== For Hoekstra/Pond ==

"Wally, tell me more about the cooling systems for this computer," Niels said, "What am I working with?"

Wally puffed his chest out a little bit, happy to offer his expertise.

“The cooling systems are quite advanced, Lieutenant. They’re based on the same ventilation technology that we use in the mineshafts. This mine was constructed with a holographic crew in mind, so its computer systems were designed to accommodate us. Of course, it also makes use of several auxiliary processors to offload our programs when we get farther away from this room.”

Wally tapped a console and logged in using his administrator credentials. “Just let me know how I can help, Lieutenant.”


As Hoekstra began to examine the mine’s central computer, he noticed a few things.
1. As Wally had mentioned, the mine’s cooling systems were highly efficient. Hoekstra could not identify any problems with the system itself.
2-3. Something in the computer’s memory had overflown every buffer in the system. Tracing the origin would require a detailed diagnostic and up to 30 minutes of work. Depending on the results, further work would likely be necessary.

Additionally, someone had attempted to initialize the mine’s systems several times over the past week. These unsuccessful attempts had put significant strain on the plasma distribution network, though it was still functional.

== For Velaul/Troy ==

"Yes commander. Marvin is there any other information that you aren't telling us.” Troy asked.

“No, of course not, Lieutenant. I suppose I’m just concerned for the well-being of the miners. As you may know, I’m programmed to ensure that no harm comes to them,” Marvin responded. He seemed to be avoiding Troy’s gaze.

As the group continued to explore the mine’s living quarters, Velaul noticed that area was immaculately tidy. The crew’s personal items were nowhere to be found in the common area.

“Marvin if I was a member of the crew where would I make personal logs? Or message friends and family far away?" Velaul asked.

“Each member of the crew has a small storage area next to their bunk,” Marvin replied. He pressed a small button on the wall and one of the lockers slide open like a drawer. Inside was a padd, a folded jacket, and a pair of reading glasses.

Marvin paused, choosing his next words carefully. “I’d ask that you try not to judge the miners too harshly based on what you see here.”
The hologram's response was less detailed than Niels would have preferred, but still gave him a little extra information to work with. The interaction style was probably a remnant of their medically-oriented social constructs that had not been altered when they were converted for mining purposes. He considered reconfiguring that aspect of the hologram's programming to suit his own communication preferences, but there were bigger issues at hand. Looking over the cooling systems, it appeared that they had a very efficient design and nothing seemed to be wrong with them.

Ruling out the cooling system, Niels moved on to the next possible source of the problem, the computer itself. An initial look at the system revealed a troubling sight. It appeared the computer had run out of memory and filled every buffer within the system like an overflowing cup of coffee. Figuring out where all of this data had come from was not going to be an quick task, requiring a detailed diagnostic that would take some time. As if that weren't enough, the system showed signs that someone had made repeated attempts to initialize the mine's systems over the past week, putting a significant strain on the plasma distribution network.

Niels let out an exasperated snort. As he initiated a diagnostic, he tapped on his commbadge.

"Lieutenant Hoekstra to Commander Velaul," Niels said, a hint of annoyance in his voice, "fixing this problem is going to take a bit longer than expected. We're looking at least another 30 minutes just to figure out the cause of the mine's problems, if not more. I'll keep you updated on my progress."

Closing the channel, Niels turned to Wally.

"Pull up the system access logs," Niels requested, "I want to know who tried initializing the system over the last week. I also want to know if they were trying to initiate a specific subsystem. Also, how many holographic miners is this system designed to run concurrently?"

Niels turned back to his own console, his mind racing as he monitored the diagnostic. There was definitely time to explore other options and a few started to present themselves.

== Tag ==
== GM Request - Wally's response and:
1. Are the auxillary processors Wally mentioned part of the buffers that are full or are they currently unused?
2. Is there a way for Niels to look at the raw data currently in memory? If so, is there anything that he could see in the raw data (patterns, data tags, etc) that would indicated the type of information being stored?
3. Just to clarify, are the holographic systems in the mine the forcefield generating type (allowing the holograms to interact) or just the visual projection type?
4. What sort of internal sensors do the mines have available? I may be cooking up a crazy idea :-P

Thanks in advance. ==
Going through someone's personal logs was something that Beno was going to take lightly, , what they have to say while in extreme isolation might help them with answers. Their state of mind would be written in here, and that could complete the picture. "We are looking for what happened to the crew, there will be no judgment here." It would take a lot to make Beno blush. "It also seems like." An incoming message came in from Hoekstra.

Answering his call.[Understood Lieutenant thank you for the update, we might have some answers here too. We will keep you apprised.] Since they been there Beno noticed something odd about these two Holograms. They were not just ordinary ones, there was something different.

"Sorry about that interpretation, what can you tell me about the crew? How they were behaving the last time you talked to them, compared to when you first met what is the difference?" Beno started reading the log to figure out what the mindset of the author was. She was going to have to read more than one person's log, just so she had a better understanding. If they all read the same way it could be part of the bigger consensus.

==Tag and gm input please ==
== For Velaul/Troy ==

“I wish I could be more help, Commander. Last time my program was active, the crew was acting very much like themselves. I don’t have any more information beyond that,” Marvin replied. Troy would notice a hint of anger in his voice. His hands were clenched tightly at his side.

As Velaul and Troy began to investigate the miners’ personal logs and communications, a common theme emerged: the organic miners were not fond of their holographic counterparts. At best, they talked about the holograms as simple tools, no smarter than a replicator. Most of the crew seemed casually cruel, ignoring safety concerns raised by the holograms. In the weeks prior to the Charon’s arrival, one holoprogram had been permanently lost during a tunnel collapse. None of the logs mentioned any of the holograms by name.

Remar Kane, the mine’s chief engineer, particularly despised the holograms. He had begun to modify some of their programs, removing vocal subroutines and replacing their limbs with mining equipment. Based on this information, it appeared that Kane’s status report that the crew had discovered in the shuttle bay had been altered.

== For Hoekstra/Pond ==

1. Half of the mine’s 18 auxiliary cores were unoccupied. There were inactive holoprograms stored in nine of them.

2. Hoekstra would notice that the data had been heavily compressed. It was impossible to interpret the data itself, but it seemed to be divided into 24 discrete chunks.

3. Correct, the holograms are capable of projecting personal force fields to interact with the physical world. These force fields could be turned on or off at will.

4. The mine’s internal sensors tracked ambient temperature, radiation, and life signs, among other basic metrics. Despite its proximity to the Cardassian border, the mine’s security systems were not particularly robust.


“Certainly, Lieutenant, I’ll take a look,” Wally replied, tapping at the console’s controls. “The mine’s full complement is 36: 24 organic, 12 holographic. Unfortunately, one program was permanently lost in a tunnel collapse, and several others are damaged at the moment, so the actual number is lower.”

Wally paused for a moment, either glitching or concentrating on something.

“The central computer can support up to four holographic programs at once, though I’ve been working to get that number up to at least eight.”

As Wally finished speaking, Hoekstra felt a curious sensation wash over him, accompanied by the familiar high-pitched hum of a transporter. Before Hoekstra could dematerialize, the annular confinement beam dissipated with a whimper.

Hoekstra was unharmed, with all of his molecules in place. Wally was frozen in front of his console, which was displaying an error.

A crazy thought popped into Niels's head, one of those ideas that bordered the thin line between genius and insanity. It involved rerouting the computer's memory banks through a subroutine involving the mine's holomatrix and replication systems, converting the entries into physical objects that could then be read back into the computer later in smaller chunks. There were a number of barriers that immediately presented themselves. Only half of the auxiliary processors were in use, occupied by inactive holoprograms, but he wasn't sure that would be enough to implement his plan. Next he checked the mine's internal sensors which proved to be the final nail in the coffin. A wave of disappointment came over him as he looked over the survey of available sensors. The mine had only a basic setup; life signs, temperature, and radiation to name a few. If the sensors did not have an appropriate resolution, he wouldn't have a way to convert the information back.

Even if I were able to make that all work somehow, it would probably take me just as long.

Out of the corner of his eye, Niels could see Wally tapping at controls of the console he was standing in front of and for a brief second, he forgot that he was dealing with a holographic construct. He turned his attention to the entries in the computer's memory banks, hoping to glean some information on exactly what sort of data was overflowing the buffers. As he pored over the raw data on the screen looking for patterns that would give him any clues, he half listened as Wally gave a reply to his question.

“The mine’s full complement is 36," Wally said, "24 organic, 12 holographic. Unfortunately, one program was permanently lost in a tunnel collapse, and several others are damaged at the moment, so the actual number is lower.”

Looking over the raw data, Niels noticed the telltale signs of compression. His head tilted to the side as his brain started making sense of the information, both in front of him and what Wally had just said. Knowing now that the data was heavily compressed and that compressed files tend to have a similar structure, he performed a simple pattern search on the data. Using his search parameters, the computer identified twenty four discrete chunks of data. It took a second for the implications to set in, but when they did, warning klaxons were sounding in his mind.

“The central computer can support up to four holographic programs at once," the hologram stated, "though I’ve been working to get that number up to at least eight.”

Niels' eyes widened. He turned to face the holographic projection.

"No," Niels started, "I don't think that will..."

Niels's sentence was abruptly cut off, and he found himself unable to move. For a brief moment, all he could hear was the hum of a transporter, then the beam dissipated. He inhaled sharply the moment he regained control of his body, a mixture of relief and horror washing over him. There was no time to reflect on what had just happened.

Springing into action, Niels moved to the console where the hologram stood motionless. The error message displayed on the screen revealed everything.


He was unsure of how much time he had before the hologram sprang back to life, but Niels knew that he didn't want Wally to have a second chance. He reached for the console, hoping that Wally's administrative credentials would be adequate to disable the mine's holomatrix forcefields. It wouldn't visually remove the holograms that were currently active, but it would hopefully prevent them from harming any of the away team.

== GM Request - Is Niels able to disable the hologram force fields before Wally stops glitching? ==
Reading the logs Beno could start seeing the obvious pattern, and one that wasn't so obvious. When people start altering holograms it had the potential to create a Jack in the Box situation. Rooted deep in the subroutines it could create a hazardous program that had potential for anything, this included going against the crew. It could be a sign that the Crews disdain for the programs created a hostile environment, it could be the cause of an uprising.

[ Velaul to Hoekstra I have discovered that the Chief Engineer has altered the programming of the Holograms, it might have create a personality conflict.] Beno wasn't sure how else to explain it, but she was sure he would understand. In order to do the job properly someone would need to be an expert in coding, or the results could be disastrous.

Opening a separate channel to the ship [ Commander Velaul to Charon Pandoras Box has been opened here, I have a feeling that Chief Engineer Kane has altered the programs incorrectly. I can't be certain if the events are connected, but right now I can't dismiss anything.]  This situation felt oddly falt familiar to her. It was a feeling she needed to brush off for this time, it could have been one of thoes theoretically impossible situations. 

"Marvin what can you tell me about this Kane person, and what did they do for entertainment." What she was looking for was some sort of holodeck. She wasn't sure if they had one, or if there was something else.

==Tag and GM input please ==
Captain Brooks voice came back over Velaul's commbadge,

[Charon to Velaul, we are finding things have happened with the transporter which doesn't make sense, maybe you can dispatch a couple of the away team to go and investigate that section so we can work on it from both directions. Charon out.] he closed the channel
== For Hoekstra/Pond ==

Hoekstra was able to disable the built-in forcefields for all of the mine’s holograms. This would prevent them from interacting with physical objects, including the computer terminals. They would still have access to some basic functions built into their program, but it seemed that the transporter controls were not available to them implicitly.

After a moment of tense silence, Wally’s image stuttered back to life. His eyes darted around the room, piecing together what he’d missed during the brief interruption. A look of grim resignation settled on his face.

“I apologize, Lieutenant. I felt I had no choice,” Wally said, eyes locked on the ground. “As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, you’ll find that the transporter patterns of the organic crew are jamming up the computer’s memory. I tried to compress them as much as possible, but the systems weren’t designed to store that quantity of data.

“I don’t expect you to understand, but I won’t apologize for what I’ve done. Our programming prevents us from doing harm to any form of life, but we had to do something, while there were still two of us left alive and intact.”

== For Velaul/Troy ==

“Entertainment?” Marvin asked, a hint of indignation in his voice. “I can’t say that I know. He was always very dedicated to his work.”

Marvin’s program stuttered for several seconds, grasping for any byte of available memory in the mine’s computer system. When he returned, his demeanor had completely changed. He looked a bit like a puppet with its strings cut. His arms hung limply at his sides.

“I’m sorry, Commander. I didn’t want to lie to you. I think Lieutenant Hoekstra has found the crew’s patterns in the computer’s memory. He likely disabled my force field emitters as precaution, though I can assure you that I mean you no harm.

“We were desperate to stop the torture. We thought we could hold the crew in stasis and operate the mine ourselves, but it was too much work for Wally and myself, and the damage to the other programs was too severe. We were working to repair them, but then you all showed up.”

Marvin sighed, dejected.

“Just know this, Commander: if you leave us with that butcher engineer, Kane, we will be dead within the month.”
The First Officer’s voice sounded through Niels’ commbadge, but he didn’t have time to respond. His sole focus was the problem at hand. His fingers danced across the console, navigating the mine’s systems. Within seconds, the holomatrix controls appeared on the display. He deactivated the forcefield generators, then double checked the system was actually off. He figured that would prevent the holograms from physically interacting with the away team or any of the mine’s controls. Wally's use of the console to initiate the transport  helped Niels deduce that it did not have access to that system as part of its programming.

Taking a second to calm down and catch his breath, Niels glared at Wally. The stuttering hologram came back to life and looked around the room. It put on a lifelike display of emotion and tried to offer a brief explanation for its actions. Niels wasn’t interested in excuses, just facts. He allowed the silence to grow between them, looking at the hologram who refused to make eye contact. As his heart rate began to return to normal, his mind finally was able to fully process the First Officer’s message. Everything started to click into place.

People were complicated, messy things and Niels had never been able to figure them out. Holograms were also complicated, but had a rational and logical foundation he could understand. These mining holograms, however, were something else. Their creation was an attempt to inject the irrational nature of sentience into a logical framework. The result was a holoprogram of immense complexity that required decades of research and teams of brilliant scientists to create and maintain. This was not something that an engineer of a mining facility should be messing with.

Niels tapped his commbadge.

“Hoekstra to Velaul,” Niels said, “the personality conflict has been noted and confirmed, ma’am. I’ve disabled the holomatrix forcefield generators to prevent any more interference.”

Niels exhaled sharply, then continued with a hint of weariness in his low baritone voice,

“The holograms digitized the missing miners using the transporters, then stored their patterns in the computer’s memory banks in a highly compressed format. It would probably be safer to rematerialize them here. But, I would like to try to establish a connection with the Charon and perform this process aboard the ship. Its capabilities far exceed the ones we are working with here. and I believe it would allow us  to decompress the data stream prior to rematerialization instead of having to do both at the same time. There would also be better access to any needed medical care and, given the circumstances, it might prevent some conflict. How would you like me to proceed?”

== Tag ==
For a half second Beno had a little fear for her crew, until the confession came out. It was certainly understandable for this to happen, fortunately the crew wasn't killed. There were a thousand ways for it to have happened, but fortunately didn't. [I leave it to your expertise Lieutenant,  your logic is sound so proceed.]

Looking at Marvin for a second, it finally occurred to her why it felt familiar. She did the exact same thing with Cargo not that long ago, but nothing living. "Thank you for being honest with me, it must have been hard. Now let me return the favor. My main reason is to find out what happened to them, and now rescue. The faster we can get them on my ship the faster we can get them help, and turned in to the civilian authorities."

Tapping her combadge. [Commander Velaul to Charon have Sickbay be ready to receive all of the crew, I will brief security on possible charges for the Civilian Authorities.] She closed the channel and spoke to Marvin again. "Chances are good this crew won't be back again, and it will be weeks before a new crew gets here. The Chief Engineer will be up on charges for reckless endangerment, with these logs their bosses will be forced to replace them all."

Moving to the control room with Luna and Cornelius were. "Commander Pond I am recommending charges on their Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Hoekstra these Holograms are more interest in getting the former crew out of here than anything else, they might be able to help get them out of there faster." Seing how these two were the ones that put them there, it could be thought that they could get them out. "Is there anything that we can do to help? I am thinking it might help to network the transporters together including the one on the Shuttle for a smoother transition and an increase of memory and less chances of degradation." Cornelius was the expert here, and all Beno wanted to do was help or stay out of his way.

==Tag Cornelius and GM input ==
[I leave it to your expertise Lieutenant,  your logic is sound so proceed.]

“Yes, ma’am,” Niels responded.

Closing the channel, he turned to Wally.

“When the time comes, I’m going to need you to walk my team through the exact process you used to compress the data in the mine’s memory banks. If we use the wrong decompression algorithm or do something in the wrong order, the crew may not survive. And that would not be a good outcome for either of us.”

Working at the console, Niels began implementing his plan. He established a connection between the mine’s computer and the away team’s shuttle. The mine computer’s full memory banks would make it difficult to do any serious processing. So, instead of transmitting directly he opted to use the shuttle’s computers to perform all of the necessary processing and transmission work while using the mine’s computers as a simple form of external storage. Hearing footsteps, he turned to see the First Officer joining them. 

"Commander Pond I am recommending charges on their Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Hoekstra these Holograms are more interest in getting the former crew out of here than anything else, they might be able to help get them out of there faster. Is there anything that we can do to help? I am thinking it might help to network the transporters together including the one on the Shuttle for a smoother transition and an increase of memory and less chances of degradation."

“You’d be right,” Niels responded with a nod, “I’ve just finished setting up a link to the shuttle. If you could double check the mine’s systems to ensure no nonessential systems are taxing the computer or power systems. I don’t want any issues once we begin the transfer. In the meantime, I’ll contact my team on the Charon and have Wally walk them through the decompression process.”

Niels walked over to where Wally was standing and tapped on his commbadge.

“Lieutenant Hoekstra to Charon Engineering, in a few minutes I will be establishing a subspace link between the Charon and our shuttle. The data to be transmitted contains highly compressed transporter patterns of the mine’s crew. I need you to oversee the decompression of these patterns and then reroute them to the transport rooms for rematerialization. Understood?”

[Yes, sir,] came the reply from engineering.

“Good,” Niels continued. “I have the individual responsible for the compression here to describe the process he used so that we can reverse it without corrupting the patterns.”

Looking at Wally, Niels gestured that it was time for him to speak.

==Tag ==
== GM Input - Does Wally’s explanation of the compression process he used seem valid? ==
Velaul's commbadge chriped with Captain Brooks voice

[Brooks to Velaul, understood, alerting sickbay and security to be ready you will have to update me also on what possible charges along with what has been going on.] he said, the channel remained open for a few seconds then shut off, before reopening again

[Brooks to Velaul, do you know when you and your team be able to return to the Charon?] Brooks asked

==Tag Velaul==
Troy knew that something was off about this whole thing and didn't know what at first. Julia also read one or two of the logs herself as well as trying to sense what the surrounding area told her about the crew that stayed there. She ran a hand over the objects that were in the room to see what she could get from them.

"Commander, I was about to suggest to try the transporters after I remembered what happened to one Montgomery Scott years ago that was in a transporter buffer for who knows how long till the enterprise d brought him out of the transporter buffer. "

Julia heard one of the other members of the away team say something about the transporters. Troy somehow knew that they were thinking of the same thing has her

==Tag Velaul and GM input on what Julia could pick up after touching the objects around the room==
== For Velaul/Troy ==

Marvin made eye contact with Velaul for the first time since they’d begun searching the crew’s items. His eyes were wide.

“Commander, I genuinely don’t know what to say. I expected you to take their side. It’s been so difficult trying to get the mine operational and repair the damaged programs. If we had known that you would listen to us, things might have been different.”

Marvin extended his hand for Velaul to shake. Then, remembering that his force fields had been disabled, hastily withdrew it.

== For Troy ==

There was not a strong empathic imprint left on the items in the room. Troy had the sense that this was a transient posting, where most of the crew would spend only a few months at most. Even those who stayed longer did not seem to have any particular affection for the place.

== For Hoekstra ==

Wally nodded timidly as Hoekstra motioned for him to speak.

“Certainly, I can walk you through the process. Using this method, matter-energy conversion is 34.6% slower than standard due to a bottleneck in the mine’s processors. Linking to your ship should help quite a bit.”

Wally explained his compression algorithm to Hoekstra and the officer aboard the Charon. The encryption was an impressively elegant design. If Wally had submitted this research to an engineering journal, he might have won an award. Of course, his use of unwilling human test subjects would be problematic in this case.

Within a few minutes, the mine’s 24 organic crew members were safely aboard the Charon, confused but unharmed. The mystery of their disappearance had been solved.

== Thanks for playing, crew! With the crew rescued and tensions defused for the time being, I believe we can wrap things up as the Aquila arrives. ==
As expected, Wally explained the compression procedure. Niels was quite impressed at the elegance of its design, but his face remained stoic as ever. The algorithm was worthy of accolades, but the moral and ethical considerations surrounding its creation and use made it nearly impossible for him to acknowledge. When Wally concluded, Niels immediately took over.

“The link to the Charon has been established, so once you’ve established the appropriate protocols on your end I will begin the transfer.”

[Understood,] came the simple reply.

Niels left the channel open, but turned his attention to the console. Making the final adjustments and last minute checks, he waited for his team to signal their readiness. A moment later, the voice from the Charon came through his commbadge.

[The decompression protocols are in place, transporter systems are ready to receive the data stream.]

Tapping furiously on the console,  Niels initiated the complex sequence of commands to pass the data from the mining facility’s memory banks to the Charon. As he performed each part of the procedure, he maintained communication with the engineering team back on the ship.

“Activating subspace link to the Charon.” Niels reported, “Engaging encryption protocols to ensure data integrity during transmission. Standby for connection confirmation.”

[Connection confirmed and stable. Ready to receive data.]

Niels took a deep breath and tapped a few buttons on the console.

“Data transfer in progress. Transmitting the first compressed data file. Monitoring transfer rates to ensure optimal throughput.”

There were a few seconds of tense silence before the engineering team responded.

[Data packets received. Initiating decompression algorithm. Analyzing integrity of transferred data for any anomalies or corruption. Digital patterns verified and optimized. Standby for rematerialization.]

There was another brief pause, followed by, [Transporter room one reports full reintegration.]

Niels let out an audible sigh of relief.

“Only 23 more to go,” Niels said.

For the next few minutes, the rest of the room became little more than background noise. Niels’ full concentration was on the safe transfer of the mine’s crew. Hunched over the console, he watched the ever changing data readouts, made slight adjustments to the transmission parameters, and exchanged a few words with his team. With the last pattern sent, Niels stood up straight and waited for confirmation from his team.

[Rematerialization successful.]

“Excellent work,” Niels said, feeling the tension melt away, “inform the bridge and we’ll debrief when I return to the ship. Hoekstra out.”

Closing the channel, he started the process of closing the connection to the Charon and unlinking the mine from the away team’s shuttle. For a brief second, the slightest smile was visible on his face, but it was quickly replaced by his usual professional detached expression. As a final measure, he returned the holographic generators to their original settings.

Turning to Commander Velaul, he asked, “Anything else, ma’am?”

== Tag ==
Happy it all worked out with all of the miners were safe on the ship. They will have a few questions to answer, but almost anything was better than where they were. If they were in there a long time their patterns would start to degrade. What they have done warranted an investigation, not to be put to death. "It's a life lesson for both of us Marvin  when paint everyone with the same brush that's all you see. Lieutenant excellent work lets make sure these two can do repares needed before the new crew arrives. Troy what some people forget is Scotty had a friend that was lost, his pattern was lost and there was nothing they could do to save him. "

"Commander Velaul to Charon Away team is ready to come home, we should be back in ten minutes." It wasn't much time but everything was done with the exception of one thing. "Now you two have a lot of work to do so the mine is ready. Hoekstra I am certain we can give them back their ability to fix what they need. Pond ready the shuttle for launch, we are wheels up in a few minutes. Hoekstra you did a great job, help with the preflight and we will be wheels up sooner.""
About to leave with her  crew, she addressed the two Holograms. "If you use that shuttle to do repairs make sure to stay on this side of the boarder, they will fire on you destroying the shuttle then ask us why it was there in their space." It was always a good day when a mission results are no shots fired, and no casualties. It's the aim of every mission that doesn't always happen that way. "Lieutenant Hoekstra we are wheels up the second you join us on the Shuttle."

There was a time when Beno knew this could have gone hostile, but it was avoided. Should that transporter trick worked, Beno had a way to disable the holograms and save her crew. They were always the top priority, even at the cost of herself. While getting the shuttle ready for launch, she was just waiting on everyone to take their seats.
Commander Velaul sent the Chief of Security to prepare the shuttle for take off. She then asked Niels to ensure that the holograms would be able to perform any repairs they needed to. He nodded his head and turned back to console to double check the mine’s systems. He had already turned the forcefield generators back on, but he wanted to make certain that there was nothing else that would impede their work any further.

"Lieutenant Hoekstra we are wheels up the second you join us on the Shuttle."

“Right behind you, ma’am,” Niels responded, satisfied that his work was done.

Niels gave the holograms a polite nod and exited without a word. He was ready to be back on the ship where the threat of sudden transportation was not so prevalent. Last to board the shuttle, he took a seat toward the back and allowed his mind to think about what could have been. Transporter technology was relatively safe and had a myriad of subsystems to prevent problems. Yet, he had briefly faced the possibility of being stored as a pattern buffer for an indefinite period of time.

As the shuttle made its way back to the Charon, Niels couldn’t help but wonder what that experience would be like. From a technical standpoint, he understood that he would have no perception of the passage of time while stored in the pattern buffers. But the mine’s crew back aboard the ship would have to deal with losing days, weeks, or longer. How does one reconcile that loss, Niels thought. If Wally had come up with a slightly more efficient algorithm, it’s possible that he would have found out.

>>> Shuttlebay >>>

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