YE/D02-07 - Crew Quarters
Ktan stood outside the doors to his quarters, unsure if he really wanted to walk inside. His temper had cooled over the last few weeks on Deep Space Nine, a time he had spent in equal parts rest, recreation, and meditation. He'd been able to contact a few other Kzin refugees, rub shoulders with Starfleet officers who had no knowledge of the fiasco on the Philadelphia, and even have some vibrant philosophical discussion with the local Bajoran Ranjen. He'd heard from, learned from, and grown from a variety of different perspectives during his shore leave, before facing would likely be one of the hardest choices in the career.

Starfleet wanted him under Braggins' command.

The assignment came with a promotion to Ensign and a pat on the back for his performance on the Philadelphia. It seemed that whatever they thought of the remainder of the crew, Ktan at least was considered to have acted nobly. But why the personnel division thought keep him under the command of a captain who had lied to and manipulated him into participating in mutinous actions, he could only guess. Whatever praise may have been written into his official record, it seemed a low ranking science officer would never be privy to every decision making process. No matter how many times he asked to plead his case, the answer was the same: Accept the assignment to the USS Yeager, Captain Braggins' new command, or take an honorable discharge - his career snuffed out before it could really begin.

Ktan guessed that perhaps the brass felt having someone around who had already stood up the captain once would be a good reminder for Braggins to tow the line in the future, though again. . . Ktan was only an ensign. It wasn't as though he was being assigned to an important post. If anything, it seemed that perhaps Starfleet wanted the details of the Philadelphia's last mission to be kept as under wraps and in a good light as possible. Having an outsider who was openly critical of the crew's actions wondering the fleet might have been antithetical to that objective.

Whatever the case, Ktan had ultimately chosen the Yeager - as insignificant an assignment as one could find in Starfleet - over discharge. He still believed he had work to do.

So why couldn't he step into his quarters?

A few other junior officers walked past as Ktan hesitated outside his door. Walking into that room, unpacking his things (which had finally arrived from Outpost Gamma Seven), meant his decision was final. His grand entrance into Starfleet would forever be marked and molded by Jennifer Braggins. Even if he resisted, the future of career would be shaped by her accomplishments, her accolades, her command style, her department heads, her recommendations. Ktan may find himself playing politics more often than engaging in scientific exploration. Hardly an auspicious start for someone who wanted to discover, the excavate knowledge and better understand the universe.

Maybe he should have left after all. . . taken up a civilian post.

But is that what I want?

No. Ktan had chosen Starfleet for a reason. They were a force for good, whatever his quabbles with an individual captain. These last few weeks had shown him many perspectives, some of which would have found the captain's decisions justified, if they'd had all the facts. Ktan couldn't deny that. And Stafleet was an organization built on diversity of thought. It's why they were one of the quadrant's great superpowers. It's why Braggins still had a command. It's why Ktan, despite being trained by the Kzinti military, was allowed in Starfleet at all. Everyone had a voice. Everyone got second chances.

This was Braggins' chance. This was Ktan's as well.

His head clearing, Ktan stepped forward, the doors his quarters - and his future - opening before him.

Ad astra per aspera, he thought, remembering the Starfleet recruitment motto. To the stars, through hardship.
== NRC - Lt(jg) Papaver – Science ==

Finally, Papaver had been released from her secondment from DS9, and reassigned to a ship based assignment. She was supposed to have been on the Philadelphia, but a last minute reassignment of the entire science department put scupper to that.

When she'd found out it was the Yeager, she'd thought it was the old ship class she'd read up on from back in the days of the Dominion wars. But now she'd arrived and seen it was a new class of ship entirely, she was pleasantly surprised. And dare she say it, a little excited. The toy box here was far better that DS9 had to offer.

She'd had time to put her gear away, and was just getting ready to go down and see the labs for the first time. Her own speciality's being oddly Astrophysics and Botany. When she spotted a large felinoid standing looking at a set of doors like he was waiting for his owner to open them.

Starfleet had many different cat-like peoples in their employ, so they weren't uncommon, but this one was dressed in science blue.

Just as she got to him, the doors opened, and he began to walk inside, so she took the opportunity to quickly say hello.

“Hello there.” She said from behind him, and giving him her brightest pinball smile when he turned to face her. “Lieutenant Papaver.”

== Tag Shadowhunt ==
Ktan had barely crossed the threshold before a voice call out to him from the corridor.

"Hello there!" a human officer in science blue said, introducing herself. "Lieutenant Papaver."

Ktan looked the lieutenant up and down for a moment, trying to recall if he recognized her from the Philadelphia, before remembering that the majority of the ship's science team hadn't been present for the misadventure with the Cardassians. The one that had - Ensign Ichika - barely made it out alive.

"Greetings," the feline said, standing the middle of his open doorway and offering a slight bow. "I am Ensign Shadowhunt. It looks as though we will be working together. What do you make of this assignment? I don't know much about the Pathfinder class or the. . . modifications I've heard rumblings about. . . but it should make for an unconventional tour of service, if nothing else."

As the conversation continued, Ktan decidedly avoided his opinion of the captain, the Philadelphia crew who'd transferred over, or any other topic that may make things uncomfortable or mark him as an outsider. The science team here would be fresh and untainted by Braggins' little rebellion, and Ktan wasn't about to stir up trouble. He was here to do his duty. To learn. To explore. To be a Starfleet officer. Rabblerousing was not on the menu - not unless it was forced to be.

== Tag ==
== NRC - Lt(jg) Papaver – Science ==

"Greetings," Replied the large feline, standing the middle of his open doorway and offering a slight bow. "I am Ensign Shadowhunt. It looks as though we will be working together. What do you make of this assignment? I don't know much about the Pathfinder class or the. . . modifications I've heard rumblings about. . . but it should make for an unconventional tour of service, if nothing else."

“Should be fun.” Papaver replied about the assignment query. “I mean, not a clue to where we're going outside this being a shake down, but we do have a whole range of new toys to try out down in the labs. And by modifications, you mean the arboretum? On a ship this size that's going to be awesome.” She sounded a little bit too excited at that. But then being a botanist, you could give her that.

“Have you had a chance to meet with the boss yet? Lieutenant Commander Qi. I last spoke to him a couple of weeks back before we got this gig. He seems like he's a good guy.” Her comment sounded genuine.

“But enough about that. Tell me about you. What's a big, strong, Kzinti like you. Doing in a place like this?”

== Tag ==

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